Leaders To Learn From 2019: A Sneak Peek
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Leaders To Learn From 2019: A Sneak Peek

(calming piano music) – My primary goal for doing this work is to ensure that 12,000
scholars have real options. – I really believe that
changing kids’ opportunity to become autonomous,
engaged, caring thinkers could change everything. Come on now. Just give him a different name. Call him Mark. Do you know what I mean? – It’s gotta come from the heart. It’s gotta be something where you really feel that this is your calling. – When you believe kids can, they will. Asidely, the same is true. If you believe kids can’t, they won’t. (children talking) No longer are we gonna sit
still and be idle and be silent to these things that we know are wrong. – We’re gonna have to grow young people who look at what needs doing
and find ways to do it, young people who learn to
grapple with rigorous problems, work together to solve them, learn through their misunderstandings, expect some failures and
iterate to do better. Those are the kind of people
that are gonna be capable of coming together to really
tackle big challenges. – Hi. – Hello, good morning. If what we’re doing is
just gonna impact kids between kindergarten and high school, that’s certainly not enough. We wanna impact not only their lives but the generations of lives that are gonna come behind them. – That’s our vision. It speaks to something very aspirational. We will achieve inclusive excellence. Not we might or we’d like to. That’s where we wanna be. We wanna be a place where every child experiences excellence. (loud slap)
(children talking) (children laughing)

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