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Life Inside the Projects

(sounds from the TV) – [Voiceover] You know, home
should be your paradise. I’ve always told my kids, I’m like, “You should decorate your home “like it’s your paradise.” That’s what you have to yourself. And I believe that. We all need that. Cuz once you go out those doors, you’ve got to face the world, and the world can be cruel. – [Voiceover] You making a mess mama? All right, that’s enough of that. – I moved in here in November 2010. I had had such a rough bout and I just couldn’t
afford to pay my own rent. I was, you know, staying place to place. Staying in shelters,
sleeping on the street, being kicked out. Everybody is just like, “Ok, you must be doing something.” It’s just, you feel very judged, you feel, you know, less than. You just feel less than. It’s not a good feeling. Someone informed me that I could put my name on the housing list. I was informed that the
wait was crazy long, and I was just like, “I
have nothing to lose.” Eventually, my name was called. So, my first choice that they
gave me was Potomac Gardens, and I heard a lot of negative
stuff about Potomac Gardens, but I just was so tired of moving, so I was just like, “I’m
not moving anymore.” I came. I signed the lease. I paid $100 security deposit, and that was that. – [Voiceover] Buzz. – Why? – [Voiceover] Buzz. – Why? – [Voiceover] Buzz. – Why? – [Voiceover] Yeah. All right. – [Voiceover] I’ve always worked. I’ve always had a job. I remember, one day, I was
sitting up there thinking, “You know what? I don’t want
this life for my daughter. “I don’t ever want her to have to “be lonely or ever have
to know what it feels like “to, like, where am I gonna go tonight?” I never wanted that for her. I just wish coulda had
somebody to send me a sign and say Courtney, this
is what you need to do. Save 15 to 30% of your money, invest it, make some good financial moves. I say, “You know what? “Plan B.” And Plan B, was I’ve gotta get my GED. – Mama. – So now today, I’m in Fortis College studying for the Medical
Laboratory Technician. So, I’ve got a few more months, and I’m on my way. – Hey! – [Voiceover] Mom? – What are you doing? – [Voiceover] Everything
that I teach my kids is some sort of lesson that I had to learn pretty much the hard way. I just want them to understand how important education is. When they are old enough to say, “Mommy, I want to be whatever.” I’m going to say, “Ok, “be that but be the best of that.” There are people who definitely have their opinion about
what people are like that live in housing or
what the education level is like in housing. You know, there are people that are in college that are in housing. And as far as my children,
and us growing up in housing, I have a standard. They can’t fall below that standard. – [Voiceover] Guess what? – [Voiceover] You know, it’s cliché, but there’s no place like home. That’s not something,
you don’t earn a home. That’s basic. You have a place to call home. It’s not luxury. These are not Bentleys. This is basic. Basic survival, and certainly we all want
our own door to close: to cry, to laugh, to watch a show, to eat some good food, to raise your family. That’s what it is about.

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100 thoughts on “Life Inside the Projects


  2. Hey! Im a med lab scientist major too!

    You go, sister. ✊✊ hope you're enjoying the lab world. Get a bachelors and specialize is molecular! High demand there.

  3. I’m not trying to be insensitive but I don’t understand why people have children, especially multiple, they can’t take care of.

  4. WHY THE HELL YOU HAVE KIDS WITH NO HOME TO BRING THEM TO??? HOW STUPID IS THAT??? Live on food stamps and 80+ programs of welfare while other people work to support you.PATHETIC!

  5. Saying "I wish I had somebody to tell me…" Chances are, you would not have listened. My daughter in law works with young girls from low income families, and she says that those girls are so enamored with "Love & Hip Hop" and IG "models" that they don't want to hear practical advice. She said they want to be video vixens or "Boss b's" and that's all they admire. Looking to be knocked up by a rapper or an athlete. Sad but true.

  6. Remember you people in this comment section talking down on her that can be you and your reality so watch where you put your mouths want you help her and assists her where she is struggling but you don't have the heart to may God you continue to love and 💔 support her she needs your willing hand to reach down and pick her up in Jesus name I pray.

  7. Why does she have 2 small kids? Knowing she was struggling!? I feel no empathy for hood whores like her. She talks about being particular about what section 8 offered….no ma'am, beggars can't be choosy!

  8. I admire this woman. She reminds me of my mom. We lived from garage to small apartments and about a week ago we moved into a huge house, she found a job my druggie brother is graduating high school in a span of a few months. I pray for everyone to get their life in a better way , everyone deserves to feel comfort in their home and happiness. Have a great day and don't ever give up cause shit happens for a reason let the next thing be your reason.

