Life of Indian Students in Canada’s Best Universities | UBC Campus Tour
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Life of Indian Students in Canada’s Best Universities | UBC Campus Tour

Because in Vancouver I felt so much like home. People welcomed me warmly and felt like Punjab here. So I don’t want to leave Vancouver So I really enjoyed and I don’t feel like going home. But today I am going to start my journey with UBC Vancouver. Going to Wreck beach So in other words you can see a JCB here in every other street. So Climbing down is easy but Climbing up isn’t. No one is here today Shocking to see even under 13 students are also allowed here with their parents I earlier used to think that Harry Potter Library in Harvard is the only library like that but I was wrong. This is one is also like that You would think that this is the only fact that makes like Hogwarts but there are 10 more linked below You get complete privacy here unlike my apartment. Are all Apartments like this? This building has apartments like this. But in the other building there are shared rooms as well This apartment just 1 room . No kitchen. so how’s the dining hall here. cuz in US, you get unlimited entries to dining hall for Buffet. Little bit different. But the good thing is you only pay for the food you eat. Meals get added as you go. So those meals get forwarded to next semester Yes I have noticed to things are expensive in the CAD dollars. but since i am converting from CAD to USD so it was cheaper. but we both earn the same so expensive for them Apartment is beautiful and gives enough privacy to all the students This room is connected to another room via bathroom. they are sharing it Pretty cool My first question this campus is so underrated everything is so top notch. How is the scope of scholarships here in UBC, Waterloo etc. everyone knows about in US that Need based scholarships are best in the world. So to what extent you get scholarships here and ho much did you get So definitely if you are spending 1.5 cr and then you have to stay in a village then it might not be a wise decision

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100 thoughts on “Life of Indian Students in Canada’s Best Universities | UBC Campus Tour

  1. Harnoor bhai please answer

    Is it 1 crore 60 lack including food and accommodation?
    Or without food and accommodation?

  2. Bc ye mera cousin ha. Akshat singla from faridabad. Isko mention kiya tha meine Tumhari post mein. Meri mausi ka ladka ha

  3. Love from Nepal bro…I have watched your all videos in just one week and fall in love with your videos…keep uploading. Videos. Made me enthusiastic to join US colleges..

  4. A tiny suggestion, when you title it as ‘Indian students life in Canada university’ and keep on talking about the background for 6mins, it kinda wanna makes me skip the video.
    Just something i feel as a viewer.
    Otherwise i have seen a lot of your videos and really loved a few

  5. Harnoor you look alike jasprit bumrah…!!! India best fastest bowler no actually world best fastest bowler right now…!!

  6. sometimes there is some kind of distortion in the video i am seeing this in some of your vlogs now.. can u please check bro

  7. kabhi india ke bahar nhin gya but aapki videos dekh ke aisa lagta jaise main kudh wahaan pr hoo , Thanks for such quality vlogs

  8. Thank you Harnoor Bhaiya for this amazing video … You are now a pro at vlogging I must say … Congrats …

  9. Singh saab please also make a video of comparison between Vancouver and Toronto after completing your trip. Your experience, your views on the weather and also about the people of both the cities.
    And you can also make a video on the experiences of students from Humber college and Centennial college which are located in Toronto. It would be a great help to me and other students as well in selecting a city to study and settle there. Thank you ❤😁

  10. Apartment is very cheap as compared to US as the guy told 7000 USD/year but here in Chicago on-campus stay is 9000-12000 USD per semester and about dining is 2000 USD/semester and its unlimited food.

  11. Amazing Cinematic Shots in the starting of the video!!!……really loving your vlogs and your dedication……
    I really feel motivated whenever I see your vlogs
    All the best!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please keep making more such Vlogs🤟

  12. India wants to know why you went to chaota Panjab
    JCB ki khudi
    Ya nude beach
    Kya dekhne gaya hau bhai

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  14. Hi. You still in Vancouver? I study in UBC, and would love to meet you! I stay in Wesbrook mall. Let me know if you will be coming around the campus again!

  15. Bro you shoot no of videos of university,it doesn't depend on university,it all depends on student how determine one is to learn new things and skills!

  16. Sir I'm studying my betech 3rd year in cse.The problem is I got detained for (2years) in my btech in 1st year due to lack of credits.i mean the basic duration for completing the btech is 4years.In my case it is taking'am Now my question is the 6year of my btech would effect me in visa processing (for apply for master's in us?).please help me out.

    Thanking you in advance.

  17. Harnoor ji manu ek gal smj ni aundi. Jdo v tucc interview krde o. Kae log Angreji pta ni kyu bolan lag jande ne … daso apne lokaan nal te bolo apni language… hdd hundi aa yr. but anyway. Tusi te great ho he Singh saab 🙏

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    Class 9 65%

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    My extracurricular includes some school level olympiad achievements(CS and Math). And a participation in a National Youth Parliament which had the signature of Finance Minister of MP.

  20. @3:00 JCB ki khudai in cmps…harnoor hw u gt entry in all ths universities??hv u collect any passes or wht??n among waterloo torronto n UBC which UNIV is best best for computer sci????#thnks in adv for sch cool vlog..n those campuses are LITAF

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