Let’s Learn Contemporary Dance | Caitie’s Classroom | Dance For Kids
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Let’s Learn Contemporary Dance | Caitie’s Classroom | Dance For Kids

(guitar strums) (light music) – Hi everyone. We are here at the Canadian
Contemporary Dance Theatre in Toronto, Ontario. Here, dancers practice
and train in modern dance. Modern dance is a free and
expressive style of dancing, and we are gonna get to see
a modern dance performance a little bit later, I can’t wait! But there’s so many amazing
dancers practicing here today, let’s just take a look around. Come on. (people chattering) Oh look. This class is practicing modern dance. – [Instructor] Six, seven, and eight. (percussion music) – Wow, that was so beautiful! Hi, everybody! – [Dancers] Thank you. – Hi, Caitie, would you like
to come down and join us? We can teach you some modern dance? – Sure.
– Yeah! – Really? Wow, okay yeah, I’d love to. I’ll be right down. Ooh, thank you so much for inviting me into your rehearsal everybody. Everyone, these are the dancers of the young apprentice program here at the Canadian
Contemporary Dance Theatre. This is their teacher, Meredith Thompson. And their choreographer, Natasha Poon Woo. A choreographer creates
the movements to the dance, and did you choreograph
that piece we just saw? – Yes, I did. – Oh, it was really beautiful, and you all danced
– Oh, thank you. – So amazingly. – [Dancers] Thank you. – Caitie, we’d love to
teach you some of the moves, but first we have to warm up. – Of course, okay. – Six and a seven, and
eight, rolling down, one. (light piano music) Back up, three. High lift, five. Happy on the seven. Top of the head curving over, all the way. And you hang. Six, seven, eight. Bend your knees for two. Stretch. Bend your knees, rolling
up, tailbones down, head is last. Great job, Caitie, now we
can teach you the dance. – All right. – Step out to the right and
swim our arm to the back, one, two, same left on three. When you do these splashes
you can really let your knees be nice and juicy. – Juicy knees.
– Juicy knees, yeah. Working into the hands, yeah. All the way out, and then
the other side, step, reach. And then when you do your circle around, make sure you look up to the
sky as you lift your arms. – Up to the sky. – Yeah, all the way up, both arms up. – Okay. – [Instructor] Five,
six, seven, and eight. (percussion music) Amazing!
(everyone clapping) Oh Caitie, that was so
good, wasn’t she good? – It was so fun. Modern dance is really
fun, but it’s not easy. – Yeah, it takes a lotta work. These dancers have been
training for a really long time, a lot of hours a week and
since the beginning of the year and some of them even longer than that. – Wow. – But they actually
have a lot of work to do if they want to be in the company here. – Oh yeah, the company here at the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre are professional dancers
that put on big shows on big stages. Would you like to be a part
of the company some day? – [Dancers] Yeah. – Yeah? Well I heard that they’re
putting on a performance, should we go check it out? – Yeah, let’s go!
– Yeah? – All right, fun.
– Let’s go, ready? (upbeat orchestral music) A big thank you to the Canadian
Contemporary Dance Theatre for showing us modern dance. When we dance, we can express
how we feel through movements. And you can try it, too. – (chuckles) Bye! – [Dancers] Bye! (percussion music) – [Child] Woo.

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