Let’s Go To The Beach | Caitie’s Classroom
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Let’s Go To The Beach | Caitie’s Classroom

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Let’s go to the beach. Come on. I love the beach. It’s so pretty. Let’s sit. Inside my beach bag, I have my towel, bathing suit, sand toys, water, sunscreen, a Frisbee, and a beach ball. First sunscreen, it’s so
important to put on sunscreen before you play in the sun. It protects our skin from burning. Now let’s play. Let’s blow up the beach ball. The water feels nice and cool. Time for a water break! Let’s fill this bucket
with rocks from the beach. This one is bumpy. This one is smooth. This is a flat rock. Ooh, this one’s an interesting color. This one sparkles! Wow. Sometimes I like to make
pictures in the sand. It’s such a beautiful day. Oh look, I found a fish toy. Splash, splash, splash. (laughing) Now let’s make a sand castle. We’ll need some water for the sand. Pour it out, and it’s ready to build with. These look great, now some walls. And a starfish. Let’s make some fish out of sand. One, two, three, four, five, ta-da. What a great day at the beach!

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