Let’s Go to The Toronto Railway Museum | Caitie’s Classroom
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Let’s Go to The Toronto Railway Museum | Caitie’s Classroom

(upbeat music) – Wow. We’re at the Toronto Railway Museum and this is a luxury lounge car. It’s a fancy place to sit
while traveling on a big train. Choo-choo! There’s lots to learn about trains here. So let’s go take a look. Come on. (upbeat music) This is a roundhouse. It’s where train engines come
to make sure they’re clean and running smoothly down the tracks. (imitates train chugging) This is a locomotive, that’s
the engine of the train. It pulls everything else
behind it on the tracks. (imitates train chugging) This is a boxcar. When trains have to move things
from one place to another they go in here. And one train can pull a lot
of boxcars down the track. (imitates train chugging) This is a caboose. The caboose goes at the
very back of the train, and it’s the place where
the engineer and conductor, anyone who’s working on the train, sleeps. This caboose is orange. Let’s go see what’s going
on inside the museum. Come on. (upbeat music) Ooh! This is a velocipede. It was used to get around
on the train tracks by people working the railroad. They would sit here and move this forward and back to move along tracks to where they needed to do their work. It’s really neat. (upbeat music) Ooh, a model train. (upbeat music) Let’s make it go. Choo-choo! It goes fast. Back at the station. Look at this. This is what it looks like
where the train engineer sits. The train engineer drives
the train down the track. There’s all sorts of levers and buttons. Let’s see if we can make the train move. First thing, we turn the brake off. Now we’re ready to go. Let’s start slowly. (upbeat music) We’re moving. (upbeat music) Let’s go faster. (upbeat music) Here we go. (upbeat music) Faster? Wee! This is the train horn. (horn hoots)
(Caitie giggles) There’s a train station up ahead. We better start to slow down. (levers click)
(upbeat music) And the brake. It takes a long time for a heavy train that’s been going pretty fast to slow down to a stop. (upbeat music) Almost there. (upbeat music) (bell ringing) We did it, just like
a real train engineer. There’s another amazing
part of this museum that I’d like to show you. Come on. (light music) This is a mini diesel train. Climb aboard, let’s go for a ride. Choo-choo! (light music) Choo-choo! (imitates train chugging) Choo-choo. (laughs) (horn honks) We’re coming into the station. (light music) That was so much fun. Trains are a great way to get
from one place to another. They can pull really heavy things. And they connect places
all over with the railroad. Plus, they make some pretty fun sounds. Choo-choo!
(horn honks) I had a lot of fun learning
about trains with you at the Toronto Railway Museum. (imitates train chugging)

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