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When I was in seventh grade, I got into a fight with a girl She was just really angry all the time and always wanted to start shit with people. She came up to me after school She got up in my face with her onion ass breath yelling at me talking shit to me I couldn’t take it anymore slap too. Huh, I didn’t get suspended it was on a Thursday I didn’t come to school Friday as a Monday the vice-Principal came up to me And she was like I heard you guys got into a fight are you okay? She’s like I saw the scratches on her face. I kind of clawed her in the fight other than that I did get suspended or anything nothing happened to me today We’re going to be looking at kids who got suspended for a really dumb reason if you guys want a part 2 make sure you leave a like This go got banned from her school because of her hair they were like you got to cut it off or you can’t come back To school one week to make a decision see either have to cut and shape Her hair or leave this school Just one week to make a choice. You got to cut your hair or you got a shape it. What’s this girl jealous? Like her love for Violin Vanessa van Dyk’s hair defines her personality. I’m so messed up They’re gonna make her cut her hair she has some nice answer y’all just mad um her hair is distracting Penis, I can’t keep a stir here digging Me said nobody is that unique but for this private school student it comes with a cost First of all it’s puffy and I like it that way, and I know people will tease me about it kind of the best It’s not straight or anything. I don’t fit in with your head Okay, my hair’s not straight She says school leaders demand she cut and shaped her natural hair or Get kicked out there. Have been bullies in the school there have been people teasing her about her hair and It seems to me that They’re blaming her faith Christian academy ah I mean it seems like in high school or school or whatever People literally find a way to make fun of anything Anything that’s different from them. They will make fun of what are they gonna say look at this bighead ass um literally kids will find a way to talk shit about everything and rules against how students can wear their hair the student handbook says hair must be a natural color and must not be a distraction a distraction to one person is Not a distraction to another you can have a kid come in with pimples on his face you know Are you going to call that a distraction and damn? How Bob just hated them a kid come in with pimples on his face. Are you going to call that a distraction? We got a five-year-old kindergartner over here Five years old became the school after spring break with a mohawk haircut and was sent home for Violating the school dress code and told he couldn’t return until he changed his hairstyle Well shay He kind of just cut his hair – a mohawk way you got to do wait for it to grow back or shave it all off in you bald That’s so awful. What is the kid supposed to do? He’s fine his next one a boy who dresses like a girl It wasn’t in the us it was in the uk a five-Year-Old boy was banned from a local playgroup because of his choice of attire a princess dress and girly shoes he upset the other children and it confused them I Mean at that age you can’t really tell if he wants to be a princess he can he could be a princess I mean kids aren’t gonna really understand that stuff unless their parents Taught them about it like oh, this kid is wearing a dress. I mean if it was me. I would have been like honey That’s that’s a girl. She’s wearing a dress let her wear the dress Okay, I mean It’s kind of awkward to explain to kids with no not young or something a bit weird about how doctors assign gender to babies there Aren’t only boys and girls. Oh, so the doctors are wrong sometimes Yes, Teddy sometimes doctors. Don’t assign the right Genders I Don’t know which is worse though, and dress it up as a girl or a five-year-old wearing makeup. I Don’t know applaud you guys know but leggings and yoga pants are banned in a lot of schools now because they’re supposed to be distracting to boys Right so the 13 year olds will wear leggings to school. She got dressed coded they made her wear loaners Which are like gym shorts that’s what they made us. Do when I was in High school but not for leggings I got just coated once because I wore fishnets so I know what it’s like But basically it’s supposed to be super embarrassing to wear gym shorts, and she’s saying boys Yell Dress code when they see you so first when I was a high school nobody did that I mean you’re wearing leggings And then they’re going to dress code you and make you wear shorts I know some leggings are see-through, but most aren’t and it’s supposed to be more humiliated wearing the gym shorts And then everybody sees you’ve been dressed coded whether if you’re wearing leggings nobody cares I mean Obviously guys are going to look and be like oh my God did anyone see Ashley’s pants until yoga pants Ashley’s button on her pants So yeah school’s coming up check your dress code I mean the can dress code everybody just work something out Everybody in your school wears yoga pants one day a six-year-old boy in Colorado was suspended for kissing a girl on the hand in class The school accused of sexual harassment which included unwanted touching, but was later removed Yes, I removed that what sexual harassment from a six-year-old for kissing another six-year-old girl pants? Her hands nor our lips large cheeks Her freaking hand that’s one way to messick it up. Sorry little Jimmy. You just got charged with sexual harassment Imagine totally get six-year-old back, but mom I just I just kissed your hand I Thought it would be cute because I have so much respect for her that I’m just gonna kiss her hand I Hate this oh, I heard about this one. I heard about this one, so this little boy right here He is a seven year old from Maryland He was suspended for two days because he had a pop tart He chewed it into the shape of a gun, so you got a pop tart right here. Which is a square? He’s gonna eat like right here right here. Make it look like a gun You said he was trying to shape it as a bow end ah I? Did a lefty shaped it into a gun and then started holding it like pretending to kill people with it the teachers Why would a little kid? Look my straw the gun oh I’m Gonna kill you all boom I will get suspended for this baby. It was like Bully should have been a gun Jimmy. Yeah, but are you kill it all? After being accused of suspended now I’ll consider Got no chill. We got these students from Ghana I don’t know who snapped this picked this pig after school and then the administration was like It’s very shocking to see our students engage in this kind of shameful Act These girls were pictured in an embarrassing show of shame in Ghana they were not ashamed of themselves as they did it openly and publicly after Final school exams the girlfriend seemed to be an aromantic Relationship I mean okay. This is a little weird But I mean schooled out you try to get lit Where’s the chills kind of Spell them authority done with school you can’t? so I mean they got away with it, but I don’t know they’re in the Embarrassing show of Shame in Ghana, I guess I want to show everybody how their relationship works. Thanks for educating me I always wanted to know and nine-Year-old boy was scared to go to school with his favorite Rainbow dash My little pony backpack because he was scared people were going to bully him. I mean no offense But if you wear my little pony ur probably gonna get bullied I mean especially if you’re a boy like, I’m sorry Gonna happen So the moms decided to talk to the school counselor about it like hey My son is getting bullied because he’s wearing his favorite background now the counselor was like. There’s nothing We could do we’re going to ban the kid from wearing the backpack. He can’t come back to school. He’s gonna keep wearing the backpack Probably a problem solved let’s ban the kid from School That’s the easy way of dealing with it alright So this girl got depressed the cross-country team really cool humanities course I was doing so much then she began struggling with Depression And tried to harm herself started scratching herself really hard not even cutting scratching I was Just scratching myself really. Did you want to kill yourself? No? I’m not gonna Lie I even used to do that I scratched myself. That’s a step below cutting she didn’t want to kill herself, but she went to talk to a counselor You’re supposed to be able to trust a counselor and be able to talk to them Jasmine says she went to the student counseling center at her school If Chicago’s seeking help and instead of talking to her doing anything for her they set her straight to a pSychiatric hospital She was shocked when they immediately sent her to a pSychiatric hospital. It was like you have to go in the ambulance Which is like really embarrassing just for a few days jasmine says they told her but she was kept in the hospital for two weeks I wish she got out of the hospital They gave her a paper like sadness shit you leave then sent straight to a meeting with school officials Who told her she had to leave campus immediately you’re 48 hours get everything out of your dorms and get out? 48 hours get everything out of your dorm and get out. Sorry. I have depression Sorry, I stretched myself really hard. Sorry I came to you asking for help But anyways, that’s all for today Hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do make sure make sure to hit that like button in the face and subscribe join the wolfpack. (wolf howl. I love you guys so much. Thanks. Watching bye guys

