Kimberly Hampton Primary School Tour
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Kimberly Hampton Primary School Tour

Welcome students, families and community to
Kimberly Hampton Primary School. Have you ever wondered what a school is like? Well, we have our reporting team standing by to share our school with you.
Let’s begin with Kennedi in the front office. Hi, I’m Kennedi and I’m in the front office
with Mrs. Havens and Mrs.Grice. They know all about the school from the students to
the parent and all the school events. The front office is where all the magic happens!
Let’s fly over to the information center with Andrea. Welcome friends! Andrea here. I am in the information
center. You may notice that the information center may be smaller than other schools.
This is because we use information in all areas of our school. We have a great collection
of resources that are shared with us in our neighborhoods. We also work on research and
projects here in the landing pad. This is an extension of our school information center.
Let’s head over to Lane who would like to share another great part of Kimberly Hampton
Primary School. Hello, my name is Lane and here at Kimberly
Hampton we have access to two roof top gardens. Here we learn about three things, gardening,
water cycles and recycling water. We also have solar panels on our roofs and a wind
turbine that helps heat the buildings waters supply and reduces energy use up to 25 percent.
Kimberly Hampton Primary School is a LEED certified SILVER level school because of all
the green technology. Let’s head over to Juan in the main commons to learn more about our
school. Hello folks, my name is Juan. We are inside
the main commons area and you will notice there will be a lot of movement going on to
go to PE and music. Here is our cafe for breakfast and lunch. Here is our performance stage.
We even have built in risers. Let’s head up to Josie in one of our neighborhoods. Welcome, my name is Josie and this is one
of our 2nd grade neighborhoods. In a neighborhood you’ll find fours learning studios, a learning
hub, and large and small group rooms, and teachers have their own little room too. You will notice students moving with a purpose throughout the learning studios. Students work in flexible groups on projects with each other. We have amazing resources such as SMART
Boards and laptops. We even have SMART tables, not everyone has one of these. Let’s head back to the broadcast studio with Caden and Breanna. Wow, you have learned so much about Kimberly
Hampton Primary School. We have a few more areas we would like to show you. That’s right. Let’s go learn more really interesting
information about our school. Kimberly Hampton was an All-American girl,
just like me. She scarified her life and she was the first female pilot to be shot down and killed in aerial combat. She was so brave and that is why our school is named for her. This is the inside of our human body and this
is our school building. They both have bones. Look up to see the inside of our school building. We are standing outside the heart of Kimberly
Hampton Primary School. Inside this room we can see the heating, water and electrical systems of our school. Just like your heart, if this room doesn’t pump we are in big trouble. Let’s head over to Lane in the small theater. Hello, we are in the small theater. Here are
students come here to rehearse for grade level productions, present projects and our parents
even come here for meetings. Let’s head over to Juan in one of my favorite places. I’m on one of our playgrounds. You can see
we encourage lots of outdoor learning and play here at Kimberly Hampton Primary School. There are outdoor learning spaces with sitting walls and plenty of room to get exercise. Let’s head up to Josie in the studio broadcast room. Well folks, this is our broadcast studio.
We are working towards creating live broadcasts to share out with our Kimberly Hampton school
and community. This is where we will share our news broadcasts and upcoming events. We
are going to send it back to Caden and Breanna to wrap up our school tour. Amazing! We have learned so much about Kimbelry Hampton Primary School. We look forward to meeting new friends and
sharing memories with families. On behalf of all of the students and staff
at Kimberly Hampton Primary School, Thank you for flying around Kimberly Hampton
Primary School with us. Let Your Dreams Take Flight! Song –
Hampton Pride, Hampton Pride She was Captain in the US Army Fight And we’ll celebrate and honor her bravery too. We will rise, We will rise Show our strength beyond our size Oh, Hampton we love you, We do

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  1. Excellent, and so proud of those who work hard to prepare these fine young Americans through a wonderful education.  I personally knew Kimberly Hampton and was her chaplain when she was shot down in combat.  I pray that the Lord Jesus blesses and strengthens everyone at Kimberly Hampton Primary.  This is so very nice.

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