Life Inside Detroit Public Schools
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Life Inside Detroit Public Schools

My name is Lakia Wilson. I’m the school counselor here at Spain. I have been here 19 years. I love it here. I love the staff. I love the students and the families that we serve. I consider myself a fixture in this community and I want my building for these children. I want my babies to have the best. This is my daughter’s first year at Spain. I really love the teachers. I did not know that Detroit Public Schools were in such bad condition. I heard about something with mold that they have. I never saw the gym, so I didn’t know it was in such bad condition. So, up until two months ago our students were here playing in this gym and then we were told we could no longer use this portion of the building. So it is now off limits to us. We’re seeing damage from the roof where it is raining and snowing right inside the school And it has created these large humps in the floor where students were playing in here two months ago with the warped floor. Not being able to go to gym and that’s not right. That’s not right. And how does that make you feel? Sad. And now they hate gym because they can’t come in here. and use any of the equipment. All they are limited to is walking the halls. Ok, this is our band room. Our band teacher was laid off about two years ago and our room has been empty ever since. Our instruments are locked away and uniforms just hanging. A performing arts program with no performing arts teachers is an oxymoron. I don’t know why when things go away within this district that they are not replaced. And it’s just getting sad. Bring the easel up. Normally we have our reading lesson in the back but because they did that two dollar, shoddy cover up on that pipe, I’m still scared to go back there. And I teach first grade and I don’t have reading books. Now they don’t bring books home. Everything is a Xerox copy. They’re little kids. They don’t take great notes. Without books, it’s a problem for the parents to help them. We don’t have any ink, so a lot of times I have to do this at home. It takes a lot of my preparation time and we only have two preps a week. And it’s totally unfair. Our kids love to learn, they are eager to learn and they deserve better. No one will take accountability for what’s going on with the steam. There’s steam coming up onto our playground. And the temperatures have reached 110 degrees. It’s a snow storm in Detroit and the ground is burning. The students are very sad about not being able to go out to the playground, the fact that they are not able to properly burn off their energy as far as running around and just being free for a few minutes and coming back in and getting back to academics. I blame the emergency manager, the governor because there is no reason the schools should be falling apart like they are. The conditions our students have to face everyday coming to our school is unfortunate. This is the reality of it. Now you base this versus the schools in the suburbs, there’s no comparison. Even though the governor and the legislators in Lansing are making laws against us, you have a right to deserve and demand better. Who taught us to fight for our equal rights? Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. Martin Luther King taught us that we should be treated how? We should be treated how all people are treated.

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100 thoughts on “Life Inside Detroit Public Schools

  1. I never really thought about how lucky I am to have the school that I go to. My heart goes out to the unfortunate kids living in Detroit. They deserve better!

  2. this is so horrible. these poor children are being deprived of a school experience children around the country have. this makes me so sad

  3. This is beyond unfortunate! However, since the Performing Arts Room is not being used. The little kids should be able to go in and play with the instruments. Take turns every week on something new. The older kids that's knowledgeable with the Performing Arts aspects should be able to help lead and teach it. It can be applied to their college resume, or listed as an extra curriculum.

  4. It just shows how privileged we are and how lucky we are we take things for granted it’s sad about how the world in places are bad so we must be happy for what we have we all have mostly good parents and good life’s so let’s be happy for what we have

  5. I’m grateful to have experienced school in the 80’s and 90’s. We at least had the art programs. Books were always crappy and old. These kids barely have a chance to make it.

  6. I go to school in Beverly Hills, Michigan. We have 10 courtyards, 2 gyms, 2 auditoriums, a baseball diamond, two tennis courts, all the art and theatre classes you can dream of, supplies , etc. and these kids can’t even get reading books. I wish there was a way to spread the wealth.

  7. These kids deserve better than this. We need to be funding more towards improving education instead of creating wars

  8. Public schools are so bad for this! Richer neighborhoods have better schools even though they are PUBLICALLY funded!!!! I grew up in a less wealthy neigh our hood and the difference between my school and other schools in my city were profound! This should NEVER happen! If ALL PUBLIC schools are government funded then ALL public schools should be given the same opportunities and this school has been miserably neglected. I want to go to their government and give them a piece of my mind! I want to take them all to a nice big park for gym! This is just NOT right! Sorry but this kind of unfair treatment makes me livid! I am almost in tears! Those poor kids!😣

  9. Being from and living in Metro Detroit, this pisses me off. We have a downtown business and entertainment district that are thriving. There is a lot of money there. Then add in the sorry ass city council that drive new vehicles on the tax payers dollar, and this is the state of Detroit Public Schools. This is a disgrace. Yeah, we have new penthouse condos going for over $4 million downtown, but can't put the proper funding into the schools.

  10. The students and faculty deserve better than this. The state of that school is just depressing. This is where our public tax dollars should be going!

  11. I think that instead of building a wall trump should help places like this yes the wall is important but this is even more important.

  12. This is so sad….kids should have a safe, comfortable, nice place to learn….These teachers are so brave (as well as the students) I wouldn’t be able to do that.

  13. Take care of our citizens first-
    these kids deserve so much better. Don’t even have books I bet the (democrat) mayor is a millionaire.

  14. Do these schools even get money for there school these children don’t get the best life so why are the schools like this those kid are probably so clever but they are not getting enough support.

