Last Day Of School Middle School Vs. High School
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Last Day Of School Middle School Vs. High School

[MUSIC PLAYING] Oh my gosh. I love your outfit. I like your outfit too. Oh, thanks. [MUSIC PLAYING] Students, please take
out your backpacks. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK class, take out
your backpacks. [MUSIC PLAYING] I didn’t bring my backpack. Yeah, I didn’t
bring mine either. I also didn’t bring mine. We were supposed
to bring backpacks? I don’t know– About the backpacks– [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] It took me an entire hour
to clean up my locker. I really went all out with
decorations this year. It took you an hour? It took me two hours, man. So, did you clean
out your locker? Wait, we have lockers? We’re returning our
books for the year. Thank you. Thanks. [MUSIC PLAYING] Dude, that last paper killed me. Yeah, I know. [STUDENTS CONVERSING] Settle down before I
contact your parents. [STUDENTS CONVERSING] Hey, quiet down or I’m going
to have to call your parents. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, I know it’s the
last day of class in your favorite
subject, math, but we want to make sure
that this day counts. [LAUGHTER] You get it? You get it– counts. OK, how about this one. Which animal loves triangles? A hypotemoose. [LAUGHTER] Sorry kids, I didn’t mean
to go off on a tangent. [LAUGHTER] In my head, I’m already
on the beach for shore. [LAUGHTER] I got to be on my
science fair project. Is there any way I
could get extra credit? Sure, I can find
something for you. I’m not changing
your grade, dear. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, will you sign my yearbook? Yeah, if you sign mine. Dear Rachel, you have
helped me so much this year. It’s my first year in a
new school and you’ve made me feel so comfortable– Hi, could you sign me yearbook? [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC STOPS] Why? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Yes. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Once you finish your
exam, you may leave. [CLOCK TICKING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Bye, enjoy your summer. Bye. Bye. Enjoy your summer. Thank you for being
such a great teacher. And thank you for being
such a great student. Bye. Bye bye, enjoy your summer. See you in three months. I hate to do this on our
two week anniversary, but summer’s coming and
we’re just not going to see each other enough. I think we need to break up. Could I at least hold
your hand one last time? No. So, I’ll see later? Sounds good. I love you. I love you. Bye, I’ll miss you so much. I’ll write you letters
every day any time I can. I will too. Bye. Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s so weird that the
school year is over. Yeah. So, wanna hang out tonight? Sure. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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100 thoughts on “Last Day Of School Middle School Vs. High School

  1. The middle school one is completely wrong on the last day at my school there were like 13 fights and they were setting off fireworks in the halls‼️😂

  2. I usually finish exams damn quick but u don't submit it until other people finish cuz it's akward when ppl stare at u. Like if u do to!

  3. Some of them look like they're already done with college while some look like they aren't even in pre school

  4. Honestly getting out of middle school was the best thing that ever happened in life tbh it was hell high school was the shit with the homies.

  5. Ok at least at my school idk about others but middle school is more like elementary school but can’t speak for high school yet
    Edit:we don’t have exams or tests on last day of school

  6. the last day of school was practice grad for our seniors but for freshman-juniors we had to take finals😭

  7. Bruh, my middle school was nothing like that. We weren't even allowed to choose our clothes, we had to wear a uniform. And it wasn't a private school

  8. I am lucky to get nerds in my middle school class so we can talk about things like 0/0, infinity, higher math and probably maybe some intermediate physics and basic quantum mechanics

  9. Lmaoo the relationship part got me dead🤣 like the middle school one is like a elementary relationship and the high school relationship is a middle school relationship 😂I’m in high school and the last day of school I didn’t kiss my boyfriend and said I’ll see you later we both left together went to my house and went to go eat🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

  10. 4:33
    “Bye I’ll miss you so much I’ll write you letters everyday*
    If that was school in the 1960s sure but now? Lol nooooo
    Middle school now is more like high school

  11. Why were the middle schoolers so small? And why did I relate more to the high school students, when I’m in MIDDLE SCHOOL?

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