Language learning at EF – Immersion
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Language learning at EF – Immersion

Students travel with us to have
a truly immersive experience. This means that language is around them
all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learning a language abroad is
a form of experiential learning. You’re going beyond the basics of language and really learning how to
communicate in a global community. You develop your soft skills, your critical thinking,
cultural understanding, and even your confidence. It was definitely a good decision to come abroad because I learned a lot from people
from all around the world. I also learned about myself
and what I want to do in life. It’s not only about improving your language skills.
It’s about improving your life skills. It’s a very good way to grow as a person. I think studying abroad is an
excellent point to have in your CV because it shows that you’re flexible and able to adapt
to different situations and circumstances. It also shows that you have the willingness to
develop as a person, and that you’re curious about life. In the classroom situation,
we encourage the students to work together either in pairs,
small groups or large groups. This is encouraging and builds on their leadership skills,
their empathy and their team-working skills. But for me, the most important
is the building of their confidence. One of the best things about
teaching here at EF Brighton is that we have so many students from different cultures. We have students from Asia, South America, Europe,
so it’s a delight to come into a classroom and meet people from different cultures,
and experience things that I never have before. When you go study abroad, you are
living that language quite literally. You’re surrounded by people speaking
the language, you’re hearing it all the time, and you absolutely have to use it in order to survive.
Your motivation will soar. It will be an incredibly enjoyable,
amazing experience.

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9 thoughts on “Language learning at EF – Immersion

  1. Salam/ Hallo/ Shalom/ Hello/ Oi/ Ca va? / Hola/ Csecz! Learning a language is faster if your cognitive strategies are forceful. The person who masteras the mind masters everything! Reagards from Mexico!

  2. I thought go the summer of 2019 but my fathers said is a very expensive travel 🙁
    I wish they change his opinion and leave me go to explore United States , Los Angeles California

    I hope one day I will go because is a wonderfoul experience to learn a language and do friends of others countrys and learn of his cultures
    Kisses from Spain

  3. I want learned more and more I won't stay here in the same place forever … I need move on … 😄 Hi my name's jaime I'm from Puebla Mexico … Greetings from Mexico 😄

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