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Last 1st Day of School, EVER! | GRWM (Get Ready With Me)

– Ooh, it’s seven o’clock in the morning. (upbeat music) So today is the first day
of school, for me, I guess, I don’t really know what
to say, what grade I am. Whatever you want to say
I am, that’s what I am. Junior, senior, last year of high school. You get the idea. So, last night I flew home from L.A. I’ve been working on a project
there for like the last week. And so I flew in at like
two o’clock in the morning, and so I didn’t really
have time to do anything. I pretty much just laid
on my bed and crashed. So I’ve been up this morning. I tried sleeping a little bit, but then I realized I don’t
have any time to get ready, so that was mistake. This is like half-curled from whatever production we did. So we’re just gonna see how this goes, and I definitely still have mascara on. We’re just gonna try to fix this. And then I have some
senior, like, I don’t know, senior traditions this morning. It’s gonna be a weird first day of school because I have a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day, so I am not even going the whole day. We’ll see how this last
first day of school goes. (upbeat music) Getting ready for school. It’s cold. (water running) Like, this is a morning routine. So, my last day, first day in high school. I almost said it’s my
last day at high school. I cannot wait for when I can say that. But yeah, for those of
you wondering, again, about my age thing, and being
last year of high school, I made a video about this,
about graduating early. You can check it out,
I’m sure there’ll be like a pop-up thing right here,
so you can go watch that. Honestly though, okay, so my
schedule’s kind of a mess, and it wasn’t… something
wasn’t right in it. (laughing) I don’t even have
the right schedule for today. I’m just going to school
and like figuring it out. It’s mostly there, I think. And I’m actually leaving
again on Thursday, so I’m only going to like
three days of school, which is fun, but it’s okay. I already emailed my
teachers, don’t worry. They already know. They’re already getting me my work. We got it. (sighs) This is just a look right now. Brush my teeth. This is honestly a morning
routine, not gonna lie. So the twins are at college now. So it’s like so quiet and nobody’s here. It’s really weird, and
the kids already left. So, it’s just me and it’s really weird. (upbeat positive music) Ahh, I just am not ready for homework. Like, that’s the thing. Actually though, like my classes
this year are pretty easy. I have a couple online college classes and so I don’t really have to be at school until like 11, which is nice. Other than that, I think
I have an off period, at the end of the day, and then I have like four other classes, and the ones that I did this
summer, from start to finish, took me like a month or so,
but that’s because I was in Kenya for most of that,
and I didn’t have access to technology, but actual time-wise, ’cause it times how long
you’re on the program, it only took me like 11 hours. I’m hoping I can finish
those classes soon. They don’t open until next
week, so I can’t start them, but that way I don’t have
anything to do until like 11, or that way I can take more and get more college credit done, so. Also, I don’t really wear makeup ever, but I feel obligated to. It’s the first day of school. Have to at least try to make an effort. Even though I have a good excuse, right? I got off a plane like four hours ago. Yeah, there’s definitely still mascara on from that shoot yesterday. It’s good. It’s what we like. Here’s my two-minute makeup routine. Wow. (laughing) My phone is like slipping. I just realized it’s shifted
like so much that way. But I’m actually gonna
have to pay attention, so I’m just gonna play some music. (upbeat music) (zip) I use this bag as my airplane
bag, so all the stuff in here is like travel stuff. It’s not even back-to-school stuff. I shoved some notebooks
in there, should be good. You don’t actually do school on the first day of school, right? Bye! (laughs) There’s not even a granola
bar in here, oh yeah. Lunch of champions. Not sponsored. So it’s a tradition in our family to do first day of school pictures, but they’re just, we’re
not, yeah, that’s it. It’s just us taking pictures here.
