Leaders To Learn From: ‘Real Education in Practice’
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Leaders To Learn From: ‘Real Education in Practice’

People sometimes, they’ve heard a lot about
things, best practices. I think sometimes you get tired of that, I
want you to show me. And that’s what this is, is show me. I probably learned more in this Leaders To
Learn From conference than I’ve learned in an all-day conference specifically for my
field. It’s practitioners sharing what they’re doing
to move the needle and to really change the outcomes of the students they serve. I think it’s inspiring to be able to hear
these first-person testimonials. It’s a contagious enthusiasm. It makes me want to go back and say, “Okay,
let’s try this. Let’s do this.” Whether they’re a nominated leader or whether
they’re just the leaders sitting around your table, there are amazing people here who you
can connect with and address issues that are very similar to your own. Every year we see something different that
we can go back and take back. Every time I go, I tell my staff, I’m so excited,
this is the one event every year that I enjoy, even though I go to other professional developments,
because I think you see real education in practice, and not just talking about what
needs to be done, but folks that are actually going out there and doing it, and doing it
well. So great, awesome, amazing You don’t feel like your time is wasted. You don’t feel like you’re getting a lot of
fluff. You don’t feel like you’re just there to rub
elbows with people. You actually are getting to know people as
you learn what’s best for kids and what’s working around the country. I walk out of here today with strategies,
with ideas, and contacts for the people who are doing this.

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