Learning German at a German School
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Learning German at a German School

I moved to Germany from England in 2017 Because I felt like it and although I was attempting to do YouTube
as a job there was a chance that it might fall through and I would no longer receive “the moneys”. If you didn’t know you need “the moneys” to live so my plan was to get some other kind of job in case youtube or art commissions didn’t
work out for some reason So I decided that I should learn German. I’ve always wanted to learn a language because knowing words that other people don’t
is fun And I’m sorry I know I have some French viewers… you have a beautiful language but I cannot remember a word of it from 5 years of high school except the word piscine because it’s something that you.. (i’ll let you figure this one out) So to learn German I enrolled in a “Volkshochschule” (public
school/college) which doesn’t have an English equivalent I
think but it’s basically a school for adults where you take like specific classes and I took an integration course which was basically everything you need to start living in Germany And the fun part.. it was taught completely in German So uh yeah this is how it went ♫ Chipflake Theme 8-Bit Remix by Tim De Jongh – Original by Lovprod ♫ So I actually started the class slightly later
than usual because I already knew some German I could count, say the alphabet and I knew a looot of swear words Starting at this point instead of from the
beginning meant that I could pay a bit less But it also meant I skipped the parts where they go over the basics Which was Cool So I strolled in there on my first day PANICKING I don’t know why I was so nervous I guess it was that it was being taught in
German and I wasn’t sure how the whole communication
thing was gonna work. I checked like 12 times that I was in the
right room ‘cuz I didnt know how to ask that When I went in there were some other students there already people from all different countries but I didn’t hear any English so I just sat in a random seat and waited for class to start. I found out later that I just happened to sit on the complete opposite side of all the people who spoke English. Instead I sat between two people one of them lets call her.. Spot-tailed Wood Quail was from Syria and the other uhhh Tawny Owl I don’t remember where she was from but they would speak Arabic to each other and they would always start arguing because Spot-Tailed Wood Quail was really
good at the class and Tawny Owl wasn’t so she’d constantly be asking for help with me in the middle Anyway on the first day I had to stand up and introduce myself and I was just like “hi i’m Chip I’m from England…” and then the other students had to ask me
questions. They were asking me where I live (like, the city, not in a creepy way) but I didn’t know that word I thought they were talking about work or
something so I was just like “I don’t know” lol like “yea I dunno where I live why ‘you asking
me??” In this class there were 2 teachers uhh Common Wood Pigeon and Northern Rockhopper Penguin On the first day I was just sitting there listening to Common Wood Pigeon explain like, grammar rules or something and I was there like *dial up sound* But then I noticed something… Everyone was using their phones So yeah I should’ve just translated the words I
didn’t know ‘cause as soon as I did I actually started understanding what was
going on Who would’ve thought Some of my classmates had the tendency to over-rely on translating, though. Instead of translating the one or two words
that they didn’t know they’d put the whole sentence in which makes me think you know you’re not really learning what those words
in particular mean that way right? But I did kinda feel bad for them I mean I’m pretty lucky to be fluent in
English – a language that is fairly similar to German while a lot of them were learning a completely
new alphabet. I’ve never learned a language with a different
alphabet but I assume it’s gotta be pretty hard So basically the main part of the course was learning the language we had textbooks and would learn words and grammar rules how you would in any other language class
really. And the teachers would speak in basic German but like naturally like they wouldn’t be all like “HELLO I AM THE TEACHER” they spoke normally but without any weird accent or dialect. I kinda wish I was there from the beginning ‘cause I really wanna know how they taught
people who knew 0 words of German. There was also a shorter part towards the
end of the course about history, politics and culture in Germany again I had a bit of an advantage since English culture is so similar to German’s. I remember once we were discussing how in
Germany it’s not really normal to hold hands with
someone in public unless you’re in a relationship or sometimes young girls who are friends do
it too. And Spot Tailed Wood Quail was like “oh so men can’t hold hands but women
can?” and I tried to explain it.. Except in the German language.. the word for friend and girlfriend are the same. There’s no genderless term for friend there’s only male friend and female friend and those same words also mean boyfriend and
girlfriend. So it was like saying “young girlfriends sometimes do it but older girlfriends only do it if they are girlfriends” This language is so dumb sometimes I’m sorry- WHY WOULD THE WORD FOR PLATONIC FRIEND BE THE SAME AS ROMANTIC PARTNER IT MAKES NO SENSE Anyway I now know more about German history than I do about English history. My high school exam was literally about the
assassination of John F Kennedy so i’m not gonna sit here and take all of
the blame for that. So yeah I didn’t go that much into detail ‘cause I wanted to see if it’s something
people would actually be interested in first so yeaah let me know if you’d like to hear
more about my experience at this school feel free to leave any questions about it
too maybe I can answer them if I make a follow-up. That’s it for now then I guess. Thanks for watching and have a great… Freundin! (friend who is a girl or girlfriend..you
decide lol)

