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Last Day of School | Expectation vs Reality

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey. And today we are
going to be doing a video that’s expectations
versus reality for the– Last day of school. And we’ve been working
super hard on this video for like a month. So we’re excited. Yes, and we’re piecing
it all together. And since we are finally out of
school, we got out last week, we thought that we could finally
put it up for those of you haven’t gotten out of school,
or have gotten out of school. Yep. But before we
continue on this that, we have a big
announcement to make. We are going to be
attending CVX Live, which is like Play List, but– Not Play List. It’s going to be
in Salt Lake City on the first week of August. There is going to
be several people there like Nikki Phillippi– Aspen Ovard– [? Close ?] [? Ells ?]– Zeroed Edge– Studio C– A bunch of people like that. And if you want to see
us, all the description is in the description box below. All of the information– The details is in the
description box below. And there are limited tickets. So to be sure to purchase
them if you want to come see all of us awesome people. Yes, come. [LAUGHING] Anyways, let’s continue
on with the video. I don’t know about you guys,
but for the last day of school, for the morning area,
like the morning time– The expectation is so– High. Yes. It’s like you’re
expected to wake up early and you look beautiful. And you make-up and
hair is perfect. And your room’s clean. and your totally set. This awesome breakfast. And you’re just ready to go. The reality is just a
little bit different. [ALARM BUZZES] Good morning. Good morning. I’m not tired at all. Me either. It’s going to be a good day Mom will be so glad we
got up early because that means we can clean our room. I know Perfect. Much better. Yeah. Let’s go get ready. We have so much time we can
actually look like super cute today. Perfect. Cute. Since we have some extra time we
can go eat some [? breakfast ?] [? smoothies ?] or something. Mmm, yeah, I’m ready. [ALARM BUZZES] [ALARM BUZZES] [ALARM BUZZES] Bailey, how many times did
you hit the snooze button? We’re already late. Come on. It’s the last day of school too. Looks like I’m going to
school in my pajamas again. We don’t even have
time our room. Mom is going to be so mad. Yep. OK. Let’s go. I don’t even know. Let’s put them on outside. Ah, teachers. You either love ’em
or you hate ’em. I like all my teachers. I like all my teachers. I don’t hate any of them. But you never know what
you’re going to get– On the last day of school. It’s the last day of school. So I thought we’d have a party. [PARTY HORN HONKING] Yes! Score! [PARTY HORNS HONK] [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s the last day of school
so surprise, final exam. It’s not summer yet. And don’t forget your
summer reading assignment. What? I don’t know about you,
but I personally do not like year book signing at all. Well, first of
all, I kind of feel like it’s a popularity contest. That’s true. Like some people– It’s just awkward. It’s like, do you want to sign
this piece of paper for me? Well, and then
you’re signing it, but you’re actually saying
things you’d never really say in real life. I don’t know about you,
but like, 90% of the time, I’m not going to
go up to someone and be like, you know what? You inspire me so much. I just appreciate your
effort in classes. Honestly, my reaction
would be like this. I know, but then you read it in
the yearbook, and you’re like, aw this person’s so nice. But, yeah, you read it in
the yearbook and you’re like, I just remember her. She was just so cute and sweet. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Last day of school yearbook
signing is just awkward. Will you guys sign my yearbook? [INTERPOSING VOICES] Gosh, no one’s signed
my yearbook yet. Me neither. Hey, will you sign my yearbook? Yeah, Holly, will
you sign my yearbook? No? Hey, Spencer, will
you sign my yearbook? Do I know you? I mean, yeah. I’ve sat behind you
since fourth grade. I haven’t noticed you. Honestly, I’ve never
seen you in my life. Sorry. Bye. Will you sign my yearbook? First signature down. Yeah. We are so popular. I mean, Last day
of school parties. Celebrations– It’s a process because
you see on Pinterest, you see on Instagram,
you see all these bam! You’re expecting this
bam party like, awesome. I mean this year it
was literally pouring. Raining. The entire time. Raining. We had a pool party. It’s didn’t happen. Didn’t rain. We still had fun. Mud. We were cover in mud. It turned into a mud fight. So you know– you never know. You don’t know. You can’t predict how
the end of school party is going to turn out. School’s out. Best summer ever! [INTERPOSING VOICES] All right, it’s summer time. What should we do? Whatever you want to do. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know. What do you want to do? I mean we can watch
History Channel again. We watched the History
Channel yesterday. I know. We can hang out with Taylor. She’s in Europe with her family. We could eat food. Do you want to play checkers? I fail at checkers. I’m bad at that. I don’t know what to do. Summer’s so boring. I know, personally, I can think
of about a bajillion things during the school year that
I want to do in summer. So true. I write a list. Stuff like, we’re going
to go to this place. We’re going to have
a long rad trip. All this fun stuff. And then in– Summer– Summer time things never
turn out like that. Once school gets out I’m like,
what do I do with my life? I had a plan. Yes. Don’t remember it now. Yeah, I know. Basically. Thank you, guys, so, so much
for watching this video. Also, be sure to leave a commit
below on whether your life is more expectation or reality. I praise you if your
life is more expectation. You have a great life. Yes, you do have a great life. Also, don’t forget to
get the CVX tickets. All the information is in
the description box below. Down there. And we’ll see you all next week. So– Bye. On top too. So I’ll show you
kind of what I do. I go like this and
brush downwards and that just helps
lengthen out your eyelashes, Wait, wait, wait. Stop, stop. Could you sign my chest, please? Please, please, please?

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