Leaders to Learn From: Elevating the Arts to Improve Student Achievement
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Leaders to Learn From: Elevating the Arts to Improve Student Achievement

(calm music) – Richmond City has a lot of potential for great things, and we’re smack dab in the middle of a phenomenal community. Yet, there’s some great boys and girls in Richmond Public Schools that have not been tapped, and it’s simply because they are growing up in a city, they don’t always get noticed. (calm music) I see me in a lot of these boys and girls that are walking down the hall. Where, they weren’t successful in Math, or English, or History but they haven’t been shown that violin. They haven’t been shown that trumpet or some dance shoes. – One, two, three, four, one, two, ready, begin. – Every student that comes into Richmond Public Schools, my hope and dream is that they’ve experienced playing an instrument. But not only that, that they have experienced
all parts of the arts. With the arts integration piece, it’s touching every part of that student, and so we’re not just one area, which is the art side of that student, but we’re touching in Math, in English, History, and Science. I believe it’s necessary,
especially in today’s time with boys and girls
that are very interested in so many things. It’s not my job or my goal to have the next Beethoven, but I want to develop the next audience to listen to Beethoven. – The work that we’re
doing here at Binford, with arts integration is very important because you’re accessing
different learners. You got kids in the classroom, some are visual, auditory, some are kinesthetic. Not all kids are meant to just sit and take notes. Five, six, seven. A student that may not have
signed up for my class, they might be getting
dance in their math class, because the math teacher and I have collaborated on a math lesson teaching through movement. It gives the students an outlet, it gives the students a chance to speak their voice, to find their voice, and then to communicate. Nice, good job. – Integrating the arts into math is a little risky, it’s a little tough, but if students can understand it better, and grow and be more successful, as a result of dancing, and learning about geometry and dance, or fractions and music, then I believe we’ve
accomplished our goal. – And this mural behind me is just proof that the talent is in abundance in RPS, and especially here at MLK, where we are Titan Proud strong. – It’s important to Richmond
Public School students, because we want them to be equal to all students and people in the world. They may not live in Richmond, so when we send them from
Richmond Public Schools out into the world, they should be equal, they should be successful, and they should be comparable to anybody else. One, two, three, four, C scale, ready and- This is where I learned everything I needed to learn to be where I am. If I could do it here and be successful, then I feel like it’s
just a matter of time for our kids. Because of what I’ve
received from Richmond, I want to make sure that every kid who comes into Richmond Public Schools, has the same experience that I have. Nice. Very nice. Quite honestly all of my report cards, I look back at them in elementary, middle school and all my teachers signed and said she’s got great potential. No one said I was amazing, I was fantastic, she’s got potential. My music teacher said she’s amazing. Here I am. So, that’s it.

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