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28 thoughts on “Life As A Chicago Teacher | NBC News Now

  1. Being a teacher in USA is great! You are allowed to carry a gun, so as to defend yourself from the rude lads at the back. 'You talking to me, punk? Huh? Well, I'm the only teacher here, so you must be talking to me!'

  2. Oh, you have homeless children going through transitional living situations. You need diversity in your sanctuary state. Find that hidden money and spend it on
    remolding your neutral gender bathrooms, maybe if the kids washed their hands they would not get sick.

  3. What class size do they have now? How small do they want them to be? How much do they currently earn? How much do they want? Simple questions never answered.

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  5. Not having universal healthcare plays very well for the corporate America, it keeps the people quiet or their families suffer.

  6. I've heard teachers complaining almost all my life about MONEY! Teachers belong to a UNION. Once you become a teacher, ti's almost impossible to get fired or paid less? It's not easy to become a teacher. Most of them do it because the want to teach not because it was a get rich quick profession. Boo Hoo. You the Summer off and other holidays plus much more… Elitists, bourgeois, middle class jerks.

  7. That interview was a disgrace. Couching the salary question by adding “how expensive is Chicago to live in?”. How about asking the teachers why it’s ok they get more money at the expense of the people they are claiming to help? It’s those parents that are going to pay the higher taxes.

  8. The teachers are missing the real threat to their future: their severely underfunded pensions. If they understood how money works, they'd be more concerned about their retirement.

  9. Chicago has agreed to many things already , but the Teachers want to place Billions of added Debt on the City in addition to the nearly 1 Billion of the Debt the city has now

  10. 03:22 If your wife has cancer, why do you have to choose between a vacation or buying medicines. Who goes on vacation while dealing with cancer? Wouldn't you rather cut back your expenses to the bare minimum to treat such an expensive illness? Life is all about tough choices after all.

  11. Why am I not surprised that teacher strikes tend to happen in districts with a large low-income population of black and brown students? ROFL! Worse kind of pupils to teach. The parents in these districts view public education as nothing more than free daycare at the taxpayers' expense. Most families are not homeowners (so they pay no property taxes) but expect the schools to provide FREE breakfast, lunch, school supplies, waived student fees, field trips, etc. It's bad enough that there is a lack of parent involvement, but the students are apparently also allergic to homework and/or any type of learning.

  12. When the poor health of American residents continue to decline, nobody blames doctors. Nobody is asking for a pay decrease in their salaries because everybody understands that poor health rests in the hands of the person with it. The doctor doesn't get blamed for not monitoring closer or forcing his patient to go on a diet. But when students fail, everybody blames the teacher. Nobody holds the student accountable anymore. I would not be surprised if many teachers are rigging their own curriculum to look like students are passing. This would be the fault of parents, students, and administration for not allowing student failure.

  13. Another institution ruined by progressives. Oh the children. Absolutely absurd that a publicly funded union can go on strike.

  14. 100 millions of dollars cost to house, feed, and education illegals and illegals criminals, now Lightfoot's budget don't have enough money to pay the hard working teachers. Sanctuary cities cost 100 millions of dollars. and is bankrupting cities across the USA. Lightfoot's can pick illegals and illegal criminals or Chicago's teachers, and Lightfoot chose illegals. No money for you teachers.

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