Landmark College Online Dual Enrollment program
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Landmark College Online Dual Enrollment program

[Elizabeth Mendelsohn] We came about Landmark College when we were trying to think about what more our students needed before they left high school and the participation in the dual enrollment courses was really one of the perfect ideas for us. [Tabitha Mancini] The dual enrollment program here at Landmark College is very different. It’s not typical. It’s personalized and it’s highly supported. [Elizabeth] It is just such a wonderful assessment tool for our educators so that we can revamp our programming so we can integrate components into our students’ program that they are going to need to succeed and we’re doing it in a real-life way. [Tabitha] They’re learning things like study strategies, how to have professional relationships with professors, and also with other students. [Cindy Mahoney] Our students typically are not great self advocates, to see them being so comfortable with the Landmark professors, and asking questions, and you know, really having conversations with the professors. [Jocelyn Gold] I learned a lot from the first course that I took. I found out a lot of good ways to really highlight my strengths and I mean, I have some weaknesses like time management, which will always kind of be hard for me but throughout that course, I mean, it was fine. It really helped me figure out like ways that I can stay focused, and ways that I can know how far in advance to plan out my assignments and that was really helpful. [Elizabeth] One of the real benefits that we have since we’ve embedded it into our program is that we can have groups of students talking about their experience and really pushing it further and making it even more “real life college.” [Jocelyn] It was really nice to give feedback and to receive feedback from my peers. [Tabitha] Because students are actively engaging in the college environment they’re able to really kind of explore what their interests are and also discover some of their strengths that maybe they didn’t know that they had. So to have a comfort level and to be reassured that you actually can tackle college; that it’s something that, you know, is for you; not just for other people, but it is for you. [Bob Bodall] It’s phenomenal to watch a student who, you know, who I saw maybe three years ago, not think this would… …and parents didn’t even think that college was an option, to get to a point where college is an option. They get this sense of confidence that they’ve got this. [Cindy] I have a lot of contact with students who have graduated and gone on to college. I asked one student: What recommendations do you have for students preparing for college? And they said, “take as many landmark courses as you can.”So they just really appreciated, you know, being exposed to that. They’re like, you don’t want to be thrown in the deep end of the pool until you know how to swim and Landmark really helps you learn how to swim. [Jocelyn] I am better as a student now. It’s really, really helpful. I can say how helpful it is all day, but it’s just overall a great choice.

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  1. Landmark College is a Magical place that helps 1000 of students make it to places they did not they could go to. It helps people that have had bad high school experiences to make it to their highest potential. Believe me I am a graduate of Landmark College. James Panza Landmark College Alumn December of 2009

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