Language learning at EF – Method
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Language learning at EF – Method

Learning a language is more than
just rules on a piece of paper. Learning a language is about how you
connect with someone else as well. I certainly feel that students come here
and the one thing they comment on is the fact that it’s not a very
teacher-centred type of learning. There’s a lot of communication
between students, pairs and groups. They’re also moving around within the classroom.
They don’t have set seats and they really enjoy this. Our teaching methodology is based
on three important principles: Student-centred learning, communicative
language teaching and task-based instruction. All of that means that we try to
create experiences that are relevant for the students to reach their goals quickly. In our lessons, we use the communicative approach,
which allows students to interact and collaborate. It’s sometimes a new experience for them,
but they often see that they are really improving. They can really see the results. It’s also about guiding the students
as individuals as well. So, whilst you’re looking at a class of 17,
you’re also looking at 17 individuals in the class. I like to keep the lessons as
student-centred as possible. The reason for that is the content of
the class is much more memorable if the students can attach something
about themselves to what they are learning. One of our methods here is task-based learning, which allows students to work
towards a particular goal each week, which often reflects things that
they’re doing in their real life. It’s not enough to learn the
grammar and vocabulary and develop your reading and listening skills,
if you cannot produce the language as well. We are always interacting with everyone. We’re always listening to each other,
which is really interesting because you can get opinions from all the students. I improve my vocabulary. I speak a lot with other students
and write essays and letters. We have a lot of fun. We have a variety of students coming to EF.
Some are confident, some are shy. Some like speaking, some like writing, so it’s really important to make sure that we
attend to all of their needs in one classroom. All the teachers are really friendly and
they make you feel comfortable. After my first and second week,
even though my English wasn’t that good, I was feeling quite confident. You don’t realize that you are learning
and that is the most important thing.

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