Kids Review Healthy Takes on School Lunch Sandwiches
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Kids Review Healthy Takes on School Lunch Sandwiches

let’s start with the old standby peanut-butter-and-jelly I’m gonna teach you guys how to cut out some of the sugar and add some fiber dietitian Nicole silver has some healthy ideas for moms Angie and Evelyn to shake up their kids lunch one idea involves a bit of trickery what I like to do is to add in some ground flax seeds it adds fiber Omega threes and the kids don’t even taste it she also uses all-natural peanut butter you always want to choose the unsweetened versions with just two ingredients peanuts and salt that’s it as for jelly traditionally jellies are high in sugar high in corn syrup so a really simple alternative is actually just taking fresh berries and mashing them up another kids favorite is tuna fish here’s a super healthy version what you’re gonna do is literally just instead of Mayo you’re just gonna put a nice chunk of hummus which again adds flavor and creaminess and then a half of an avocado next up french toast and bananas YUM one of those dishes that might not look as pretty as the other sandwiches but I think this will actually be one of your kids favorites and here’s a way of enhancing a plain old cheese sandwich we have three simple ingredients whole-wheat bread some smashed sweet potato that’s been steamed and then cheese now for the taste test the PB&J is a big hit did they notice the flaxseed they like the tuna fish too but that cheese and sweet potato sandwich that got mixed reviews as for french toast and bananas a winner hands down [Music] you [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Kids Review Healthy Takes on School Lunch Sandwiches

  1. I feel like the mentor was named Karen, was the head of the school pto, was a soccer mom and didn’t vaccinate her children

  2. Eww im a kid and i hateeeee tuna fish i dont eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich matter a fact i have never even tasted one that sounds like white rich people breakfast

  3. All i eat is juice in the morning and chocolate milk in lunch then I eat whatever my grandma made when I get home

  4. Cheese and sweet potato *Gordon Ramsay has left the chat* I think I’ll just sticking around with my Instant Omachi noodle

  5. R u kidding me let us have sugar dayummnn women she that women who be yelling at he kids for not using hand sanitizer after touching a cat

  6. What's wrong with mayonnaise and mustard on tuna.. I don't even use a whole lot of mayonnaise just a lot of mustard

  7. How about the kids who can't afford lunch at my elementary school? They only offer a carton of milk and a literal cheese sandwich. As in just one slice of Kraft cheese between two slices of white bread. Is that healthy?

  8. “Traditionally jelly is high in sugar, high in corn syrup.”


    jelly is made from cooking the juice of fruits. maybe if America regulated food more instead of the FDA being lobbied by food companies to support “scientific studies” that sugar doesn’t cause health issues.

  9. 1 thing try changing up the cheese be cause that type of cheese can have chemicals or even plastic in it x

  10. just make a normal cheese sandwich!

    step 1: getchyo mayonnaise
    step 2: getchyo mustard
    step 3: getchyo cheese

    ya see, you don’t have to make a stupid gourmet meal for your kids,

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