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  1. leave a like and comment letting me know if should I upload an og style vid (live cod game story) for a special thing to talk about

    have an awesome day!

  2. At 0:33 it should’ve said

    ‘’Kids who got EXPELLED from school for stupid reasons”

    NOT kids who got SUSPENDED for stupid reasons

  3. I didn’t know tardys and detion was a thing until 7th grade because they didn’t say anything about it and I’m a freshmen and I never got tartys and detion

  4. my youngest brother had his first kiss at school when he was 7. the teachers didn’t care and everyone either laughed or clapped. it was awesome.

  5. I got suspended for itching my leg once.
    Then another time for being late because my locker was stuck.

    Bruh when I was in middle school I was CUTTING myself. But my school didn't care.

  6. When I first got to my new school I put Color hear spray for two or more days brakeing the dress code I did not get in trouble a etcher just said I like your hare 😮😮😮

  7. I Don’t Even Have A Dress Code In My School If You Wore Home Clothes Then You’re Still Fine But We Have To Always Dress Our Uniform Yeah Bye

    Random boy: *goes to school wearing a tank top that is practically falling off of him*
    School: oh nice tank top there, Billy

  9. 5:26 Colorado eh? i know a quiet mountain town in colorado where crazy shit happens all the time. cough cough South Park cough cough

  10. Legally an ambulance cannot take you without your permission. That is considered kidnapping. Worst school EVER.

  11. вruh thє gírl wíth curlч hαír íѕ hєllα prєttч líkє í wíѕh í cσuld hαvє curlч hαír, вч thє wαч í hαvє ѕtrαíght,thíck hαír. 💞😣

  12. A while ago,boys couldn’t have long hair,and if they refuse to cut it,staff will cut it even if you don’t give them permission

  13. I'm sure that's better than at my school they make you were a really long shirt that's like an extra extra large

  14. when someone calls me ugly

    bully: 0-0
    Me:*walks away like i just won a victory royal*

  15. Yeah couple days ago leggings sweatpants basketball shorts all of that got banned from my school unless you’re wearing a skirt or something over leggings

  16. OML I can so relate with the leggings part. My school is so worried that you're going ti make the opposite gender lust or something.

  17. Our school is very religious and all but they don't fucking allow any type of religious artefacts. The only thing allowed is a cross pendant which is what I call DISCRIMINATION

  18. I got suspended for 3 days because I fighted with a kid that hit a teacher in am axident and then he hit me and I square up

  19. We don’t have a dress code in Norway ;-; or we have but you can’t wear anything that’s too reavilng ;-; but other that that you can wear anything and colour your hair and all that shit (also sorry for my bad grammar)

  20. I scratched my itchy foot on the top of it and it got a sore and then when it was a scab I meant to scratch around it but I accidentally scratched the scar off that's what this story reminds me of

  21. A bully at my school held my friend by her neck against a wall because she was dating the boy she liked . She never got suspended

  22. But shouldn’t the little boy be allowed to wear a dress? What’s wrong with that!? I don’t understand hoomans anymore! GAY, LESBIAND OR NOT, WE MATTER!

  23. “Kids will find a way to my fun of anything different”
    Yes a kid made fun of my big head and I told her it’s because my brain is bigger than hers

  24. I got suspended from “hitting a boy in the head with a chair” but I actually just pinched him 3 days for nothing THREE FREAKIN DAYS

  25. I got suspended for wearing a skirt without shorts. How did my math teacher notice? They didnt ask him how he knew.

  26. Nah, AT MY MIDDLE SKOOL, I can't wear Tank tops with staps under 3 fingers in width OR MY LONGEST PAIR OF SHORTS THAT ONLY GOES TO THE BEGINNING OF MY FINGERTIPS! TF LVMS

  27. When I was in 6th grade all the boys on halloween dressed up as princesses and no one judged thank goodness!

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