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100 thoughts on “Learning German at a German School

  1. I'm a polish viewer …
    Trust me I've been learning it for a bit more than 3 years and I'm still confused everytime I log on to libratus

  2. You can say ,,eine Freundin" which translates to friend and you can say ,,meine Freundin'' which translates to girlfriend

  3. I am from Czech Republic (it's near to Germany) and our English teacher is nice, but 4 CLASSES BACK ( class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4. ) WE HAVE TEACHER WHAT WAS A ****. And now we have better, but whn she say something in English, half of our class don't understand what it means 😂😂 so when I watch your English videos, I understand what u say, but my friend, when it will watch will say something like "Uhhhhh what?" So nice 👌👌 you are amazing, Chipflake

  4. My grandma is from syrya

    But she doesn't speak it so maybe that's my oncle or someone else
    Edit:i know its late but hey

  5. Yes I feel you Bro, I'm from Germany and I hate that we don't have dedicated words for friend and Girlfriend, its sometimes very confusing!

  6. Ive been learning this horrible language for over 13 years and still dont know shit lol… meanwhile i speak really advanced english without ever learning it

  7. The german language cannot be translated propoly to other languages ,im romanian ,moved to germany and its so freaking hard to explain or translate something

  8. I have a question : you said you don't remember any word in French but… This is the second title in French so… How did you do that and why ? OwO

  9. Maar het fijne ding is dat jij nu niet begrijpt wat ik zeg zonder vertaal website ookal zijn wij letterlijk buren op beide zeiden. 😀

  10. Bruh you could've used "freunde"?? Because it means "friends" idk if it's feminine, masculine or neutral because I'M IN DEUTSCHKLASSE EINS SHUT UP UwU

  11. Philippine alphabet….or something:


    I am only half confused
    And half joking

  12. Полайкате этот пост, что бы иностранцы думали, что здесь написано что то смешное или умное

  13. I am actually German and like to speak more English to be honest I am actually the only one in my class who can English heck even my teacher sometimes dose not know what I say

  14. I dont watch you a lot, and maybe you've heard this l, but i love how chipflake is a furry but none of you care at all, you are just random people who love a YOUTUBERS content, like THATS HOW IT SHOULD BE

  15. Ich bin in Deutschland aufgewachsen und ich habe Probleme englisch zu lernen vor allem das schreiben da deutsch sehr kompliziert ist und ich die ganze Zeit die deutschen Regeln für das Schreiben verwende und die englischen Regeln nicht wirklich verstehe

  16. I am going to Germany next year for a History Tripand I am trying to learn German. However I can’t get the accent and words right, plus some words are so long and confusing I can’t even say it.

    What do you recommend as a fellow Brit on learning Germany?

    P.S. I have no money and would prefer to learn privately.

  17. In my country we are literally forced to learn german but i never listen in the classes so i can only remember basic stuff like, my name is, thanks and all of that stuff. For some reason our german teacher really likes the word “wunderbar” (im pretty sure it means wonderfull?) so that was one of the first german words i learned. But the first german word i learned was…. scheisse… yup. I just use that instead of… eherm… poop. :/
    And now to the sentence im the best at…

    Ich bin scheisse or ich bin vilen dumm

    Okay Imma just stop 😛

  18. What was that phone sound you used ive been trying to find it for really long!!
    (and I want to set is as a sound for my soundboard)

  19. U learn German

    I learn Polish

    Boi and that’s hard

    99 in Polish is
    dziewięćdziesiąt dziewięć

    Good luck reading this

  20. As an American learning German from a Russian watching a British person talk about learning German in a class were they only speak German…
    I don't know where I'm going with this because I'm getting a headache.

  21. "History, Politics and Culture"
    Ouuh thats a pretty wound point of germany… I mean the Culture is like… BEER, the History is like… WAR and the politics are just like… NO I WILL NOT SAY THIS… (Im from Austria)

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