KRR Classroom – Lesson 2 – Scripting Stories for Stars
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KRR Classroom – Lesson 2 – Scripting Stories for Stars

Lights On Start Sound. Camera. Clap. Action. Om Namo Venkatesaya, Welcome to KRR Classroom. In the last episode for my quiz, many people have given their comments. In that quiz, the people who are close are, Ashok Chakravarthy Naresh Sravan Kumar. But the closest answer was given by Aishwarya from the US. But 100% answer which I thought was, When a person wants to become a director, he has to make a decision whether he wants to make an art film for awards or a commercial film for money. But one shouldn’t confuse his career and try to mix both of them together. Today Our topic is, The precautions to take before narrating story to a star! My first picture is Babu, it is the first time I have seen my name as a director on card, is that picture. Hero was Shoban Babu, who was in his form then, and 3 top heroines- Vani Sri Lakshmi Aruna Irani We made the film with high budget. we created huge sets and best music. Though the picture was released and though we got appreciation for the picture and making. It didn’t become as successful as we expected. finally, it remained as an average movie. After that, my second movie was a small budget starring Murali Mohan and Jaya Sudha as hero-heroines, and the picture’s name was ‘Jyothi’. Jyothi picture received good appreciation and it also received Nandi award. but it also remained as an average picture. So till then, I had 2 films experience. Unexpectedly, I got a great opportunity. Those 3 letters paved Golden path to my cine career. One day when I was deciding whether my 3rd film should be a commercial film or an award film, That day, Satya Chitra banner producers came to me and asked me to do direct a film with NTR as the lead. I was in shock and at first, I did not believe. I asked them whether they told NTR about this. They said that he agreed as soon as we told him your name. That’s it! The responsibility on my shoulder had increased. At that time only NTR was 54 years. A student role would not suit him and it won’t look good if he plays as a lover boy. So, what kind of story will be apt? Those days we used to stay in Madras, but immediately I went to Andhra, and watched his old and new movies. At that time what I observed was, whenever NTR was seen on screen for the first time, fans would give Aarti and break coconuts. But whenever songs were playing, the audience were used to become relaxed and calm. or they used to go out for smoking cigarette. During that season, the audience were crazy for Nageshwara Rao garu’s songs and steps. So, I was wondering how to change NTR’s plus into double plus? and how to change the minus point into plus point? By just seeing him only, the audience used to break coconuts and give aarti to NTR. So, I was wondering what would happen if he was seen on an Elephant. If he has to enter on an Elephant, he should stay in Forest and on top of that he had never played any role related to forest background. That’s all fine! But what kind of role should he do? If he plays as a Tarzan, it won’t suit his personality. So I wondered what if he plays as a forest officer? It will suit him and also will look dignified. The role of a forest officer is perfect. But we have to remember one important thing. We shouldn’t fix to any idea as soon as it strikes us. We should calculate all the advantages and disadvantages that come with the idea. If he plays as a forest officer the disadvantage is that, he can’t romance or sing songs with the heroine. and if that’s not there, it is not a commercial formula. So, I thought how would it be if I first write the villain’s character? Generally, what are the stereotypical things do villains do in forests? They usually smuggle Red Sandalwood, Animal skin, Elephant’s ivory and kill the forest officers who stop them. So, that’s why, in the first half, NTR’s character had followed the commercial formula of romancing, singing with heroines and fighting. And so before interval, I decided that it will look dramatic to reveal to the villain that the hero is a forest officer. Let’s come to the actual story. How will the hero climb the elephant? Basically when a new person enters the forest, the elephants will definitely attack him. So what did I do is, I made the villains trap the baby elephants and kidnap them. Then the hero fights and saves the baby elephants in the movie. Let’s look at what happened next. So when Rama Rao garu was seen on the elephant, the audience in the auditorium were continuously cheering, whistling and were showering with flowers. In this way, I turn plus into double plus. After that let’s come to the minus point, the song. I decided to make the song’s lead scene interesting so that the audience won’t relax during the song. So, while the heroine was going to meet the hero, she falls in a small pond and her saree gets wet. So before hero comes, she tries to dry the saree. Some songs become hit, some become super hit but only some songs will create history. So this song is the one which created history. For the first time in the Indian cinema history, it is for this song that the audience have showered with money in the theater. So in this way, we created double impact with introduction sequence and made the songs plus. In this way, we have covered all the commercial elements. But still something was missing. Because the legendary actor had played various roles in many movies before. He has played various historical roles, mythological roles. so I wanted to do something similar to that in this movie also. But the movie is of forest background, that’s why there was a song in the movie describing the greatness of tribal community and in that song I made sure NTR is seen in various roles which he