Learn how to PARALLEL PARK. The easiest driving lesson (by Parking Tutorial)
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Learn how to PARALLEL PARK. The easiest driving lesson (by Parking Tutorial)

Parking Tutorial. The art of parking Parallel parking in 3 minutes. Ultimate video lesson You need to park between two cars that are parked parallel to the edge of the road. This is called parallel parking. In order to drive into such a spot easily, its length must be at least 1.5 times your cars body length. Let’s consider parallel parking on the right side of the road. Step 1 Most cars have a small window on the back door, and it usually has a triangular shape. So, the car is in its starting position. The driver looks over his shoulder through the triangular window of the back door… … and drives backwards in a straight line. When the back end of the car on his right appears in that window, the driver turns the wheel to the right. Our car starts to back into the space. Step 2 The driver looks into the left side mirror. When the whole front part of the car parked behind appears in it… … the driver puts the steering wheel into the straight forward position. The car moves in a straight line. Step 3 The driver looks at the right side mirror. When it covers the tail light of the car in front, the driver turns the steering wheel to the left. Now, the car is inside the parking space, and the driver only needs to put it parallel to the curb. For this purpose it is convenient to use the side mirror. As soon as the car is parallel to the curb, put the steering wheel in the straight forward position. If necessary, you can now move forward or backward putting your car in the middle of the parking space. For more detailed instructions and other video lessons see the video description Everything you need to know about car parking in one tutorial

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100 thoughts on “Learn how to PARALLEL PARK. The easiest driving lesson (by Parking Tutorial)

  1. My test is tomorrow and this is the only thing thats going to cause me to fail….smh i just cant get it right

  2. You make the students overthink it, just make sure you are like 2 feet away from the car to your right, and your car is PARALLEL, look and go. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE

  3. I’m learning this for my drivers test and after that…I’ll just park 20 blocks away or go home..

  4. Anyone else drives a truck, i use my dad's truck its a 2008 F250, since its alot bigger can i still use this method, if not what can i do to parallel park or park in general.

  5. my test is in 8 hours & im nervous as all hell.. esp w parallel parking and k turns

    edit: this video actually really helped with the parallel parking! unfortunately, i still failed bc i hit a cone during my k turn ):< best of luck to everyone taking their test though!

  6. What the hell. I’m taking my permit test this week. I’m not okay with how this popped into my recommendations now at of all the time I’ve been on YouTube

  7. Does the same thing apply when driving a larger/longer vehicle? I drive a Chevy Suburban and that shit is large.

  8. I find it really difficult. Beginner here. I think this gonna be my first time to fail in any of the exams in my entire life LOL…

  9. Thank you very much. I follow your direction to teach my daughter. she made it at the first time and then picked up the skill in two days. Thanks again.

  10. This is bad advice, only works if the parking is huge, like in this video, you should also show people ways to correct if they miss a bit..
    My advice is just try doing it yourself without any tutorials untill you simply get the "feel" for it.

  11. If it's any comfort, I passed my test today having hit the curb. Hit the curb, said "I'm gonna try that again just got a bit anxious" and then did it a second time only scraping the curb lol. Instructor said I aced it apart from that. Good luck!

  12. When i was on school drive before test i do it in first try on traffic , my instructor was in little shock xD

  13. I watched about half of this video and then parallel parked perfectly 20 times in a row. Great video, I think I’m ready for my test.

  14. I passed my test with flying colours, the easiest way to parallel park is:

    Once you’ve signalled and done your checks, back up a little bit, quickly turn your steering wheel to the right, once you’ve gone far enough, quickly straighten and back up until you’re almost at the curb, then turn your steering wheel to the left, moving VERY SLOWLY and clearing the other car’s bumper, then keep going until you’re at the perfect spot. You just have to get a feel for it and know the dimensions of your car. It took me a few tries but I got it perfect the first try on my test. In my everyday life I’ll never parallel park, though

  15. Very uncertain. Doesn't would work for very small parking lots or car which a build different like station wagons

  16. I already have my license and have been driving for about 5 years now, but this is an interesting video to watch. Good luck to everyone who is taking their test, just don’t get nervous and you should be fine

  17. ok, i learned how to park 40 years before youtube existed; why these dumb somebitches keep throwing this video at me is a curiosity to say the least. they lie and say all recommended videos are based upon my viewing/search history. so this video takes in on the jaw because youhole is not just lying, but stupid and addicted to advertising

  18. I failed my drivers test because of the parking and needed a refresher on how to do it. I’m going to make sure that I pass the road test on Monday

  19. learned this parking different yet similar from my instructor years ago.. but it will be fun to test this way as well.

  20. This is a HORRIBLE method. Alas as popular and silly as your toilet flush, arranged precisely behind your back by plumber the cretin.
    The culprit is multiple turning while reversing .
    The right way:
    1. drive past the free space
    2. turn towards middle of the road to angle your car so you can see 2 things in the side mirror:
    – the gap between your car and the corner of other one and make it small, like 10 cm or less, if you dare
    – the spot by the kerb you'd want your tail to be
    3. put wheels dead straight
    4. reverse carefully, watching for cretins, keeping straight line
    5. when the front is ripe, turn wheels to max
    6. when parallel, quickly put wheels straight
    7. position your car intelligently within the free space*
    * When approaching free space check the freedom of the car preceding the space. Check also such freedom of the car following the space. Intelligent placement takes into account other users, both current and future.
    Added benefit is for cars following you: they see how your maneouver gradually increases their space for passing you. The HORRIBLE variant sees you suddenly stealing part of the road, god knows how wide, while driving backwards.
    Added benefit nr 2: you can silence environmental surmons of this cretin neighbour, who takes 7 tries at parking diesel.
    Hope this helps many.

  21. I’m watching this now and my test is in 8 hours😭😭I already know how to parallel park I’m just super nervous😂😂😂

  22. Everytime I’m practicing with my dad and I bump a cone he yells “you just killed someone’s kid!!!” I’m like 😮🥺 chill ..😕

  23. So scared. I need to learn this for my test and I'm very nervous. It's the only thing stopping me from taking my test

  24. I feel kind of dumb for not knowing how to drive, but I also feel kind of smart for not owning an expensive car and being able to go almost anywhere with cheap public transit.

  25. Когда сказали, что длина должна быть 1.5 корпуса, то дальше не смотрел. Так и дурак заедет

  26. If I was serious about my studies as i am with the parallel parking i would have hired a driver rather than learning this.

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