Learn English For Kids | Spelling of 17 English Words
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Learn English For Kids | Spelling of 17 English Words

I am an apple, babe [ppl] E apple corn round I met With leaves on the top of my head you eat me any time of day It sure will keep the doctor away. [I] am an apple A [P P L E ] juicy and Yummy If you don’t believe me you can ask your mommy [I] am an apple a p p L Inside of me [I] seeds that are black cut me into slices at eat me as a snack Carry me to school play and everywhere when friends are hungry. [make] sure you share So before you go and buy into me repeat loudly after me. My name is simple you see Ap Pl. E [apple] that’s me. Good job I am a banana be a and a [m]. Hey banana I’m a fruit that grows in a bunch. I’m soft and white and easy to munch and You can eat me for breakfast or lunch. Yeah. I am a banana B Yeah, then wait wait banana. [I] have a yellow slippery skin you peel off [I’m] throwing a ping else. [you’ll] trip and hurt your chin Ouch I am a banana b. Hey wait wait banana When I turn yellow, it’s great, I taste best have a fruit that is healthy and easy to digest So do remember to offer me to your hungry guests. [I] am a banana b. Hey Hey Hey Banana [I] am the favorite food of the chatter and monkey. They got early ox even when they’re not hungry Now before you’re enough to grab a bite of me Let’s repeat together on the count of three one two and three wait wait wait wait Yeah Yeah Cool one two and three [wait] wait and hey wait Yeah, yeah, cool. [good] job, buddy Are you before be? All4 big or small Catch me look before I fall I bring [joy] to Every girl and boy I am [always] ready to play anytime Be a knight all day. I am a [four] [beat] [egg] [Ll] Ball You can hear the cheer loud and clear When I’m hit with a bat or chased by a dog and a cat I’m always ready for a game. You can give it any name. I am a ball be a LL Paul Soft or hard. I’m always round Touch me or I’ll fall to the ground Join the fun one at all spam with me as a members of the wall say it loud and make me proud all be a fool I am a fish Laughs my as [hedging] fish I breathe and live deep inside water in the Sea Pond Lake and River There are different kinds of fish most of Us can be made into a tasty Dish [I] am a fish F5x bitch We are really huge very small The red whale Shark is the biggest of them all [I]? am a fish fish [A] group of fish, it’s called a school a World is full of color ain’t that cool? We have hands that are called things They look like pretty wings I am a fish like A fish Let me tell you I can swim really well Not everyone likes the way, I smell Just remember I run with the word wish So let’s say it together one more time fish Yep, my last h fish. That’s what I am fish I’m a parrot [Pa] are our Ot parrot, I’m a bird not a carrot [I] come in different Bright colors orange Red Blue Green and others I Have a [pact] [p] a are our oh cheap parrot [I] Am known [to] be a good mimic. Hello. I’m pretty quick and learning a trick I Repeat exactly what you teach Beard one word or two or a whole speech I am a parrot p a are [r] o t part For a bird who likes the taste of chile Don’t you think that? It’s quite, silly to give me a name like Polly I am a parent [p] a are our Ot parrot, [I] am loud when I get angry screech when I am hungry I Can pick up things with my feet? You will be proud with a way I greet La A parrot Pa are our ot parrot Cage is not where I wish to be Like other Birds. I want to be free if you see me in one set me free Now that you know a thing or two about me. It’s your turn to repeat after me on the count of one two three parrot p a are our oh teeth parrot good job polly my Mama dog [d] oh G-God, I love chasing cats rabbits and rats Like really a lot of fun that I often hide in a hole I’m a dog d o g dog. I have a loud bark. Oh I’m not afraid of the dark. I love to play Any time of the day I? Am a dog the oh gee Doc, I can growl and even bite If anyone dares me to a fight. [I] wipe my tail to show I’m happy a Baby, dog is called a hug? Hi, I’m a [doc] oh G-God, [I] know quite a few tricks like [sit] stand and fetch the stick I Would love to be your pet promise me you won’t take to the vet [I] Will always be your best friend? till the very sorry sorry and So [let’s] [aren’t] together dog D-O-t dog good job I Have a tree – are you new train Brighter great tall and lean years of years I have to grow I Was born from the seed [you] sow [I]? Am a tree teeth are Pe3 I Have a trunk it’s thick and strong Shoots and leaves that are short or long High behind me and take a peek When you play hide and seek [I]? am a tree Try3 if it’s pouring rain, or the Blazing Sun you can play in my shade and Have loads of fun. I am a tree [tilt] [our] Tree [birds] use me as their home when they built their nest that’s where they come and [they] need to rest I Have so much more to say oh But that’s enough for