had never played before. I made him portray Ekalavyudu role in the same song which he never did before. But the reason why I wanted to show him in Lord Ram’s avatar is because I had a wish. Though Anna garu (NTR) had portrayed many avatars like that of Krishna, Ram and Venkateshwara Swami before we have seen in many movies in the same avatars. But I never saw him directly and I wanted to see him with my own eyes in Ram’s avatar and shoot it as the last scene and when it gets done, I wanted to touch his feet for blessing. As planned, after the last shot is done, the whole unit along with me has touched his feet. Even he also felt very emotional. So while he was getting into his car after the shoot, he said “I have spent 40 days in the forest with you brother, it is green memory in my life”. This compliment which he has given me is like an Oscar award to me. I will always be indebted to him forever. He is an important reason behind my success and also for the position I am in now. So in this way, when have to make a film with a hero who has stardom, you have to keep all these elements in mind. That when you can create records. In this way, Adavi Ramudu is the first movie which has proved that even a telugu movie can collect that much revenue. In that way, Adavi Ramudu movie created history! You must be wondering why we talking about only one film when it is KRR Classroom, Practicality in Direction? Take this only like a lesson or chapter in practicality in direction. Now, I will tell you one important thing which I know. If you want to Learn direction, techniques are not the only thing you should be know. Along with technique, you should also know another important thing, what will impress your audience and what won’t impress them. How can we know that? After the picture you directed becomes a hit, gets appreciation from audience and the industry, and everyone had showered with compliments. we shouldn’t fly high because of the compliments. Instead we should go home, Put all the flower bouquets that you received on a table and watch them. Start analyzing yourself, Ask yourself what is the reason for this movie to become such a great success. This is an important thing for practicality in direction. Let’s link this point Adavi Ramudu movie that created history. There are 2 ways, for which we can say that a movie is commercial hit. The first type- When the movie is watched only once by the audience and if the movie gets more revenue than the budget invested. then that movie is considered a commercial hit. The second type- When the audience watch the movie repeatedly for 3 or 4 times and when the movie brings record breaking collections, that time the movie has created history. In that way, if I do self analyses for the legendary movie ‘Adavi Ramudu’, If you see it has a story line, it is a thin line and has a hit formula. It would have remained just like a hit cinema. According to me, the reason why the movie could collect that much is because, the audience could get connected to the 3 great songs in the movie. Let’s see how the audience got connected to these 3 songs. This song is not just a song, there is a social issue behind this song. When the people living there were feeling inferior about their tribe, the hero reminds them of all the great personalities who belonged to the tribe. For example, the great Valmiki, who wrote Ramayana, belongs to their tribe, Ekalavyudu, who self-trained himself is from the same tribe. Sabari, the great devotee of the Rama is also from the same tribe. In this way, the song reminded the tribe about all the great personalities and it stood as an inspiration to many. A police officer came to me and said that the song, ‘Krushi Vunte Manushulu Rushulu Avtaru’ from Adavi Ramudu is the reason why I became an officer. This song that inspired many,
created history and remained special forever. Coming to the 2nd song- ‘Aaresukoboyi’ Musically, the song became a huge hit and lyrics became super hit. Along with that Jaya Prada’s glamour was a big plus. Not only that, the main attraction of the song is when Rama Rao garu was folding the saree, and gracefully dancing to the light steps, at that time, the audience were continuously whistling and showering with money. And coming to the 3rd song- ‘Kokilamma Pelliki’ This is the last song in the movie and
the whole song was shot in forest. We thought of having huge sets, many dancers and have dress changes for at least one song. But when the whole movie was shot in forest and if we have these changes suddenly, it will create mental jerk among the audience. That’s why we used the nature and showed leaves in golden and silver colors. and instead of dancers, we used deer, birds, rabbits and baby elephants. All these together have bought beauty to the song and it was enjoyed by all. In this way, these 3 songs have stood as the highlights and were the reasons for the movie to be super hit. As a teacher of KRR Classroom, let’s see how much marks do I give to these songs. For ‘Krushivunte Manushulu Rushulu avtaru’ I will give 99 marks on 100. For ‘Aareshuko’ song, I will give 99 marks. and for ‘Kokilamma Pelliki’, I will give 99 marks on 100. I gave these 3 songs 99 on 100 because, the first song inspired the elders, second song, was enjoyed by the youth, and the kids were jumping with joy for the 3rd song. ‘Adavi Ramudu’ could create a history like this, is because, it was liked by all age-groups. So, that is my self-analysis. Now, as a teacher I have an exam for you all!! If you have to give marks for these 3 songs, how many marks would you give? Not only this, there is another reason behind the grand success and to
give the movie a 100 on 100. Guess that answer and comment in the section below. In the next lesson, let’s discuss whether the answer I imagined and the guess you made is same or not.

