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Ladislav Martin, Alumni. Initial Teacher Education

My name is Ladislav Martin. I come
from Slovakia and last year in 2018, I graduated in a Postgraduate Diploma in
Education in Modern Foreign Languages. Currently I am a teacher of french
at the Rawlett school in Tamworth and I am a newly qualified teacher which means
that I just started this September. The NQT year is quite a challenging one.
It’s probably one of the most difficult years I’ve ever had in my life but I would say
it’s also very rewarding because you are learning so fast. You are not only
teaching others but you are learning also so much about your profession, about
yourself and it’s very rewarding when you can see actually the kids learning
something from you. So even though it’s very difficult and very tough sometimes,
it can be really great and really rewarding as well. The University of
Birmingham is one of the best universities in the UK related to
teacher training and also related to educational studies, so this was the main
reason why I decided to study at the University of Birmingham but it’s also
the campus, it’s also the feel of the campus and facilities that you’ve got at
the University of Birmingham, you have everything you need in one place, it’s
really handy, it’s really practical, it’s great. The reason why I chose teaching as
a career is because ever since I was a teenager I have really enjoyed working with
kids but on the top of it, I really enjoy languages, it’s my passion. I really enjoy
foreign cultures, so it was sort of a natural decision for me to link both
working with kids and being able to teach foreign languages. My fondest
memories from being at the university are probably the moments that I spent at
uni because when you do the teacher training you spend quite a lot of time
in your placement schools, so in my case it was probably seven months altogether,
which means that I could only spend two months at the university. So when I was
at uni I could be with my classmates, I could be with my tutors and I think this
time was the best. In order to get the best out of the
year at the University of Birmingham you have to be passionate about what you are
doing, about what you are studying. You have to be very persistent because this
is not an easy time but if you persist it will be great and you have to be very
patient because in teaching nothing’s come very quickly. You have to learn the
things so the patience is really, really important. The one word that I would use
to describe the University of Birmingham in my case would be supportive. I’ve
really felt supported from the first email that I sent to uni about, about any
question until the last moment the uni, so this is my word ‘supportive’.

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