Learn the Top 10 Phrases for Surviving Back to School in Polish
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Learn the Top 10 Phrases for Surviving Back to School in Polish

hello everybody welcome to top polish
words my name is Magina and today we will learn ten phrases for
surviving back to school so let’s start Plesac backpack Plesac which basically
means backpack I guess it comes from polish word let’s see let’s see which is
the back so Plesac is something you put on your back backpack so you can say the
poquito de play soccer practice in the backpack colleges classes classmate
colleague as class classmate so introducing your classmate if he is a
guy you can say tourist Mukul EGIS classes this is my classmate it was a
girl there is maja college anchors class this is my classmate who’s a girl we say
you know this College a college ANCA use it like a friend but not a very close
friend president over homework that’s a demova which basically is
homework that’sa means work and the mobiles like homes so cluttered the mova
is basically homework is not one word is two separate word you can ask your kid
or drop the wish you strats on the mobile have you done your homework yet
examine exam examine which basically means exam and probably comes from
English but the spelling is very different so pay attention to spelling
and when you have like very important exam next day you can say you Tom and
Varginha examine tomorrow I have a very important exam nutriment version examine
especially up to high school we say raspbian which comes from sprout judge
which means to Texas proud Jam means to taking the knowledge and I guess once
you are at the University you will call it collection which is the sprout young
but at the university level for whatever the reason we’ve got another name for
that let me vacati a summer break let me back
at SIA summer break subranges rob you back atcha let me what
will you be doing during the summer break sobbing just Rob evocative near
you know summer break actually in Polish schools it’s pretty
long up to high school we got like two months of summer break
basically July and August and because the school ends at the end of June but
there’s only one week left so it’s like 2001 weeks more week scour school scour
scala means school any type of school and although for university level we
would say university or if you really want to score you can say sh co-official
which is like the higher type of school if you translate literally so if you
want to ask somebody where he or she is going to school you can ask gooiest for
yash go up where is your school put it show to study ultra chill
who teaching means to study so when you see somebody studying really hard you
can come closer and ask trabocchi untuk otras what are you studying so hard
tribution tackle Trish toy asparagine challenge is the first day of class so
yes pure oxygen science this is the first day of class so important up to
the high school the first base actually the first of September and I guess there
is always something big going on in each school so there are no really like
classes per se we’ve got this big ceremony and singing like the school’s
item or celebrating and then the school starts from the next day actually but we
call it the first day of school and for university level the first day of school
it depends on the department and on the university but is somewhere around
October you station if they semi class here we are in the same class
the station if they say my clash’ we are in the same class classes in poland are
actually set for the elementary school they are usually a and b or ABC or ABCD
and depends on how big this quiz and usually 30 students per class sometimes
20-25 in the elementary school because don’t change every year so you
stay with the same people throughout six years of your education and then from
junior high and high school you actually choose a profile to your class so you
can do like more math or more or biology or more English if you want and this is
kind of very important for whatever you’ll be doing at the University so we
usually try to choose whatever you will need for the University exams because
this will be dead the subject that you will have more classes off like for
example I got math and information science so we’ve got a lot of dolls and
we didn’t really get a lot of like English classes or or polish classes or
we got only you know house of the history classes for whatever other
profiles had Nyack is ang rajesh what classes are you taking
Nayak Ivania Rajesh what classes are you taking now mathematically physical
mathematics and physics and that’s also today so today we studied 10 phrases for
surviving back to school so be sure to like this video and set polish board 101
dot-com and see you again thank you you

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