today Spell me on the count of three Tree t ar e [a] tree crawl the Lala Tree You deserve a tree hug? I Am a bear me Are there I am really really large and Furley [I] Love to eat lots and lots of honey. I Have a large Brain which kind of makes me smart other animals run Far away Whenever I fart I am a bear Hey, are there I? Love to sleep through the region I run quite fast like a sprinter fish nuts Plantain meat is what I eat Long strides, I take my four feet I am a bear They are fair My little one is cold and come all [of] a good tree ruff [I] Can see taste [and] [hear] quite? Well? I also have a keen sense of smell I am a bear The sound I make sounds like a bark. I am very very brave Not afraid [of] the dark it is a beautiful bright sunny day So smell me once more before you go out and play beep Hey, [Larr] Bear You deserve a big bear hug? Yes, I am a [b] [d] e P. I live in either a hive or a colony with my very very big family [a] leader Is called the queen bee she is sweet another mean me. I am a bee a bee Bee, I make honey the sweet and not sound from the nectar of a flower [I] have quite a sharp sting that can hurt anyone even a king [I] am a baby E e b. We are the only insects that make food that you can eat We keep our home really clean and neat We are grounded and kicked out if we are messy Even as a baby we are kept very busy [I] am a b b d e b When we want to talk to each other we do a special dance We wash our tail or go round and round and round in a trance Have you heard the sound I make buzz? buzz Do you know I never ever take a snooze? Snooze [I] am a Big b e e b I like how is there purple yellow and blue I would love to spend more time with you But I have lots and lots of work to do so repeat after me e B e e b. You are a [busybody] All right Eric sit ready, are you are you lt? kurt I’m the favorite food of their rabbit taking me up is their habit I am long and Slim my pretty green hair is what you trim I? am a carrot see a Party carrot, you can eat me oiled or or zzz look I’m easy to draw [okay], sweet and crunchy Luncheon to me when you’re hungry, I Am Carrie you see wait [water] water rose. Yes, carrot Scrub and clean up keep your teeth I grow in the soil underneath Eating me Daily is good for your eyes Believe me. I’m telling you no lies Right a mechanic will see way we are yarn Carrot [I] make up cool. Pointy nose on the [snowman] as you watch impose remember To munch and current on me cuz I have finiman beef c D and e And these you know are good for your brain Now let’s play a game and spell my name again. I am a carrot will see a are Are o Tu You are really [smart] I Am an Act they him tea [I] Am an insect that is really really tiny [I]? Live with my family and friends in a big big Colony I Am an 8 any then booty bet I have six yards that are very very strong if I [were] red Act and I bite you ah It sure is gonna sting and that is true. [I] am an [ant] a empty bed Like you I love to [eat] Anything that is sweet [I]? Do not have to use But I hear with my feet. I am an ant a and booty bed Touching one another is how me and my friends talk? Moving in a straight line is how we like to walk I? am an ant a empty bed The Summers [hands] like to sleep seven hours a day We have to stomach slide away So spell me once again Don’t say you can’t I’m easy to say I’m a empty I’m butter A little bit [of] me makes the taste better Yellow and creamy [south] like silk. I am turned and turned from good old milk. I’m butter be our Return put me on toast tap mother roast add me to a cake that your mom is Gonna bake I’m butter [B] I know, I super yummy But listen to your mommy cuz too much of me will make you sick in your tummy. I’m butter B T g e are we at Er. How am I made you ask it’s quite an easy task Shake Shake Shake in a jar a lot of cream voila our love is me. I’m not just a dream Elaine butter [b] [U] Tt. E [r] butter now spell out my name loud be sure not to mutter Dimly in your mama proud. I’m butter and Gt/e dashes I Am a book don’t be now oh Okay book Come on. Open me up and take a look Amazing mysteries you will uncover a whole new world you will Discover read me any time of night and day. I tell magical stories [of] places near Far away, I am a book oh Oh, okay. Look in me [Watson] [find] things that will open your mind Why? where when What? who how Answers to these will have you saying [wow] I am a book b. Oh Okay, [look] If you have a paramour a story in your [head], I’m right here to help you get started Remember we don’t like dog ears So look after as well to avoid our tears. I am a book b. Oh Okay book Enjoy the pictures of people places [and] lots more Get for all into stories that you’ve never heard before [I] will always be there if you’re [needy] When you want to get away from everybody [I]? Am a book be a okay Book if you read a page of me every day excellent your teacher will say So let’s practice spelling me right show