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4 thoughts on “Law could force tracking of classroom clears

  1. This is a Public Health issue, why is this not being addressed by public health? The environment in the classroom is supposed to be Healthy. When someone brings disruptive behavior into the environment they must be removed. Two or three days days in an institution that specializes with the disruptive and drooling, would provide the mtv play-play with a preview of their future with a taste of reality for them to ponder. Go Ducks!

  2. You need God's help! Put prayer back into schools for a start. Implement Godly morals, discipline , give those children and their parenta standerds and guidelines… Start with GOD! and you will see a huge difference. Remove the Devil, his teachings and images out of the schools, and out of society. You allowed him in when you took God out, now you are all dealing with the aftermath of that decision.

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