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100 thoughts on “last week of college vlog! finals and moving out.

  1. I love how you look like you have this crazy life when in reality you are as genuine as any normal person, try to get the best grades and goes through crisis like dropping out temporarily, and also it impresses me how people treat LA people like they all fake, but i watch you and watch Paige Mills and even though you *have* money you still humble and show the good and the bad. Never changeee, and also, i know it's temporary, but really go back to college, in the future you'll regret it (i know you'll make the right decision tho) — greetings from my third world sad country, Argentina, lol.

  2. altyazılı olmasına ba-yıl-dım!!! çok uzun zamandır bunu bekliyordum teşekkürler Eylüüüüllll :))))

  3. Türkçe altı yazı gelmesine o kadar çok sevindim ki ya şa sınnnn!!!! Umarım diğer attıklarına da gelir seni seviyorum 💕

  4. I love how she has a English and a Turkish channel lmao ilysm❤️seni seviyorum. Okay my Turkish sucks😂

  5. Yaa türkçe altyazı eklemen çooook iyi olmuş 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ ama türk kanalını daha başka seviyorum çünkü altyazıyı okuyacağım diye bu güzelliği kaçırıyorum 😱❤️

  6. Bence eşyaları toplama,oda toplama vs gibi videolar gelebilir hem bu kanalında hem de türkçe kanalına 🙂

  7. Altyazı koyduğun için teşekkürlerrrr artk burdanda seni Izleyebilecegimm icin cok mutluyuuumm💜❤😍💕

  8. I’m 9 and I don’t know ho to ride a 2 weekend bike….

    Hailey:*rides bike with no hands*

    Me:*goes and TRIES to be like Hailey*

  9. I don’t get it (new to the channel) is she never coming back to college? Did she finish? How old is she?

  10. What brand is your suitcase, I’ve seen it in a lot of your travel vlogs and it seems really spacious and cute at the same time. If you have the chance please let me know!

  11. essay kelimesini çevirmediğin dikkatimi çekti biz kompozisyon diyoruz o kelimeyi kullanmıyoruz eylüüll :))

  12. What kind of suitcase do you use??? I need one, that legit held everything NO PROBLEM! HELP A GIRL OUT 😂😂😂

  13. hailey im in uni rn and it's freaking stressful and my mental health is a whole mess. I cannot imagine how stressful it must be to have a whole job (YouTube and all the other commitments) and still attend classes and everything. All I do is go to uni and I find it very hard, can't imagine how it must be for you. Take the time you need off. Plus uni isn't for everyone and it's always going to be an option anyways.

    love your videos <3

  14. Education is the key to everything hailey I know it’s to late but u can still go back to college u will regret that decision terribly later trust me .My parents and every other adult I know who stopped university is regretting it so hard .Please go back and finish school after that u can do You Tube and live your live but when u need a job You can get one

  15. this is why I really admire you tubers such as Brooklyn and Bailey for example cause they have like 6.5 million subs and they are full time college students and even have their family and relationships and they also go on tours and stuff and they are still in school and completing their majors because they know that education is something that shouldn't be put on the same level as social media and should always matter more than social media. don't get me wrong, I've always been a fan and supporter of Hailey but it makes me sad that she put yt first, and yes ik that she is still taking classes, but I feel like education should be her priority so like instead of just focusing full time on yt and "taking classes at a cc" she should do full time college and "make some vids" here and there because she plenty of time of time to make videos at her own pace and go from there disclaimer: this is not hate, this is just me expressing my opinion. I still support Hailey im just trying to express what I think and start a meaningful discussion

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