‘Little Red Schoolhouse’ Moving in Baldwin County
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‘Little Red Schoolhouse’ Moving in Baldwin County

rose ann: THE LITTLE RED SCHOOL HOUSE IN BAY MINETTE IS SITTING IN ITS NEW HOME TONIGHT A FEW MILES AWAY IN STOCKTON. NEWS 5’S CHAD PETRI HAS A LOOK AT WHAT IT TAKES TO MOVE THIS BIG PIECE OF AFRICAN- AMERICAN HISTORY. Chad Petri: IT’S NOT EVERY DAY YOU SEE A NEARLY CENTURY-OLD SCHOOLHOUSE SLOWLY INCH ITS WAY DOWN THE ROAD. Woman watching schoolhouse: I’ve seen them move houses before this is awesome for them to be moving the little school I’m just glad it’s going to a good place. Chad Petri: A DRIVE TO STOCKTON USUALLY TAKES JUST 10 MINUTES FROM HERE BUT THIS JOURNEY IS A COUPLE OF HOURS BECAUSE THERE’S SO MUCH THE LITTLE SCHOOL HOUSE HAS TO AVOID. Ben Jones, Ducky Johnson House Movers: it’s going to load out at around 21 and a half feet tall we’re going to have to watch power wires, telephone wires cables, stuff like that so we don’t tear them down. Chad Petri: THIS IS THE LAST ROSENWALD SCHOOL HOUSE IN BALDWIN COUNTY. THE ROSENWALD PROGRAM WAS A PHILANTHROPIC EFFORT TO BUILD SCHOOLS IN THE EARLY 20TH CENTURY ACROSS THE SOUTH FOR THE CHILDREN OF SLAVES. ONCE THE SCHOOL HOUSE SETTLED AT BICENTENNIAL PARK ADVOCATES WANT TO TURN IT INTO A MUSEUM. Felisha Anderson, Director Archives and History: we want students to experience class in the 20th century all the way down to the first bell to the lunch bell eating baked potatoes and biscuits. Chad Petri: A SMALL PIECE OF HISTORY TAKING A LONG TRIP TO ITS FINAL DESTINATION, IN BAY MINETTE, CHAD PETRI, NEWS FIVE. rose ann: THIS IS THE LAST ROSENWALD SCHOOL OUT OF 12 BUILT IN BALDWIN COUNTY. ACCORDING TO THE NATIONAL TRUST

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