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100 thoughts on “KRR Classroom – Lesson 2 – Scripting Stories for Stars

  1. Om ghm ganeshaya namaha,song correct time fix story support important, making song all link with forest background with forest happened incidents- characters or animals, music with song write song forever tht is first songi Wil given 200 marks first song meaning.writer hatsoff.great .and elephant symbol of good ,so nature also support,pancha buthalu imp ,sure it's reach audience must.

  2. All three songs useless and cheap direction… Nonsense he is talking about direction. He does not know what is actual film direction. Waste…

  3. Respected Sir
    Meru Oka legend sir
    me ideology, thinking capacity, creativity, concept taking ,executive, total all is incredible sir
    Meeku na padabivandanalu sir
    100/100 answer I think NTR gari permanence sir because
    Meru anukunnatu concept as it is executive chesaru kabatti.
    Bless me sir

  4. Respected sir : I will give 100 /100 for 1 st song because
    At first the lirics was perfect and message giving lirics & 2nd point is to that lirics composing of music was perfect
    Simple understand & listening music

  5. Krushi unte 99
    Aresukoboi 95
    Kokilamma 90
    Yendukante appati ramarao gaari fans lo ayanatho yedigina vaallu yekkuva undochu kurrallu madyastamgaa pillalu konchem thakkuvagaa undi undochani
    Veetannitikante 100 marks unna amsham appati varaku aayana cheyani amshalannintitho oka comer tial story ni manasuku hattukunelaa cheppina screenplay anukuntunna sir

  6. Sir namaste
    1st song krushi unte inspires youth to work hard to realize goal.
    2nd song aaresi povalla inspires lovers to be true love.
    3 rd song. kokillamma inspires true glamour in our life I.e happinesses
    thank Venkatesh

  7. Guruvu Garu,

    Namaskaram !


    Please note that I could write more detailed analysis outlining the reasons of Grand Success. However, I have given the Main points briefly.

    1. Adavi Ramudu Title = First thing the audience know about the upcoming Movie is TITLE. It is very interesting title because ‘ Ramudu on Screen is NTR. People never imagined someone else as they imagined NTR. ‘ Audience has never imagined something like this before. ‘ Adavi Ramudu ‘ Title Created a Buzz in the People’s mind. Normal person would have thought, What is Ramudu has to do with Forest ??!!

    2. NTR = It was norm in those days that a NTR Movie in making it self is curiosity for every movie buff. They were drawn to theatres helplessly for NTR Movies. Such was the stardom.