  9. Why have man and you having his kids but you having issues with having a place to live. Before you start having kids. Make sure the man can hold it down. Hope she makes it!

  10. Nazi death camps destroying the black family. These are well designed and implemented by WS.

    Black people stop waisting time in country that will never love you.

  11. Wow she had doors windows a fridge and a stove. I have lived in worse and came out for the better. You do what you need to do to get out of this. You go girl.

  12. So what I'm hearing in these comments is that if she hadn't gotten THAT TV, THAT computer, THAT phone she wouldn't continue to be in this situation?!? Oh stfu. How you guys know nothing! Unbelievably dumb comments.

  13. I earned 2 Masters degrees in college and earned $60 a day as a Substitute Teacher. I medically retired and now earn what some school principals make. Patience and perseverance is paramount. It does get better.

  14. I have seen this video pass by many times. I never clicked on to watch because I thought it would be too depressing. Quite the contrary. It was full of hope. Blessings to you young lady and your family.

  15. I wish this lady much success. Hopefully, she’ll focus on career and her kids and avoid men. Dealing with dudes seem to be the root of future problems.

    I consistently tell my younger cousins to just focus on themselves, “dress and rest”, enjoy life, and seek no validation, attention or fulfillment from a man… I literally tell them consistently
    1.) don’t get pregnant
    2) niggas ain’t shit.

    Sounds harsh, but I don’t want them to end up like this.

  16. Who was that man laid up in her home towards the end of the video?

    That unit is for her and her children ONLY…

    If that nigga wants to lay his head in that woman’s home, he needs to PROVIDE a home that’s NOT public housing.

    Never ever, ever, EVER deal with a guy that can’t at least MATCH you. He must at least have what you have. If you have your own place, and he’s couch surfing , or in his mommas basement, DO NOT let him set up shop in your home.

    You KNOW if dude is a loser. He literally TELLS you he ain’t shit. Believe him, and run in the OPPOSITE direction.

    You can’t change, improve, or upgrade him.

    He will just eventually turn your life to shit too. You’ll be perpetually broke, pregnant and unhappy.

  17. Damn I live in bmore and our housing use to be real bad until they knocked most of them down and build new luxury apartments and town homes for low income people. They knock most of our old schools in the hood area and build the schools bigger and better.

  18. The road we are “taught” to take almost never gets us to the destination promised. However, following your dreams it’s almost always outside of the “norm”: finish school , go to college, start a career. Doesn’t always happen that way. I’m glad to see her continuing thru and showing her babies self accountability. Public assistant isn’t always the problem. It’s the mindset of the impoverished that keeps u stuck.

  19. I lived in Housing for 3 years my. husband and daughter. It can be trap. It is design for you to never leave. If you make money you pay more so you can never save money. We live very basic work had a couple of side hussle. After three years found house in foreclosure took money we saved up plus 3 years of income tax returns and got house cash. Going up poor nobody teaches you about money management. How to save invest. I worked for a lady who change the way I handle money. What was important the difference from needs and wants.

  20. Everybody talking about she's in the projects with flat screens. Y'all are so dumb, they only sell flat screens now smh. Besides. U can get one for a little of nothing. Before you cuss me out, I'm Mexican so save the jokes.

  21. You all know not everybody living in public housing is paying $25 a week. Some people are paying $1500. Your income determines your rent. 🙄 You do know people of professions a lot of your support living in government housing. Those professions include police officers, bus drivers, mail carriers, CNA. To name a few. 🙄 And this person is on the right track. She earned her general education diploma. She earned her degree. I am sure now she has a career she love. You people are so negative.

  22. You all know not everybody living in public housing is paying $25 a week. Some people are paying $1500. Your income determines your rent. 🙄 You do know people of professions a lot of your support living in government housing. Those professions include police officers, bus drivers, mail carriers, CNA. To name a few. 🙄 And this person is on the right track. She earned her general education diploma. She earned her degree. I am sure now she has a career she love. You people are so negative.

  23. I got out of poverty by getting a Bachelor's degree in Engineering at a Public University in 2010. Got an Internship at a top company, did research in the summer in my field. 3 months after graduation, I got an offer from another top company for a starting salary of 75k. Mind you, I was single mom of two kids. I am not rich by any means in the sense of extreme wealth. However, I have learned that anyone can build wealth through smart money moves and keeping debt low or non-existent. While I was poor, I learned to live below my means and I kept that same mentality now make over $100k a year with NO DEBT. I saved for my condo. I saved for my car. Everything was Paid upfront.

