Language learning at EF – Curriculum
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Language learning at EF – Curriculum

We teach general English, but inside of that,
there’s a range of different activities we do. We have interactive, online activities, we have tablets, we use the textbook,
which is produced by EF. We develop our own learning materials,
so we’ve got books, apps, digital learning materials. We really know who our students are
and what they need, which of course lends itself really well to the fact that
we follow a student-centred methodology. Over the course of a week,
students will have general English classes, special interest classes or electives,
lectures and activities. This is great because we all learn in different ways,
so it helps all the different styles of learners feel that there’s a place for
them in the classroom as well. A lot of different things happen
in the General English class. We focus on the different skills:
speaking, listening, reading and writing. We also look at vocabulary,
grammar and pronunciation. When we’re designing a curriculum, we’re very
focused on making sure it’s up to date and deals with issues that students
are hearing about every day. My favorite special-interest course is Creative Writing
because I love to write and it’s my passion. Grammar and Vocabulary and Academic Writing
to improve my writing skills. I really enjoyed the presentation classes because they prepare you to give presentations
on some topics that you choose. I’m now taking exam courses that are really
challenging and difficult, so it’s pretty nice. In one class, I have the opportunity
to tell about Colombian culture and to show everyone how we actually are. You can also get to know other cultures and find
out how people from all over the world can think. Our curriculum teaches the
building blocks of language, but it also creates an environment
where we prepare people to go outside and be far more independent and confident,
and really make the most of their time abroad with us. I can see my English improving quite quickly.

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