    3. Audience expectations exceeded = Audience were curious to see their God on screen and were double curious about the role or NTR in the title ‘ Adavi Ramudu’ – Not an easy thing to guess to every normal person. Director has made sure that the curiosity and expectations were completely fulfilled. Not stopping there, director included something for every type of audience ( fans, old, young, girl, boy, families and critics ).

    4. Pressure on Director: Beyond all, Director never wanted to see himself failing with such a big star in hand. It would be a blot on his career. Hence the director was careful, extra careful and never wanted to give up on any shot of the movie. Stress is good because it makes you to deliver.

    The result was combination of all the above factors and it is obviously the MIND of the DIRECTOR which made sure all the above points were deeply thought and meticulously executed.

    Being a Perfectionist himself, this could be the reason why NTR Garu was very impressed with KRR garu when shooting was all done.

  8. 3 పాటలకు 99/100 ఇచ్చారు కదా, 1 మార్కు ఎందుకని తగ్గింది

  9. Generally prajalu valla problems pakkana petti cinema enjoy cheyadaniki vastharu idi nijam….so aresukoboyi ki100 melody song ki 99 and Krishna vunte song ki 98….sir

  10. Sir meeru songs ratings tho nenu akibhavisthunananu, meeru Sr.ntr gari tho 3rd movie ki record breaking block buster ni chesaru, appatike meeru commercial ga meeru audience ki thelidhu so they didn't have any idea, how much amount of zeal you have for cinema, I think the levels of ur creativity was outstanding to balance to work it out.

  11. Mundhuga guruvu gariki padhabi vandhanalu.. Mi aalochanaki mi direction ki.. Cinima intha hit avvadaniki karanamaina miku 100/100 sir..

  12. 1st song 95
    2nd song 💯
    3rd song 90
    NTR Playing a new role in the movie. It gives freshness to audience. For this reason I can give 💯/💯

  13. Namaste sir,Sorry sir comment leat iendi.
    Krushi unte: ki me direction,me thoughts ki 100% sir.
    Aaresukoboe: ki ntr sir acting dance,
    Meeru cheppinattu jayaprada mam glamor ki 100% sir.
    Kokilamma:song lo jayaprada mam glamor and birds, animals looking supper sir.99.9% for this song.

  14. Sir me direction Ki
    1 mark
    So 3 songs ki 100/100markes
    E message pampinavaladharu
    1st song 99 , Sam
    2nd song 99,Sam
    3rd song 95 ,sam
    Petinavladhriki 3rd song ki
    95makes echina
    Megatha makes me direction ki

  15. Kadha బాగా ఉంటే మాత్రమే సినిమా హిట్టు kadhu అలాగని songs మాత్రమే బాగా ఉంటే హిట్టు kadhu ఈ చిత్రం లో రెండు అంశాలు బ్యాలెన్స్ చేశారు అందుకు 100 కి 100 evavachu

  16. Ntr ni ee cinema ki select chesukovadam 100/100 idi nenu anukunnadai meeru kuda edhey anukunnarani anukuntunnanu

  17. ಗುರುಗಳೇ,
    ನೀವು ಯೂಟ್ಯೂಬಲ್ಲಿ ಈ ಥರ KRR ಕ್ಲಾಸ್ ನಡೆಸುತ್ತಿರುವುದು ಈಗ ತಾನೆ ಗೊತ್ತಾಯ್ತು ನಿಮ್ಮಂಥ ಹಿರಿಯರು ಅನುಭವಿಗಳು ಈ ಥರ ಮುಂದಿನ ಪೀಳಿಗೆಗೆ ಗುರುವಾಗಿ ನಿಂತಿರುವುದು ನನ್ನಲ್ಲಿ ಅತಿಯಾದ ಸಂತಸ ತಂದಿದೆ, ಆ ಸಂತಸದಿ ಕಣ್ಣುಗಳು ತೋಯ್ದಿವೆ, ಇಂದಿನಿಂದ ನಾನೂ ಸಹ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಕೆ.ಆರ್.ಆರ್ ಗುರುಕುಲದ ವಿದ್ಯಾರ್ಥಿ..

