Lakeland’s First Year Experience – Education, Human and Public Service
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Lakeland’s First Year Experience – Education, Human and Public Service

If you are intrigued by the idea of giving
back to your community while enjoying an interesting and enriching career, consider a pathway in
Education, Human and Public Services. Careers in these fields offer a blend of work
that will not only challenge and enrich your life, but also have a lasting impact on the
lives of others. Right now I’m a heating and air conditioning
contractor and I wanted to do something totally different that I can give back to the community. So I decided I was going to be a social worker. When it came time to go to college, and I
learned about Lakeland’s Criminal Justice degree, I actually talked to a lot of people
in the field and I noticed that most of them actually have a law enforcement degree from
Lakeland, so I decided that that’s what I wanted to pursue to help serve the community
and, you know, be involved with people because I’m not a desk-job kind of guy. Careers in Education, Human and Public Services
are united in studying human societies and interaction, and using that information to
better the lives of others. Lakeland’s pathways provide you with a concept-based
approach to understanding human interaction and practical experience for working in the
field. You know like all the Criminal Justice professors
have been in the field or are currently in the field, so that’s a really good plus. And I wanted to take my experience and my
knowledge and the school education and apply that to help other kids. And I want to work with teenage kids. I did a practicum at a domestic violence shelter
called Women Safe. It’s very stress level very high, you know,
you have to be on your P’s and Q’s with what you learned in class. All of that stuff, those seaming insignificant
things, matter completely. Completing your Associate of Science or Associate
of Applied Science degree brings many opportunities. Some of these opportunities include continuing
your education on Lakeland’s campus through partnerships offered at The Holden University
Center. I was able to use all of my skills right away. So I was learning all of those things that
I needed to do with my organization right there in class, while I was doing my organization. So we would have a support group, but I had
just learned how to conduct a support group in my Human Services class. So I was able to give, right away, hands-on
experience with it and it was a tremendous learning experience. In a world that changes so rapidly, there
will always be a demand for qualified individuals to work with public and private organizations
who cater to better the lives others. Lakeland’s programs in Education, Human
and Public Service prepare you to meet those challenges. If this path is right for you, your first
step should be to meet with your counselor and discuss your ideas. Together, you can create a completion plan
that works for you and benefits those around you.

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