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Kim Recalls Her Rough College Past | Welcome to Plathville

Alrighty. So I am Alexis. I am your recruiter. So anything you need, I
am your point of contact. Kind of tell me about
yourself, maybe what you’re potentially wanting to study. As far as learning goes? ALEXIS: Yep. I love learning. ALEXIS: [LAUGHS] MARIAH: But I tend to
be a visual learner. ALEXIS: OK. I’m super adventurous
and love fun. ALEXIS: Yeah, so with
you being adventurous, so many opportunities
here at Stetson. So if this is the
place that you do come, I would recommend
getting involved, whether it be a
club or organization or fraternities and sororities. MARIAH: I don’t exactly
know what sorority and fraternity are. ALEXIS: OK, it’s an
organization made up of Greek letters or whatnot. And you do community service. MOM: OK. I went to a large university– Yes ma’am. –and I was in a sorority. And we had a philanthropy. But that was in name only. It was all about party. You know, I went through some– some rough times in college
because of my wildness. And I see some of
that in Mariah. And I really don’t want her
to have to go through some of what I went through– driving when I was
drunk and, you know, waking up in the car parked
weird on the lawn, passed out, taking drugs and driving
across town at 3 o’clock in the morning. I mean– you know, I could have
died so many different ways when I was in college. And by God’s grace, I came
out of it, and He saved me. And I live a different life now. But to me, the better
thing would be for her not to have to experience all of
the junk that I experienced. So is it different
here at Stetson? ALEXIS: Your mom is right. That is what it was in the past. But in the present
day and time, it is all about business networking
and to be a part of something bigger than myself. So, like they
stated on the tour– MARIAH: What happened
to her is in her eyes going to happen to me too. But I know that it doesn’t
have to be that way. Thank. You. Maybe she sees a way to,
like, rewrite her past or redo some things through me. That puts a lot
of pressure on me. And I feel like it’s fair.

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100 thoughts on “Kim Recalls Her Rough College Past | Welcome to Plathville

  1. Once you go to university the morals your parents taught you will follow you but everything is based on your individual intentions. I grew up in a strict muslim household. No alcohol. No boyfriends. Period!! Ended up going to a state university that had a reputation of being a “party school”… were there temptations? Yes, absolutely. But guess what, I graduated without having tried alcohol. Her mother needs to trust her and let her make her own decisions. If she raised her right, she will make the right ones!

  2. She went through that and instead of preparing their children to give them the tools to be able to say no, have maturity, beliefs and not make stupid decisions, they just isolate them and raise them completely unprepared for life. I see this also with the other boys who are completely naive and ripe for someone with bad intentions to take advantage of them. Great parenting.

  3. The mom is such an annoying human being. Let your child live, make mistakes and learn from them. That’s why she is pulling away from you because you’re always hovering over them. Smh!

  4. A mother CANNOT protect her kids from something that she did, her mother didn't protect her from it. It's impossible, stop projecting.

  5. Do the parents intend to support their children through adulthood? If they do not, they should not be interfering when their children are attempting to better themselves through higher education.

  6. Don't judge or restrict their lives. Living life feeding off your past. Lessons being taught of what you teach, Give only strength to your children s lives. Remember our way may not be your children way !

  7. “I could’ve died so many different ways when I was in college”

    Okay but aside from college you could die in many other ways in or out of college. Doesn’t mean you need to shield your children from it.

  8. So since Kim is a low life drug addict loser her daughter will be one too that Kim needs help she is prime example of an uneducated mom depending on a man for money.

  9. Only thing I agree with is college is way overrated… but for a person from a small city/rural background I could see college being important for social development

  10. Why did she even go with her if she was just going to put her down with these stories ? She should have just let Olivia go with her . It seems like Olivia does a better job at guiding her kids better than her that’s why she’s so jealous.

  11. Blah blah blah, you went through stuff, and you clearly made it through that stuff. Don't hold your kids back because you're a moron.

  12. When it's concerning their children, it automatically turns to good old mom & her past! Nothing positive about the daughter's future.

  13. She is punishing her kids for her mistakes!! Girl bye 👋🏼 selfish everyone has choices. She choose to drive drunk and party etc.. I can’t stand her !

