Live English Class | My House | 5 and 6 Year Old Children | Teacher Training – Mark Kulek – ESL
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Live English Class | My House | 5 and 6 Year Old Children | Teacher Training – Mark Kulek – ESL

This is mark. Thanks for watching [okay] ready, my house. Why? My house why oh, okay good okay? Let’s practice some rooms Good the bedroom no the kitchen dinging good the baby around Yes, okay, now. What do we do in these rooms, okay? Where do we get dressed which room get dressed? No Got in the bedroom. We get dressed in the [bedroom] good. Where do we pour milk? In the kitchen good we pour milk in the kitchen. Where do we take a bath? Yeah, we take a bath in the bathroom good Where do we watch TV? Watch TV now things okay Ready, [okay] challenge shuffle or wait wait wait. Sorry. Let’s do the big ones first. Where’s the towel? Yeah, where is the top look at all sorry sorry sorry let’s practice first, okay? You say it’s okay, right? Good, okay, nice. Okay. Where is the table? [it’s] in the bathroom right the towels in the bathroom. Where is that so far? Yeah, good. It’s in the living room. Where is the [bed]? [good] Where is the refrigerator? Okay now Here we go Okay, I’m not going to show you Here you [can] see the [card] here. You can’t see only listen. Okay? Where is the pillow? Nice. Yes, it’s in the bedroom good. Where is the telephone? Yes, it’s another room Where is the Ball? the Ball nice great Where is the toothbrush? Nice, it’s the bathroom Where is the vacuum cleaner? Nice, you guys are great Where is the alarm clock in the bedroom nice? Nice, okay, good Where is the glass? [yes], it is. Okay. One more. Where is the shower? [ha] [ha] [ok] Let’s review Ready real quick ready, go Good job nice. Nice. Nice. Nice ok great ok

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87 thoughts on “Live English Class | My House | 5 and 6 Year Old Children | Teacher Training – Mark Kulek – ESL

  1. Mark, what a nice lesson! We enjoy watching it. The kids are great. It's beautiful to see their participation and interest in answering the questions, which is "drilling" without really focusing on it. Thank you, Mark, for helping me see what I have to change about certain activities in my own classes. They interact in a fun way, and that's the secret! Have you and everyone everywhere a great week. Have a good one y'all! 🙂

  2. I watched this video many times. I think I wrote some comments to you but I'd like to add, I understand your work. I saw some comments that my students wrote, so they also watched the video & liked it. Great!:)

  3. I am enjoying your work.  It is not just for ESL. I can use your videos for early writing skills.  Thank you so much they are great!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to begin teaching English in Russia to children, and this video has been very helpful.

  5. Thank you. I am very happy because your method is impressionnant and allow through of the conversation that i have very progress. thank you friend.

  6. There is a boy who is speaking Japanese and has its western accent at that 🙂
    Anyway, they are all excellent English speakers.

  7. Hi Mark,

    I'm an ESL Teacher, just wondering, what do you do or lessons for a 6 years old boy that has no knowledge in conversational English?

  8. I like your Live Children's videos so much. I try my best to follow and to teach my two sons at home.

  9. Hello! Great video. I'm planning to teach in China. It will be my first teaching experience. Can you give me some advices or ideas for teaching kids? Do you know any good games/songs to practice with 3yrs old kids?

  10. Hi I use flashcards a lot how do you make them stick to the board .How do the magnets work ? thanks

  11. I see you said you live in Japan. Now I have gotten a substitute teacher job in Tokyo and was wondering if you know where I can buy like "teacher guidebooks" or "curriculum books" or something along that line. As I don't have all that much experience teaching English. I'm thinking flashcards doesn't really go that well with 11 and 12 year old students?

  12. Mr.mark u r gud Teachr I saw ur video ragulrly I found ur video m hapi I learn to much words and speak styl thnk u Mr.mark Allah give u long life gud hlth and wealth ameen

  13. Mark, I like your use of magnets. That's exactly the stuff I try to get other staff to adopt. One of my best tools so far is a binder clip with a magnet in it, and a laser pointer with a magnet taped to it. I can then quickly put the laser pointer right on my chest, where the binder clip is clipped to my shirt.

  14. How are you?
    Are you still living in japan ?
    my brother is living there too (in Tokio) & his wife is Japanese .

  15. Great lesson How do you give your english Lessons 100 percent in English'? How do you prepare your students to understand what are you saying in English? What if they dont understand? Please give me any advice?

  16. Hi, Mark. It's so great to watch your video. I see you have a lot of vocabulary in this lesson, and I wonder whether it is the first lesson to teach these vocabularies or the second for students to practise. Because, normally, for young learners, the number of vocabulary which I teach them only about 6 to 10. Thank you very much for your video and I hope to get your response.

  17. Hey folks, if You're going teach English, you need to read Mark's English Grammar Shortcuts. It's LIGHTYEARS ahead of everything else!

  18. Hi Mark
    Thanks for uploading ur hard effort and valuable experience of ESL teaching.
    We do learn a lot from you. And the thing I should mention for beginner ESL teachers that are asking for textbooks or books, watch carefully what Mark is doing, you need to feel the atmosphere and the most important thing is discipline.

  19. it looks like just one kid is answering to the questions in min 3' , in that way i don't think it is appropriate to work with just one student, is it?

  20. Teacher,I speak Arabic and I learn English and I listen to songs for learn it,but I don't speak English very well,How to speak English very well like a foreigner

  21. I'm just looking for ideas for a mock lesson. These mock lessons decide where I get to student teach lol. This is a great idea!

  22. Hi Mark, you delivered a great lesson and performance . Thanks for inspiring me , I am like you fond of using visuals when it comes to learning a (new) language. I work as a German tutor since 2011 across all levels but, so far, with a focus on adult learners and GCSE /A'level students. I took on a new challenge to teach a six year old boy German as a second language which requires obviously a different approach. Now my question, where did you purchase these useful flashcards or are they a DIY product? I would much appreciate your advice. Thank you in advance Regards Monika

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