  15. I wonder how the condition of this school is now 3 years after the making of this video hopefully the school is in right condition i go to a very blessed high school my elementary school was also very good seeing this after 3 years of the making of this video upsets me because these kids deserve equal education like everybody else

  16. Single black mothers are to blame dont sugar coat it,Take responsability and any other community would get together and fix this school but not you,You expect others to fix it and have zero appreciation then you let it fall apart instead of taking care of it,Just like when the chinese helped you

    You will never fix these problems by blaming it on other things just like when my car runs outa gas I cant fix it by blaming the spark plugs.Children with both parents = double the income and help teaching/homework/building a strong family,Single mothers = poverty/crime/thug life.Simple fix but of course I'll get chewed out by the single black women because how dare anyone tell it like it is.

  17. I live here in Detroit and my neighbor just raised enough money for our first library ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Michigan all I can say is keep voting Democrat keep voting for losers to be in control of your community s. You see how much they care for the youth and teachers. Trump 2020. Change is happening

  19. this is so upsetting… it makes me realise how privileged i am to have fair staff and budgets: everybody has enough, more even than they need. i just wish every 6th grader like me could have an actual chance to learn and be educated…

  20. I went to school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Spent a lot of my childhood in Detroit though and I can tell you, it’s a huge gap, schools in Ann Arbor damn near just spin a wheel to find out what they’re going to do with their money while our kids just an hour away are given poor education and a poor childhood, overall.
    They make news articles like this then continue to say Detroit is the worse, well shit. I’d be pretty pissed off if I couldnt use the pool, gym, band room, with all the equipment that’s literally in my school. I hope things got better.

  21. Bring in the charter schools and expand vouchers to all kids. Parents and kids need other options so they are not confined to mismanaged public schools. Saying that the government needs to do a better job or the schools simply need more funding ignores the economic reality of public goods.

  22. I feel bad, it’s like in Detroit, no one can be able to do what they want to do. It’s just sad for them..

  23. I was born and raised in Southwest Detroit and have experienced the crippling system first hand. When I was 12 years old my mother pulled me out of school, and I didn’t go back until I was adopted at 16 after my mother died. I was completely lost in the system and the school district did not care. A truancy officer came to my house TWICE in 4 years. Any other school district would’ve had my mother incarcerated. It’s truly devastating to know how fucked DPS is. I pray it gets better for the sake of the kids who are still struggling for their education. I’m very grateful to have been adopted. I went back to school kicking and screaming thinking I wouldn’t be able to succeed. I had a 7th grade level education and I never thought I’d be able to graduate. May 31st of 2018 was the day I graduated high school at the age of 20. I did it, and I hope all of these kids can someday as well.

  24. I went to Pontiac High School. The school is the worst, it's old and moldy, there's fights, rapes, gangbangers. I was almost raped myself. The schools are horrible in both Detroit and in Pontiac

  25. Wtf!!!!! These kids should not be going to a school like this at all this school should not be open!!!! These teachers are doing there best but deserve some where very safe to work at with all the tools they need and these babies need everything they should have inorder to learn and be active. Either this school needs to be fixed or shit down!!!!

  26. I feel lucky to have a good school. I can’t believe what these kids are going through. No books, no band, no gym, no playground.

  27. Get someone from the community to volunteer to teach music.
    Ask local businesses to donate mayerials and local people to help repair the gym.

    Call siburban schools to ask for old books.
    These problems are solvanle.

  28. Detroit has been run by democrats for over 50 years , yet they still keep voting those people in and promising them pipe dreams. Maybe change who you vote for

  29. The government spends 600 billion dollars a year on the military so we can kill goat farmers, but our schools are falling apart.

  30. I didn’t know it was this bad… I luckily live in Ann Arbor Michigan but my cousins live in Detroit but I’m pretty sure they go to a private school cause I’ve never heard that they were that bad.

  31. I am so blessed that I go to one of the best schools in Georgia, in my school everyone gets their own mackbook

  32. This is so sad our school has 3 gyms 2 floors and 2 pools and its made entirely out of glass with an athletic department built in aswell and an indoor and outdoor track in a suburb neighborhood where everyone has a chrome book and they don't even have a playground
    :((( I live in michigan btw!

  33. This school is worried about having nothing while mine is worried getting the band room floors stained.
    How sad..

  34. Tighten up your bootstraps there's nothing wrong with the school those kids are getting taught in the luxury.

  35. This is the severe mismanagement of the school….it happens when management fires teachers to pay themselves a higher salary from the budget


  37. If you can afford to move out of that state do so sometimes u have to save your self instead of waiting for help

  38. I saw that they didn’t even have a gym playground and not even books with no ink is sad. I used to hate school but now I am so grateful for the things I uave

  39. Some point later after this school was featured on TV, Ellen and Lowes went to the rescue and donated $500K to the school.

  40. Typical US schools. Parents having to fill in for the inadequate education their children are getting in public schools.

  41. I feel so bad I want to help this school out as much as I can but I'm only 12 so there's not much I can do which sucks 🙁

  42. I've never seen an elementary school with a pool. That looks like it was a nice school once. How much money does the supervisor get?

  43. Detroit schools get PLENTY of dough but the politicians and school admin steal it or spend it on themselves.

  44. Thank God my mother got me out of Detroit public school system after I completed 5th grade. The bathrooms would back up and make me sick I have asthma.

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