Lemonade Stands: Teaching Entrepreneurship a Cup at a Time
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Lemonade Stands: Teaching Entrepreneurship a Cup at a Time

– Why don’t you explain
this to me like I’m five? – Your mommy and daddy give you $10 to open up a lemonade stand, so you go out and you buy cups, and you buy
lemons, and you buy sugar. And now, you find out
that it only costs you $9. – Oh. (rhythmic hip hop music) – And it makes me very excited that the kids are very entrepreneurial. – You gotta subtract the amount of money that you used at the
beginning from what you made. – We accept credit card. – [Jemma] We have
original lemonade for $4. We have blue raspberry
lemonade in shark cups for $5. – [Miller] And we also have cotton candy. – The most important word in all of this is “entrepreneurship,” and
lemonade day is a perfect way to introduce these
concepts of managing money. – Hello. Would you like to support
our lemonade stand? – Uh, maybe I’ll have
some cash afterwards. – Well, we accept credit card. – You take credit card? – Yes, we do. (giggles) (lively music) That’ll be $12. Let me count it really
quick… 10, 12, okay. – How do you make the product? How do you make a good glass of lemonade? Maybe you have some cookies to go with it. – Having, for $3, blue raspberry lemonade in a color-your-own cup so
you get to color the paper. – [Customer] I’ll do one of those please. – Do you want it in
green, blue, or yellow? – Maybe you decide you’re gonna dance or do magic tricks to attract the crowds. (lively music) Then talk about how am I gonna construct my lemonade stand, and then you have the location, location, location discussion about getting to a place
where you’re gonna have real traffic so that you can
actually sell these things. – Lemonade comes in a
16-oz container for $4. We have blue raspberry lemonade. – And that’s four? – And that’s $4. – [Scott] That sales and
marketing, those skills, you learn it all when
you do a lemonade stand. – $430.08… Yes! Wait. A total of 430 and eight cents, and we’re donating 50% of this. (lively music fades)

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