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Let’s Visit The Fire Station | Caitie’s Classroom | Safety Education For Kids

(guitar chord strums) – Let’s visit the fire station. (upbeat quirky music) Whoa! (gasps) (giggling) Wow! – Hi Katie, welcome to the fire station. – [Katie] Hi! – Do you wanna meet my crew? – Yeah, I’d love to.
– All right. – [Katie] Thank you so much. – This is Kyle, this
is Kurt, this is Jason. – Hi – [Firemen] Hi. – Do you want us to show
you around the fire station? – Yeah, that’d be awesome. – All right, well, let’s go! – Okay! So, I think I know what this is. – So this is our fire poll. We use this to get down
to the truck faster, ’cause every second counts. – Woo, looks like a long way! – [Jason] Just like this. – Whoa! (laughs) There he goes. (gasps) Oh! Woo! Go, go, go! What’s all this stuff? – So, this is a rescue truck. And I am in the position
of the junior firefighter on the truck, so when we get
a fire call we have to be very quick in putting on our bunker gear. So, we have gear here
and I’m gonna show you how I put it on. – Okay, how fast can you do it? – Well, pretty fast. – All right, let’s see. – Oh right. – Go, go, go! Whoa! That was so fast! – Thank you. (laughs)
– Very good. – All right, so I’m just
gonna put on my SCBA, my self contained breathing apparatus. – ‘Kay.
– And I’ll show you what we take into a fire. – All right. Wow, so what’s that big tank now? – So, this is what we need in order to breath inside of a fire. – Hmm, so you don’t wanna breath in smoke? – No, absolutely not. So. And here is our high rise pack or parachute accordion load. – Wow.
– Which is what we use to deploy a hose in an apartment building. – So you have to carry
this up a bunch of stairs? – Yep. (laughs) – Look’s pretty heavy. – Well, try it out. – Okay, whoa, that is heavy. (laughs) So how much does all this weigh? You have to carry this? – Yeah. So, all this, with the gear I’m wearing is approximately 100 to 120 pounds. – It’s heavy. Whoa, what’s all this? – So this is the way we
control the water at a fire, this is our pump system here and our hose where we get out hose
from to go fight a fire. – [Katie] The hose! – This is the hose and
nozzle here, you can hold it. – Oh, thanks.
– Yeah. – Wow, so does this hook
up to a fire hydrant? – This does not, we use
this hose to hook up to the fire hydrant here. One end goes to the fire hydrant and the other end hooks
into the truck here and that’s were we get the
water from to fight the fire. – Wow, so there’s water already
in the truck for this one? – There is some to get started, but we need that fire hydrant
to continue fighting the fire for long periods of time, so. – Wow.
– Yeah. – How long is this hose? It just keeps going and going and going. – There’s a lotta hose in there, so, yeah – Really cool. (puffing air) That’s great, thank you so much.
– Yeah, no problem. – [Katie] All right, let’s
see the fire truck in action. It’s filled with important things. The firefighters are getting
ready to climb the ladder. Whoa! Off to save the day! Fire trucks are amazing. Now to hook up the hose. That’s a lot of water. Here comes the hose. And there goes the water. Yes! We did it! Thank you firefighters, that was fun. – [Child] Woo.

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