– While everybody else is already gone. Everyone’s already gone, so. The twins are already at college, so it’s just me chillin’
in front of the house. (upbeat music) What is on my car? I’m gone for one week and this happens? – [Man] I don’t know. – Some bird pooped on it. (door slam) Made it to school. Not really sure if I’m in
the right parking spot. I’m supposed to be
having a senior breakfast four minutes ago but I don’t
really know where it is so. It’s a little weird that
I’m a senior this year. Yeah, we’re here, we’re
back in school, peeps. Summer’s over. Yay. So, to kind of explain what some of the senior traditions are, there’s really only two on
the first day of school. They have a senior breakfast, which is obviously just a
breakfast for the seniors. I mean, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Then we do a senior walk and the senior walk is kind of symbolic. Well, I guess they walk
you into the school on the first day of school. And then, the last day of school, they walk you through the halls and then walk you out of the school. Yeah, so that’s that’s kinda
what the senior walk is. You’re supposed to like hold
hands with all your friends or whatever ’cause it’s like the last time you’re
going into high school. So that’s kind of what
I’m doing today, and yeah, so let’s go do that. (crowd talking) Senior walk. ♪ Laugh and wanna cry. ♪ ♪ I don’t wanna waste my time. ♪ ♪ So baby, we should start– ♪ – Oh!
You’re a senior! Leah’s already cried twice. – I’ve already cried twice. It is not okay. My best friend’s leaving me. She looks super cute in her Amazon outfit. – (laughs) Literally my Amazon outfit. – [Leah] So cute. ♪ We are close. ♪ ♪ Can you feel it? ♪ – If this is not the senior
life, I don’t know what is. – Okay. – Laying on the decks. The decks. I literally don’t know my schedule at all. I just left this classroom
and went to a different class and I walk in and I go, “This is not the right
time to be in here, right?” And he’s like no. (laughs) But Leah and I actually have
lunch together this year. Senior year, we love this. So it’s like two o’clock. Technically I have an
off period right now, so I don’t really have to be at school. I do have another class
after this, two more classes, but I have a doctor’s appointment
today for my wisdom teeth. Yes, I know you’re
excited about that video. Yeah, so first day of school, I’m skipping out on the
rest of it. (laughs) So yeah, gonna go do that. This is a great first day of school. Only went to literally
two classes. (laughs) I’m also starving. I forgot, like did you
see my lunch earlier? It was a granola bar. That was it, and I didn’t
really eat at senior breakfast, so might go get some food. I’m now at the, what even is this? It’s like a– – [Man] It’s a surgical center. – Surgical center. Oral surgical center.
– Basically wisdom teeth. But I’m not getting them
taken out today, don’t worry. Just a consult. – Yeah, just a consult. – And you can see my teeth up there. Isn’t that weird? So wisdom teeth are normally up, well mine are like that. (laughs) But like how? That doesn’t make any sense. Do they not have any roots? Are the roots just rotated? That doesn’t make any sense to me, but. I’m doing that consult right now, and then I think I’m gonna
go to the store actually. – Cookies! I had mine. – [Kamri] (laughs) You had yours? I’m eating mine now. – They’re yummy! They taste like back-to-school
yummy, delicious cookies. – (laughing) They’re store-bought. So, right now I’m doing the
classic back-to-school thing and driving Paisley’s
carpools, which I don’t mind ’cause actually, I like driving carpools. I don’t know, I just like being in my car, especially ’cause I’ve been
out of town for so long. So I’m sitting here waiting for Paisley. She has about like 30 minutes. I just went to the
store, went to Wal-Mart. So I’m definitely getting back in the back-to-school grind, I guess. I really hate that I just said that, but I’m getting back into back-to-school. So I went and got some note cards, some stuff for Dax and Pais. And that’s pretty much
all I’ve been doing. I totally missed bible study this morning because I thought I had one more week because normally it’s
like, we have a week off the first week of school and it doesn’t till the second week. Anyway, definitely did not get the memo that it started today so I
missed that this morning. I’m going tomorrow, so (laughs) got that. But yeah, now I’m just
waiting for Paisley, and then I’ll probably go home and start working on some
of the homework stuff that I have to do. Yay. So it is the end of the
first day of school. I’m working on homework. Well, hopefully you guys
enjoyed watching this video. My first day of school, first, yeah. Well, first last day of school experience. It’s really complicated, okay? I’m a senior, I’m not a senior, whatever you wanna call
me, I’ll go with it. But it is my last day of
high school either way. I promise you guys will see a lot more of my school life this year
because it is my last year, and there’s a lot of
traditions that come with that. And I am planning on going to college so you will see a lot of
college stuff pop in too. So that is happening this year. But I hope you guys
enjoyed seeing the start of all of that. And make sure you guys leave a comment on when your first day of school was, and I will see you guys next week. Bye. (positive music)

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