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17 thoughts on “LA School Teacher Arrested In Mini Cooper Hit-And-Run

  1. Some people's kids. It would have been all better if she just stopped. I hope everyone learns from her mistakes.

  2. Look at her just tearing thru a RESIDENTIAL neighborhood like she is the only one on the road. The prison population is growing just becuase of how BAD people drive now. They are so used to be on their online/smartphones that they cant deal with something a simple as driving..

  3. Freeze frame @ 0:01 she left enough room on both sides for any peds. This guy was in the middle of the road at a time most of us are asleep. Smh.

  4. That dude was just in the middle of the road waiting to get hit. As a cyclist, he should know better than anyone that lingering in the middle the road at night is a recipe for disaster.

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