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Hi I’m TJ, I’m a DPhil student in inorganic chemistry. – Hiya I’m Cara, I’m a DPhil student in structural biology. – And we’re students here at Linacre College which has over 500 students from over 50
different countries. Come this way to the common room… This is our… all the students have
their own post boxes here called ‘pidges’ in Oxford. – So this is the common room, and this is a social space which is open to any student at Linacre at any time of day, and we have a bar, and some… a pool table, and lots of activities, and we also hold events in this space. – So I’m actually the president of the common room, and and this, this space is the focus
of all our society and community. We’re quite well known for our packed social calendar, so I think that builds such a big community
as well, everyone is involved in coming here for many different things. – Well I’m actually the social secretary, or one of three social secretaries. We get to use the space and hold really big parties, and we do have quite a packed social calendar, and we try to cater for everybody have
different events which um, cater for different people so some drinking events
like wine and cheese events, but also some non-drinking like pumpkin carving,
movie night, we’ve had comedy nights, lots of different things. – So this the Linacre library, so
students can come here anytime study 24/7 if they like, we also have private study rooms and a smaller group study room
that people can book out. – In terms of your academics, there’s opportunities to present your research, we have
Linacre seminars every other week where different students would
present what they’ve been doing in their master’s or DPhils, and we also have things like an
academic writing group to help you, writing your thesis. – Welcome… This is my room, so most students
in their first year get a site – a room on-site, or in in various houses that Linacre has across the city. This is the dining hall, you can come to
eat here lunch and dinner every day of the week throughout the year. -We also have formal dinners,
so every Thursday during term time, and also every other Tuesday during
term time we have a formal dinner either in here or in the small dining hall. And then during the terms we also have themed dinners, so we’ll have things like the sports dinner, or the women’s dinner, or the newcomers dinner to celebrate
different aspects of our community. – So Linacre is a egalitarian college, so we
don’t have the structure of other colleges, at Linacre everyone’s equal so there’s
no high table at formal dinners, and everyone shares one common room, so that includes the fellows and the students in one. And that actually means that students
also sit on the highest committees in college, and so we share the college with
the staff and the fellows. – This is the gym at Linacre, which all Linacre students get access to for free, and it’s a really well equipped gym and we have some societies such as
like dance society and zumba which will happen in the
dance space over there, and then we also have really good weightlifting
society called Linacre Ladies That Lift which is a big part of the community. Linacre has a really strong green ethos,
so sustainability is really important to the college, so we have the Environmental Officer on the Common Room Executive who will try to lobby for more sustainable approaches to the way we run events, the way the college develops. – So Linacre has lots of different societies, we have a boat club, we have the gym societies that Cara mentioned, we have a table tennis society,
we have a stitching society, any student has the opportunity to
make their own society at Linacre and it’s backed with college funding as well. – I think my favourite thing about being a
Linacre student is the community, it can be quite daunting moving from a
different city and some people have been working
for a few years when they move here, or straight from your undergraduate degree, and Linacre just has a really
strong sense of community and is really friendly, and makes you feel really at home. Yeah.

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