Let’s Make Friendship Necklaces | ft. Tim Kubart | Classroom Activities For Kids
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Let’s Make Friendship Necklaces | ft. Tim Kubart | Classroom Activities For Kids

(lively guitar strumming) – Hey there, this is my friend Tim Kubart. – Hey friends. – And we have this
plate of colored pastas. – [Tim] We sure do. – Yes, in different colors of the rainbow. We’re gonna sort them out and put them on the right plate so all the colors match and then we’re gonna make
something special with them. – Can’t wait.
– Yeah. Well, first let’s sort them. We see a couple different colors here. – [Tim] Okay. – [Caitie] We’ve got blue, so
that’ll go on the blue plate. – [Tim] And I see a green
one so I’m gonna put it on the green plate. – [Caitie] Yeah and yellow. That’ll go here. Here? Ah ha. Yes, yellow, on the yellow plate. – And how about, oh, I have a pink one. So, where could the pink one? Ah ha, right there. – [Caitie] Nice job,
Tim and finally, orange on the big orange plate. All right, let’s sort these out. – [Tim] I like that we one
on each plate right now. – Yeah, we’re very organized. All right, let’s sort these out. And Tim, you’re visiting the classroom. – I sure am, I just love
being here in the classroom. – It’s really nice to have you here. – Thanks for having me. – Why don’t you tell our
friends of the classroom here a little bit about you so they can get to know
you a little bit better? – Oh, great, well, my
favorite thing is music. I get to travel around and I sing songs for kids and families and I’m able to travel
the world singing songs and bringing the joy of music to people. It’s just so wonderful. – That is really special. We really like singing
and having music here too. – I heard that there’s a lot of music in Caitie’s Classroom, so
I thought I would come by. – We’re big fans. So, what’s a special
place that you’ve visited to play music recently? – Recently, I just came
back from a trip to Africa to a country called Nigeria and the best part about being able to travel around and singing
songs and making music is you get to learn the music that people make there too. So, when I was in Nigeria, I spent time with kids in classrooms, just kind of like your classroom and I was able to learn their songs, the songs they sing their classroom and we have the songs that we sing in Caitie’s classroom and maybe in the classroom where you are but they’re all different ones, different hello songs and goodbye songs, songs about animals. – [Caitie] And probably in
different languages too. – In different languages too and that’s my favorite part is being able to learn all those songs and then bringing them to all the different
places around the world. – That sounds really amazing. – It’s really wonderful. – You probably get to meet
a lot of special friends all around the world. – I sure do. – [Caitie] Well, we’re almost done. – [Tim] We are, and
the yellows over there. – [Caitie] Orange ones. Another green one. – [Tim] And I’ll take this orange one. – Ta da, we did it.
– All done. – We sorted all the pasta. Now that we have all the
colors in the right spot, we can make something special. – What are we making? – Let’s make some friendship necklaces. – [Tim] Oh cool. – So, I have here some string. This one can be yours. – Thank you so much. – And on the end of the string, I just looped it around one of the pastas and then tied a knot, so that’s gonna be our end of the string. We could use the other end to put the pasta on so we
can make a big necklace. – Oh great. – Yeah, and we can do
all different colors. – [Tim] We get to pick which colors. – Yeah, I’m gonna try some blue. I really like the color blue. Do you have a favorite color. – I like blue a lot. I think pink might be my favorite though. – Oh yeah?
– Yeah. – It’s really hard to choose, there’s so many different
beautiful colors. – The orange is good too.
(Caitie chuckling) I like yellow. – I know, it’s a tough one. So, once we finish making
our friendship necklaces, then you can give it to somebody as a special little gift which I think is really nice, it’s nice to give someone a little gift to let them know that
you’re thinking of them and that they’re a special person to you. – That is really nice. That’s someone you could do to a friend. To a good friend. – [Caitie] Yeah, exactly. – [Tim] Making them feel good. – It’s really nice having friends. It feels good to be a friend. And it feels really nice to have a friend. – My favorite thing about friendship is that a friend is someone that you can kind of tell anything to. That if you’re having a really good day, you can share that with your friend but maybe if you’re having a hard day, maybe if things aren’t going your way, if you’re feeling a little sad, a friend would listen to that too. – Yeah. – [Tim] That’s my favorite thing. – And it feels nice to be a friend to be able to listen to
somebody and help them out. – That’s true, that’s true
that you can be a good friend who talks and a good friend that listens. – Yeah. It’ll be nice to give this to somebody, a nice special friend. You’re doing it a little
differently than me. – You have one color and
you keep on switching and I pick a few colors. It looks like I’m doing two
and two and two and two. I’ll keep that going. – You almost kind of have a pattern. – [Tim] Yeah. – [Caitie] Nice. I’m gonna put some more yellow on here. And an orange. – I also like with friends that you get to make memories with them. When something fun happens, you can always say do
you remember that time? – Yeah, like I can say to you later on, hey, remember when you
came to the classroom? – And we made the friendship necklaces? – Yeah, and we hung out with our friends? – Yeah.
– Yeah. We can make those nice special memories. I think I’m almost done. – I think I’m about done too. – I’m just maybe gonna
put maybe one more pink and one more green one. – [Tim] I’m gonna do one more pink. – Okay, and then to finish it off, I’ll show you how we can do it. So, we’ll just take the end of our string and we’ll fold it in half like that so we start to have a loop here. So, then I’ll just tie where
my fingers are right here, so I’ll just loop this
around and make a knot. There we go.
– Okay. – And so, you make a little hole and you want it to be big enough so that the pasta that
we put on the other end can go through the hole and that’s gonna keep
it together like that. You did it, nice job, Tim. – Thank you so much, Caitie. – All right, our necklaces are ready to give to a special friend. – Yeah, and I think I
know who I’m gonna give my necklace to, a very special friend. Who are you gonna give it to? – Well, it’s someone who’s very kind. – That’s nice, a good
friend is always kind. – And musical and loves spending her time being kind to children and families and it’s for you, Caitie. – For me?
– Yeah. – Oh, Tim, thanks so much. – Thank you for having me over. – That’s so special. Thank you so much for
this friendship necklace. – It looks great on ya. – Oh thanks.
(chuckling) Well, I’m gonna give mine to somebody who is a great songwriter, a very nice person, and is an
excellent tambourine player. (chuckling) Yeah, do you know who I’m talking about? – I think I do. – It’s for you, Tim. – Thank you so much, Caitie. – There you go. That’s so nice we gave each
other our special necklaces. – I love it. – And if you make a necklace of your own, make sure to share it on social media using the hashtag CaitiesClassroom so we can see and let us
know the special person that you’re thinking of giving it to too. It was really fun hanging out
with you and playing today. We’ll see you soon. – Bye friends. – It was so nice for our friend Tim to stop by the classroom and to give me this special necklace. If you’d like to know more about Tim and his amazing music, check him out at timkubart.com. – [Kid] Whoa.

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