  18. కృషి ఉంటే మనుషులు 99
    అరిసుకోబయి 91
    కోకిలమ్మ పెళ్ళికి 79
    కథ చాలా బాగుంది ఎన్టీఆర్ గారు యాక్షన్ చెయ్యడమే 100

  19. కృషి ఉంటే మనుషులు 99
    అరిసుకోబయి 91
    కోకిలమ్మ పెళ్ళికి 79
    కథ చాలా బాగుంది ఎన్టీఆర్ గారు యాక్షన్ చెయ్యడమే 100

  20. Sir your exlent thinking …. i m proud to be telugu film direction.. aresukoboy paresukunnanu song ki 99/100… krushi unte manushulu rushula song ki 100/100…….. success kavadani ki cinima… NTR garu natinchadam….. NTR adavi prajalaku thoduga.. untu… vilan ki forest officer ga pettadammm


  22. అమ్మాయికి నాకు ఎనిమిది మైళ్ళ దూరం 6 సంవత్సరాల ప్రయాణం కలవాలని తపన కలుస్తామని నమ్మకం ఈ రెండింటి మధ్యలో వచ్చిన ఘర్షణ ప్రేమ ఇప్పటికీ అది కలగానే మిగిలిపోయింది కానీ ఒక్క మాట నువ్వు వచ్చేవరకు కాదు నేను చచ్చేవరకు నీ కోసం ఎదురు చూస్తూ ఉంటాను……… నా కథ నచ్చితే రిప్లై ఇవ్వండి సార్ నాకు ఇంతవరకు టాకీస్ అంటే ఏంటో తెలియదు కానీ సినిమా అంటే పిచ్చి ప్రాణం నాకు కెమెరాలు ఎలా వాడాలో తెలియదు మిమ్మల్ని కలవాలి సార్సార్ నా కథని మీకు చెబుతాను ఐ లవ్ యు సార్🙏

  23. మీరు డైరెక్టర్ అవ్వడానికి ఎన్ని కష్టాలు పడ్డారు చెబుతుంటే శరీరం నిక్కబొడుచుకుంది నేను డైరెక్ట్ అవ్వాలనే నా కోరిక రెండు రెట్లు పెరిగింది నేను ఒకవేళ డైరెక్టర్ అయితే గనక అది మీ ఇన్స్పిరేషన్తోనే

  24. నా పెరు సాయి పవన్ శర్మ సర్ మీకు నేను ఆలస్యంగా స్పందిస్తున్నాను ఎందుకు అంటే నేను ఈరోజు నుండే చూస్తున్నాను మీ ఛానెల్ ని నేను
    కృషి ఉంటే సాంగ్: అప్పట్లో రామారావు గారు సినిమా లో ఎం చెప్పిన అది చేసేవారు అంత ఫ్యాషన్ గా ఉండది అది +పాయింట్ అయ్యింది అదే కనుక ఇంక్ ఎవరు చెప్పిన అంత రీచ్ అవ్వదు అందుకని నేను మీకు సమ్మతిస్తూ 99 ఇస్తున్నాను అండి
    2) ఆరేసుకోబోయి : ఒక కమరిషియల్ మూవీకి సాంగ్ మంచి హిట్ అవ్వాలి అంటే దానికి ముందు పడే సీన్ అద్భుతంగా ఉండాలి (మీరు ఇది గమనించండి కొత్తగా వచ్చిన ఇస్మార్ట్ శంకర్ సినిమా లో దిమ్మక్ కరాబ్ అనే సాంగ్ ఎందుకు అంత hit అయ్యింది కేవలం దాని ముందు వచ్చిన సీన్ బాగా ఎలివేట్ అవ్వడం వల్ల ) అలాగే అడవి రాముడు సినిమాలో కచ్చితంగా హీరోయిన్ బాగా ప్లస్ అయ్యింది కాబట్టి ముందు సీన్ హీరయిన్ కి సరిపోతు నడిచింది రామారావు గారు అద్భుతంగా ఆ పాటలో ముఖ కవలికలు ఇస్తూ ముందుకు తీసుకెళ్లారు కాబట్టి సాంగ్ అంత హిట్ అయ్యింది కచ్చితంగా ఏ ఒక్కరు కూడా ఆ సాంగ్ వస్తే నిలబడి విజిల్ వెయ్యేకుండా ఉండలేరు ముసలి వారు ఐన సరే కాబట్టి దానికి నేను ఇచ్చేది 100
    (ఇదేంటి విడు ఇలా ఇచ్చాడు అనుకోవద్దు ఎక్కువ మందిని ఆకర్షిస్తూ ముందుకు వెళ్ళింది కాబట్టి నేను ఇంత ఇచ్చాను)
    3 ) ఈ సాంగ్ ఒక రొమాంటిక్ సాంగ్ దినికి 80 స్కోర్ ఇవ్వొచ్చు
    ఈ సినిమా కి రిపీట్ value ఎందుకు వచ్చింది అంటే కేవలం అరేసుకోబోయి సాంగ్ కి
    తరువాత హీరో ఎలివేట్ అవ్వాలి అంటే హీరో కంటే విలన్ గొప్పగా ఉండాలి ఈ సినిమా లో విలన్ ఇజం చాలా అద్భుతంగా పండింది అందుకే హీరోయిజం అంత పండింది

