Learn Spanish in Panama at Habla Ya Panama Spanish School
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Learn Spanish in Panama at Habla Ya Panama Spanish School

“Habla Ya is much more than just a
Spanish School: it’s adventure, volunteering and community…” Why just study Spanish, learn it and have
the time of your life! Get ready to immerse yourself in the Latin
culture, social activities, and eco-adventure tours of beautiful Boquete
in Panama. Famous hiking trails with experienced
guides will lead you to beautiful landscapes, wildlife and flora. “We’re almost at the lookout point.” Or hike to an enchanted waterfall. Adventure enthusiasts can zip-line
through the cloud forest canopy from thirteen platforms and fly up to 50
kilometers an hour. “It was great, it was awesome. Yeah, it’s
breathtaking, seriously, my heart is still pounding. Too this moment, like, I still
have adrenaline rushing through my brain. It’s like. I know I can’t stop smiling. I
know, I’m so happy, I’m like laughing, it’s like I’m a kid again or something.” Or whitewater rafting in Chiriqui’s world
class rapids. On the more relaxing side, you will find
the Caldera Hot Springs. Four natural mineral pools that will soothe your
senses. Or take in the Caldera mountains atop a
horse. “And you can see the continental divide
on one side, the Pacific Ocean on the other side, the Baru Volcano… and the
view is incredible.” Or visit the uninhabited islands of the
Chiriqui Gulf National Park. Only a one and a half hour drive away. White-sand
beaches, pristine turquoise clear waters, and exuberant wildlife await you. Coffee Lovers will appreciate tasting and
touring plantations in the highlands of Boquete, where Panama’s best coffee is
made. Or make a jump for it in the Cangilones de
Gualaca. Challenge yourself and climb natural walls
made of basaltic rocks. Creating a community for students is a
priority for Habla Ya. “Tonight, as every Tuesday we have a
Panamanian typical dinner here at Hostal Mamallena.” Introducing you to nightlife! “You can meet really nice people… we’re
going to make a lot of parties here!” Volunteer and become part of the many of
the social and cultural activities offered. Students will find themselves comfortable
in the safe, friendly, quaint and charming town of Boquete. “We are in such a great environment
which is Boquete. You can come and enjoy the climate, the weather that we
have, we are just a family…” Classes are tailored to meet your needs,
and range from a beginner level to complete fluency. “Since I loved Habla Ya, and liked the
experience and learning Spanish here, I changed all of my plans with my school
and I’m starting later and staying here for another month.” Choose to stay in a budget hostel,
mid-range boutique hotel, luxury resort or with a local host family. “Well, you know, when I came here,
to Panama, I didn’t speak any Spanish, they helped me so, so much with everything and they
were so patient when I tried to say something.” “So if you want to have the best
experience, not only learning Spanish but also… learning our culture, being with our
families and environment, and being involved in everything you should come
to Habla Ya.” “Habla Ya, ¡qué chévere!” For more information please go to:

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12 thoughts on “Learn Spanish in Panama at Habla Ya Panama Spanish School

  1. Great video! Looks like an exhilarating place to learn. Wonderful setting, I love life around the equator. Would love to become bilingual and would want to learn it here!

    This video looks very professional, kudos to the producer!

  2. I was there to learn/improve my Spanish – the quality of the school is amazing! Especially if you look for full immersion courses together with mostly serious lerners (but still having some fun).

  3. @t4b3 Gracias!

    So when do you get on a plane to join us for some Spanish lessons and eco-adventure tours?

    The producer was one of our Spanish students, Carri Willbanks from Colorado.

    I do guess Boquete, Panama makes it easy to film a Spanish learning vacation!

    We would like to make some more videos to capture more of the action inside the classrooms & hopefully some beach trips students get to enjoy during the weekends.

    We'll be waiting for you when you're ready to learn Spanish in Panama!

  4. @missnowlin12 Gracias Aryn!

    We hope all is well with your Spanish students and that they get to also visit us next year =).

  5. Hi River. You can stay for as long as you want. It could be 1 week, 3 weeks, 6 months or even 9. It depends on your current Spanish level and on how much you want to learn.
    We have plenty of extra activties besdies hiking. Have a look at our website…
    In regards to being hearing impaired, please send us an email discussing your particular circumstances and we can let you know how we can help!

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