  14. They’re probably scared of the black woman 😂😂😂 I thought I’d never get to see them interact with a person who isn’t blonde, blue or green eyed, and fair skinned..

  15. I actually don't hate this woman. She is a product of her upbringing. You can take those negative experiences as a parent three different ways. Heal from it and learn how to develop new ways to become a better parent and person. 2 you can become the exact same person your parents were, abusive and drunk in this case and just repeat the cycle. 3 you become do damaged by the pain of your childhood you actually internalize it and need help to get out. Without that help that pattern just takes on a new life form and you go to the other extreme trying to remove everything tangibly negative but your not changing yourself from that hurt you have. This show makes me sad. She's not a bad parent she's a hurt child trying to raise good kids. She obviously has some other trauma from the death of her child as well that I think she really needs to work through. Raising religious children in a house without alcohol and limited technology is an admirable thing in idea. I think we have lost some of that simplicity as a society. Children get iPhone at 4. Being sent outside to play is to most children a punishment. Their execution is very flawed. I personally would home school my children, but I would expose them to other kinds of people and the world. I would want rhem to go to college and follow every dream they had. I would raise them in my faith, and hope that they choose that but be content if they just choose to love productive lives. You have to have balance and realize the world is not all bad.

  16. This woman has been through a lot. She is really being portrayed as a horrible helicopter parent and really mean spirited but at her core she just wants to protect her children. She loves her kids. She's just broken. For God sakes she lost her baby because of a horrible accident she caused. That alone would break a person.

  17. These comments are a bit much. She obviously loves and cares for her kids and only wants the best for them. Also, let’s not act like this girl isn’t 16 years old. She may not agree with her parents, but at the end of the day she’s a minor. Once she’s 18 she can figure it out.

  18. So, just because the mom was a complete dumb ass in college, her daughter will be too? I can’t stand these parents, they’re nuts. I wonder why all the grown kids wanna get the hell out of there! I don’t blame them, I’d be running as fast as I could too.

  19. I've been watching this show from ep1. Moriah never got along with her mom due to her strictness… but this scene clearly.. shows Moriah is truly understand why her mother act the way she does. Maybe, that's what moiriah and her mom needs.

  20. Moriah is perhaps missing the fact that her mother is doing something very important by being so open and honest about past mistakes in order to give her daughter and anyone else listening the opportunity to learn from her mistakes.

  21. When I went to college I used to party ALL the time. It’s part of college. But not one time did I drive under the influence or take any kinds of drugs. Not even marijuana. I wasn’t screwing every guy who showed interest. I found one guy and stuck with him. You meet a lot of good people in college. Not everyone is doing reckless things, most just want their degree and to move on. If she raised her children right she wouldn’t have to worry. College is an amazing experience!

  22. Bro the whole sorority/frat rhetoric is the same they ALL use the same "business networking" and "being part of something bigger than myself " phrases

  23. Each clip makes me hate this mom more and more. Just because your school and your experience was one way doesn’t mean all schools, or all sororities are the dame

  24. Everyone stop telling lies you know you be worried about your kids too! Don’t play nobody wants there kids to act a fool period! And you sure as —— know you don’t want your kids to do the same S—- you did so don’t lie!

  25. Kim reminds me of my mother. She's very involved in my life, even at 23. At the end of the day,the mother is only looking out for her daughter.

  26. It’s OK for me to live life and make mistakes, but I don’t want my daughter to have the right to do that..


  27. There is a difference between college partying and driving while intoxicated. I feel like driving under the influence probably is on the high end of the spectrum of party girl.

  28. Literally mom CHOSE to drink and drive and party and drive under the influence of drugs and she's making it sound like it something that happened to her. She made poor choices

  29. Damn the mom sucks the fun out of everything …. Let her live her life … You lived yours …. Let her learn from her mistake

  30. Stopped watching the show because of the mother. I hope this show is not renewed. Take it off now. Funny how they don’t watch TV but are willing to accept money to share their craziness.

