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62 thoughts on “KUKA ready2_pilot: the simple teaching and manual guide of robots

  1. My dream is work with you after end my study
    I'm study Mechatronics Engineering and I study cnc machiens and robotic arms

  2. Bana burs verin abiler lütfen 6 ay sonra geleyim başlayayım makina mühendisi olarak kuka da rüyalarıma giriyor kuka

  3. Ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung. Die Zukunft wird wohl in eine Softwarelösung sein, in der 3D-CAD-Daten ausgewertet werden und die Komponente von der Steuerung eigenständig über die Sensorik erkannt wird. So wird das System eigenständig agieren können.

  4. This is certainly superior to other self guided robot methods. A lot of co bots you just kind of move one joint at a time to get to some point you want where this controller allows you to just move whatever direction you want and it takes care of the joint movements.

  5. Setting every single welding area?! How much time taken to welding?! how stupid idea robot is it?! Did work can be cover maintenance of that stupid robot?! Or u just stupid with the Dead robot mind just incease price to the finishing product?! Why user pay more to that finishing product cause stupid robot?!!!! THINK BEFORE WORKS

  6. 시멘트로 집을 짓는 인공지능 로봇이 앞으로 건설분야에서 많이 팔리는 제품이 될거 같습니다

    Artificial intelligence robots that build houses with cement will be the best-selling product in the construction sector.
    미래기술은 이렇게 시멘트 벽을 적층으로 쌓아서 올리서 집을 만드는 시멘트 로봇이 필요하지 않을까 싶내요

    I think future technology needs a cement robot that can build a house by building a layer of cement walls.

  7. Czy roboty będą pracować dla robotów ? Cz roboty będą płacić na bezrobotnych ludzi ?
    Skoro ludzi nie ma w fabrykach to nie zarobią na produkty ,produkowane przez roboty .

  8. Will robots work for robots? Will robots pay for unemployed people?

    Since people are not in factories, they will not earn on products manufactured by robots.

  9. I just want to stick a high-speed cinema camera on one of these and create some amazing shots.
    I wonder if you can control external motors using the same teaching interface?

  10. Боже какая шикарная вещь.
    Подарите мне такую))
    Начну ракеты строить

  11. Совсем обленились! Скоро с такими девайсами руки под шляпу заточатся Дибилы!!!

  12. жалко денег нет я бы с вами поработал . Крутые вещи создаете . Удачи вам .

  13. Kuka seems to go backwards. In the off line programming world of today, they go back to Ted Lindbom's "Apprentice" basic concept back in the early eighties.

  14. Ну не для мелких сварных швов!, пока замерит и настроит, Василий уже спеет сам заварить зачистить и может покрасит!!

  15. por lo que entendí , se programa con movimientos directos…genial y yo aun usando el control remoto, me quedé en el siglo 21.

  16. One who buy this robot and Lazer weild set would be perfect machinic of car restoration, because now panel weld would be easy and perfect unlike shity gas weilding, Lazer weild would perfectly weild panel without distortion and heat transfer, and without blackness, doing job by this robot and Lazer would factory standard

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