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45 thoughts on “Linking verbs | The parts of speech | Grammar | Khan Academy

  1. My English teacher is the worst. We learned this for 3 days and nothing helped, but you helped me understand it in 3 minutes thnx :).

  2. In the grammar playlist this video has been placed in the wrong order, It should be swapped with the video prior to it.

  3. AMAZING! I am preparing for my GMAT and was struggling to understand the concept from my book which did NOT work. This video conveyed the gist with an amazing ease.

  4. I have the worst teacher in the world 🌍 and I could not understand this for my teacher 👩‍🏫 I just understood this in 3 minutes OMG 😮 YOU DESERVER A SUB AND A LIKE AND NOFITICARIONS ON YOU ARE THE BEST PERSON IN THE GALAXY

  5. The main take away from this lesson is that linking verbs are verbs that connect the subject to an adjective or noun that describes it and the verb shows how the subject is in a state of being.


    She seems very happy, and I am glad about that.

    "Seems" and "am" both show how the subject is feeling or what state he/she is in.

  6. What A legend You Helped me so much Ive always been trying to learn the bulshit that is so hard t understand, But you explaining that in under 5 minutes is increadbile

  7. wow omg ,you are so amazing , where did you learn your english , I need your help please could you help me . can I send a message on facebook

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