  31. This mother drives me NUTS. Talk about a completely selfish, over controlling nutjob. She has those kids wound so tight no wonder Moriah and Ethan are trying to break away from there rigid narcissistic Mother. What a completely nasty all about me mother. She makes everything these kids do about HER. This mother says I would have liked to been included in the party plans for her daughter so she could bring her presents to the party. Well why didnt she? Who cares. Give them to her later. In the car going to check out the college poor Moriah, talk about a debbie downer of a mother, all about her again and her money issues and her drinking and her problems. Lady, give it up. It's not about you. Having kids u have to let them go and experience things for themselves. And asking your permission about taking Moriah to a Carry Underwood concerto? Are you serious? You do realize Carry Underwood is a Christian right? Be happy for your daughter so she can actually live. You have had your chance to make your mistakes mom, let your children do too. Your well on your way to losing your kids, keep it going. There is no possible way you can keep them from everything be it good or bad. Wow. What a controlling narcissistic woman that mother is.

  32. This woman is so controlling, and to the point that she is going to ruin her relationships with her children. They have to make their own decisions at some point. They will be tempted and as a parent you just have to hope they make the right choices. Mom is living vicariously through her children. She wants them to be perfect and not make the mistakes she did. Girl you need to cut loose of the reigns. And now they’re having a cow over the Carrie Underwood concert. Good grief. 🙄🙄🙄

  33. No lady you teach your kids to be responsible! you teach them the dangers of drugs and the types of drugs that are out there so they don't fall into being a victim of per say a roofie or anything like that you teach them the responsibility to not drive when they're drunk and to take a f**** Lyft or an Uber you teaching the dangers in the consequences and that's how you create adults

  34. wow im shocked kim did all of those things and then assumes that her children will do the same when it seems like they got themselves all put together

  35. This Kim lady is just just made bad decisions she clearly says she was a drunk driver, that is not fair for her children to be raised like outcasts.

  36. This woman is concerned her daughter is gonna make the same mistakes she made because she had a wild side. If her daughter ends up doing crazy mistakes it will be because she lived such a sheltered and controlled life so as soon as she gets some independence yeah she might not know how to handle all that responsibility and that will be a reflection on how over bearing the parents were. But hey she may not! You don’t know!

  37. You r different than ur mother.. can’t compare ur university/college experience to u cause u probably went in late 60’s 2 early 70’s the university/college r structured differently now than they were before..

  38. I feel like they're trying to shelter their kids from the bad in the world but are inadvertently creative very naive vulnerable young people. Surely the best way to protect them is to teach them to cope and deal with the bad things instead of sheltering them and creating fear?

  39. The black chick is lying… sororities are still all about partying lets be real… she responded with a rude tone back. The mother has a valid point

  40. “The better thing would be for her not to have to experience all the junk I experienced”

    Translation: I made really bad life choices and I don’t trust my children enough to make better ones so I’m going to completely segregate them from the entire world instead 🤷🏻‍♀️

  41. I dont believe the mother went to college if she refers an education to head knowledge. She basically dosnt want her to succeed.

  42. Momma is right here. I attended a major university “party school” and Greek like literally = huge frat parties : sorority mixers.

  43. Kim’s a bitch but to be fair in 2008 she accidentally killed her 17 month old child so we don’t know if she was cray cray before that having that kinda lose would make me go crazy AF so I mean knifing that’s background after I did some digging I kinda felt Kim she’s still kinda a bitch but I can see why she would wanna wrap her arms around all her kids she’s like a shitty version of catelyn stark.

  44. Just watching clips of this show, I am afraid of the mom…like every time she is in a scene I feel like I need to walk on eggshells. I feel sorry for the kids, it's like counting down the years till they are emancipated.

  45. This show is so fake! They are supposedly so conservative, yet they let Moriah do whatever she wants. She is only sixteen years old. She wears the clothes she feels like wearing, lives where she wants to live, leaves the house when she wants….how exactly are they conservative?? She runs the house and they all just go along with it. The show and their family revolves around that self centered little girl. This show is just a vehicle to launch her career in country music. It’s pretty obvious since every episode is about her. Besides, what kind of family let’s TLC into their home to film a series when they claim not to know anything about pop culture?? Give me a break. I can’t believe people are falling for this garbage. 🙄

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