  25. ఎన్టీఆర్ గారికి 100 కి 100 మార్కులు వేయవచ్చు సర్

  26. ఆరేసుకోబోయి…98
    క్రుసిఉంటే…. 99
    అన్న గారు మీ సినిమా లో ఉండటమే మీకు 100/100 ఉన్నట్లే

  27. Mr K R R. Ji r succeeded due to only reason that's your making style is different ..n.. romantic movements shows by heroin ..keep it up ..- by dr mainuddin

  28. Sir ee 3 songs inthaga popular avvataaniki mi srujanaatmakatha tho paatu kantiki kanipinchani yenno vibhaagala yentho mandhi kalaakarula samaaharamey ee sings intha ga hit avvataniki karanam mukyam ga sangeetham mariyu saahityam pranaalika ee vijayaaniki kaaranam

  29. కృషి వుంటే మహా పురుషులు అవుతారు. అనే సాంగ్ కు 100కి 200 మార్కుస్ వేస్తా సార్ ఎందుకంటె నేను సినిమా డైరెక్టరు గా ట్రయ్ చెస్తున్నను విసుగు పుట్టి ఇంటీకి వెళ్ళిపోదాం అనుకున్న సారు. కాని మి ప్రోగ్రాంలో ఈ సాంగ్ విని ఇంటీకి వేల్లడం ఆగి పొయా సార్. స్టొరీ కి 100 మార్కుస్ వెయ్యవచ్చు

  30. Guruv gari ki na namaskaram my self APPUL.Modi nenu oka up coming directar ni epudu e video lo meru chipendhi antha vina nu and Chala information telusukona and meru chipenatu e three songs ki 1 song krushi unte manushulu e song peda lu nacharu Chala mande youth inspire ayaru na marks 99/100 2 song ki youth connect ayaru hall lo song ni enjoy chisaru Dani ke na marks 99/100 and 3 song unde kokilama peli ki Kona antha panderi e song ki naku teluse couples , lovers Baga connect ayaru Dani ke na marks 99/100 and final ga meru oka question vesaru e three ki 99/100 veyadani ke best point unde ani Dani guess chiyamanaru nenu observe chisena Dani bati chipthuna 1 song lo jayabradha gari saree pink color lo echaru 2 song lo jayasudha gari ki kuda lite pink color off saree echaru and final ga 3 song lo gold color silver color flower enka pink color flower kuda petaru e three songs lo pink color ni use chisaru meru that was great idea sir epudu nenu guess chisemdhi right aethi I am so happy but na guess wrong aethi I am sry

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