Let’s Find A Christmas Tree! | Caitie’s Classroom Field Trip
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Let’s Find A Christmas Tree! | Caitie’s Classroom Field Trip

(light music) (happy music) – We are here at a very special place, the Elliott Tree Farm
in Hillsburgh, Ontario, and I’m searching for the
perfect Christmas tree for the classroom. It’s gotta be around here
somewhere, so let’s go find it! Come on! (cheery Christmas music) (Caitie gasps) Horses! And a dog, hi! (Caitie chuckles) Let’s go. Oh, all these trees are so beautiful. It’s so hard to choose! Ooh, look at this one. It’s so pretty. Do you think this one’s
right for the classroom? Hmm. It might be too big, it might not fit. I think we should keep looking. It’s nice, though. Oh, ooh, what about this tree? Hmm. It’s really nice, but
I think it’s too small for the classroom. Let’s keep looking. Oh. Look at this tree. What do you think? It’s a great size, beautiful green. I think it might be the
perfect tree for the classroom. What do you think? Yeah, let’s get it ready to take back. Timber! All right, we have the perfect tree. Let’s get it on the sled. Oof, it’s heavy. Okay tree, let’s go back to the classroom. At Elliott Tree Farm, for
every tree that gets cut down, they plant two more. Now we gotta get the tree all wrapped up so we can take it back to the classroom. We found the perfect tree! Let’s take it back to the
classroom and decorate it. A big thank you to Elliott
Tree Farm for having us, and merry Christmas! – [Child] Woo.

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