  24. To all of you pro lifers…this is what happens when you’re standing outside of an abortion clinic or rallying to have stricter abortion laws! Women have children they either can’t afford or don’t want all together! Let your values and moral standing be just that YOURS! You all don’t want women to have abortions and you also complain about women living off the government. Your logic is ass backwards. ✌🏾

  25. The dad look comfortable is he working look like he basically 🏦 off of her struggles he need to work or do something besides lay round

  26. You will be fine. God got you. My mom did not even have the basic nor projects where we from. But she made it and we are good. Stay strong.

  27. I lived in Potomac gardens during my teen years and it amazes me how I run to people who either ask if I still live around there or the people (generations of families) who live there who glorify it who never leave who don’t look to leave

  28. Most of us are one paycheck away from being homeless. Some of us cant afford a happy meal and bus fare but still fuckin and suckin. So please stop talking shit about this woman.

  29. Got to give this young lady props! She is trying to better herself and her children's lives! That's what life is all about! Good for her!

  30. Aye, big congrats to studying MLT. Hope you acquired your license and now working in healthcare. From a clinical lab worker, I wish you the best and keep pushing forward.

  31. Everyone does not have a mentor and they do well on their own. That’s an excuse and sounds like the victim card . Here’s how life goes: Parents raise their kids and teach them values and responsibilities. Kid then will study and go to school as told to by parents. Kid works hard and then the finish school along with some type of job after school. That builds character and starts the foundation for Adult good. Kid then either goes into some type of full time career or college. If you chose college, then earn a degree you are going to use. Get the degree and start putting all the things that your parents thought you, and what you learned in school and jobs you may have had together. If you follow these steps, which only require willingness for a better life and success and determination, you should have NO problem. It’s not a white, black, rich, poor, or any other excuse. Everyone has choices and we all make good ones and bad ones. Learn from both! Having Kids, being on the system, living in the projects, have a bum live with you, is your choice! I’m glad you are trying, but lose the unwanted baggage I see With you. No man will make you successful , definitely not one that’s already proven to be a deadbeat!

  32. i'm from Africa Harare Zimbabwe and what you call basic is middle class for us.i think you are blessed just that your country has higher standards of living so you feel less than

  33. I hate to be negative here,but must say a few things.USA has been set up to be taken down.Collapse is coming by 2020,or shortly there after.The technology comes from the fallen angels and demons that inhabit people.The educational,church,government,money system is all part of Babylon.The beast system.Many think education is the way to go.I see really,very few,looking to God or the real word of God(the KIng James bible).Bible knowledge is the only knowledge that will stand in the last days.Tribulation is near.Many have college degrees and still are homeless and struggling.Jesus Christ is the only one that can save.

  34. Thats not even bad i live in watts in imperial housing projects. There is niggas on the roofs with rifle's at night. Every fucking night someone get shot…. I try to be good kid and not to dropout highschool & go to college. I work in sea food restaraunt cause i dont want to be thug or ese u know….

  35. What I take away is how articulate she is. Meaning she came to the projects with a head on her shoulders. And good for her. Keep up the hard work. But what to do about those illiterate folks who stay in the cycle of poverty? It's hard when your born into a home where everyone is illiterate and can't speak or write properly. By the time that child gets to school they are so far behind. Its almost impossible to catch up. That's the reality of far to many in the projects.

  36. Dude might not be doing much in our eyes but at least he's there. I'm sure his being there helps her out a lot. They're all in it together and that's what really matters. I have to give him credit for being there and involved. Everything can't be measured in dollars and cents.

  37. To be honest, I always assumed that the people living in the Projects were uneducated aggressive drug addicts. I want give a huge thanks to the person that made this video possible. It opened my eyes. It is not as if one chooses to not have enough money to afford an apartment. These people are victims of not knowing how to manage their money well enough.

  38. I stay in DC area also. There is a unspoken rule here in DC that you have to act and be normal. People are very judgy here especially if you are a minority. I dont see myself staying in this area to long myself. DC is rough all around. Its depressing to live out and see the same things daily. Its been a goal of mine. So you are not alone in this. Its best to just keep people out your business all around because they use that against you and judge you for it

  39. c'mon man !! if mommy and daddy are on welfare and food stamps , wtf , can you teach your kids about money ?? and why do you even have kids when you can't even take of yourself , wtf is wrong with people , when i was growing up , both my parents worked , wtf are these people doing ? going to school does not make you money !!!!

  40. i wonder how she is doing now in 2019
    i hope shes doing alright and has a good job now and was able to move out of the projects

  41. One big lesson. Don't have children when you're not married. The second lesson is don't have a man that lives with you that doesn't work and lived in a project with you. That's like two step backwards

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