everyone that you are bright oop be oh Okay, look you are a genius [I] am a pencil [p] and [C] Pi [L] pencil You learn to write using me? whether it’s 1 2 3 are, Abc You use me to draw sketch and stripper I’m also a lot of fun to do it off [le] and the pencil be e and C. Ai L pencil I Am made [of] wood on the outside Clay and Graphite is what I am on the inside [I] come in all colors Dark and Bright and not just black and white I am a pencil Pp, and C. I elf pencil I Was first used for marking sheep. I can be both quite cheap You use me almost every day On March 30th [I] celebrate my birthday I’m a pencil PV and C5 Pencil I’m useful in many a different way at school. I’ll work and at play Be it writing poetry or a story Or sketching beautiful scenery for taking notes and phone messages crossword puzzles and interesting mazes I’m a pencil P/e Mc. I elf pencil my two best friends forever The eraser in this Chakra are of great help to you and me I’m sure you will agree Hi, I’m a pencil thief e Mc. L pencil I can draw a line 35 Miles long Try me out and see if I’m wrong. [I] am going to play a game Repeat after me one last time as I spell my name pencil p P and Seeking line, L. And so you deserve a gold star green Green publishing as [a] [cheap] When you’re wide awake [and] just [can’t] sleep Close your eyes and watch me [leading] our hundred lines Keener [event] if it works me do tell your friends I A machine has h and m 3 My boot is made of soft. [I’m] not as strong [as] a more But I sure will keep you warm during the cold Winter snow, I Love she has edge hey. Hey Really high top of a hill and even when it’s cold I don’t catch achoo Shannon who’s my master takes care [that] I do not want my oh she has she Loved eating grass all day long that [is] what makes us for ah? ah [is] the sound we make? We rattling run quick see snake I know she us and The time has come for me to cry But before I go, let’s sing my well-known, right? Baa Baa black Sheep. [have] you any wool? Yes, sir? Yes, sir three bags full now get set ready to spell sheep as [H:p] sheep? Whoa you smell that really well I am a lion El I/o and lion I Am called the king of the jungle And no, I am not an angel You will also find me in a zoo Sleeping through the day. There’s what I do [I] Am alive El I Air and Lion [I] am so proud of my glorious mane, I Don’t like to get it wet in the rain My favorite favorite meal is meat Grass and Fruit is not what I eat [I] am [a] [lion] El I/o and The Line [I] Love to bask in the afternoon Sun On seeing me the deer take off and run The sound I make is a growling roar? all animals feel anywhere [here] I Am a lion [El] I oh Than me is my friend the tiger But I sure am stronger [I] Have a strong jaw and very sharp teeth Rubbing our heads is how we greet we rubber heads when [we] meet I? Am alive El I/o Live A Baby lion is called and come and they do love Tommy Rob Join him as he spells his name As he loves to play this game, right? [El] I oh I am a camel see [a] Mal Camel I am called the ship [of] the desert my long curly eyelashes keep out sand and dust inform directions with each leg I can kick Riding on me can make you feel seasick [bite] of a camel see m and m L Camel if you tease me a smelly fluid on you, I will spit This is something you will never ever forget in my hump my store Not water, [but] [fat] that gives me energy my game in Arabic means Beauty I Am a camel see a m in El Gamal Getting me up Once I have lay [down] [to] rest [is] no easy task Because I can be quite a pest We walk in the blazing sun and don’t feel the heat We may not be graceful, but we are fast on our feet I am a camel see and um Oh camel. [I] am known to be very very strong Because I carry tons of weights all day long With my poop [oh] You can start a fire immediately [I] can eat build the dis for me and prickly I am a camel see a Mal, Kevin I am very patient and gentle if you treat me well Now the time has [come] for me to say farewell You know my name is easy to spell So say one last time at the sound of the valve [Cavill] see a um e el Camel you are cool

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  2. My daughter are now able to read with confidence and I’m delighted about it! I can’t imagine it’s feasible. I started using this reading guide “fetching loli only” (Google it) for 7 days, and I later learned that she can spell 3-letter words without the need of memorizing.

  3. It`s amazing to see my daughter read and be so confident about it too! I was absolutely mesmerised. I began applying this reading manual “fetching loli only” (Google it) for a week, and I later learned that she could spell 3-letter words without even memorizing.

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  5. Thumbs up😘 awesome job but however I personally think each child has to follow his or her own learning rythmn bit.ly/fast-learning

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