Lady and The Tramp Dog Trick I Teach Your Old Dog A New Trick
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Lady and The Tramp Dog Trick I Teach Your Old Dog A New Trick

( music playing )People say you can’t teach
an old dog new tricks, but those people
have no souls. We have souls, and we believe you can teach
an old dog new tricks. We invited you
to eat food with your dog
“Lady and the Tramp” style. Let’s take a look. Hm. It’s good. It’s good.
What’s the problem? Oh. Come here. Uh uh, wait.
You’re cheating.
Stop. Woman:
Did you guys want a noodle? Woman:
Be nice. Eat the bean. Oh, gosh.
( laughing ) ( laughing )
She took the whole thing. Eat it.
Eat it. Good puppy. Want some salami, Juliet? Here. There you go. Ow. ( man laughs ) ( laughs ) Oh! Oh! Mwah! Thank you to everybody
for sending in those videos. – Our favorite one was Alex
and his horse Tom.
– ( bell rings ) And congratulations, guys. You’re getting a signed picture
of us and our dogs. All right, now it’s time
for your next dog trick
assignment. We invite you
to teach your pet to play
a musical instrument. It can be any instrument, and they can play it
in any way, even if they’re
terrible at it. We still want to see it. Upload your video to YouTube
with the title… And then send us a link
to your video on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag
#OldDogNewTrickGMM. And stick around to watch
a professional doggy dancer teach us how to dance
with our dogs. Link:Get a tour T-shirt.
It’s like a Hawaiian shirt,
but instead of flowers,
it’s got our Mythical tour
info on it.
Also, it doesn’t button up,so nothing like
a Hawaiian shirt,
but you can wear it
in Hawaii.
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100 thoughts on “Lady and The Tramp Dog Trick I Teach Your Old Dog A New Trick

  1. Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe that the reason dogs can't actually "suck" the noodles is because they basically don't have cheeks which means they can't create the suction to drink water regularly or eat the noodles like in the movie I think this is also the reason why the way they drink water is to essentially shoot water up into their mouths and kind of bite.

  2. I don't wanna seem like a party pooper………….but the food you're going to eat shouldn't be anywhere near ANY animal's mouth.
    it's just disgusting. I get people love their pets(even i think pets are a part of the family)…….but it should be common sense to not let an animal/pet lick your face or let it eat from the plate you eat or put the same food that it's eating into your mouth.

  3. My favorite was the one with the bunny. The one where the dog actually managed to pick up the same strand of noodle from the plate as the owner did and then completed the whole “Lady and the Tramp” style of eating it together half and half was my second favorite. I don’t want to discount Rhett’s dog though because she was so smart knowing she wasn’t supposed to eat the human food.

  4. You guys are amazing and I wish I had a dog so I could send a video but my sister is really allergic. Also I love you guys so much!!

  5. This is heartbreaking for me… I would love to teach my dog something or lady and the tramp with him…. But sadly I had to put him down just last Saturday… 🙁 He was my best friend and I miss him terribly… So someone do this for my boy Coby!

  6. This video makes me sad because we just took my dog to the vet because this morning he was whining in the most painful sounding way and he was shaking and couldn’t stand up. I don’t know what’s going to happen yet but I think they may have to put him down. 😥

  7. ROFL! I bet the girl with the horse happened to get the SOILED hay by mistake. Lady and the Tramp Horse puck hay style! 💩🤣💩🤣💩🤣💩

  8. that would be cool if they caught a tape worm or round worm from eating after their dog a Dog loves eating their own feces

  9. All the people get so surprised and annoyed when there dogs licked there mouth. Your dog was eating the same noodle as you! What do you expect!?

  10. I was gonna do it but then I got a good look at my dog and she would’ve eaten my face with the noodle

  11. No thanks. I know where my dog's tongue has been. Plus she loves noodles so much she'd bite my face

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