KIDS Back To School Funny PRANKS On Friends | #Students #DIY #Funny #Anaysa #MyMissAnand
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KIDS Back To School Funny PRANKS On Friends | #Students #DIY #Funny #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

Hey guys Thank you for one million family Surprise is about to reach so blast the crackers on screen Anantya let’s prank on Vicky bhaiya Okay done So we took a bucket and placed between the chairs And filled it with cold water And covered it with Blanket Remember that the part of bucket must not be seen Now it’s turn for the prank Vicky Bhaiya come here we need to talk something Any work? When did I become your brother? Anantya…My mobile got wet What happened? His Zip is opened Every time you do so So we are going to enjoy a lot in today’s video Because I am here with Anishka Didi Do do like the video and make it reach 2,00,000 likes And enjoy our pranks Lets watch Will just show her It something sticked here No Here..Take this tissue paper Wipe it nicely Yeah! Now perfect Anantya am I looking good? Awesome Hi Shubham What happened to him? How can I know? We need Anaysa’s Kajal Tissue Paper…And has to dip well in it Anantya Anantya shall I show you a magic? Wow It’s so simple…Even i can do it Show What the hell is this? I was having this You…. Auch! mumma…I got hurt Help…Someone please get the first aid box Listen it was a prank I took Bua’s Help and she applied lipstick Of red color and applied glue over it And quickly smudged tissue paper over it And applied layer of red lipstick Then applied black and mehroon eyeshadow To give it real look Look take it out and it’s vanished Please give one Oh! it’s over shall get one more Listen don’t eat like a hungry Why it’s moving? Prank war on Take Now will show them what actually prank is? Now what you have to do is? It won’t get stick Do like this You have to place your lolly pop between hand and tongue Like this Look what happened to her? Let’s help her out Tongue…Yukkk Now revenge is over We have done skipping a lot Now let’s have fun But what? Look Shanaya is coming Wait wait wait Shanaya let’s play game We will make you blind fold And you have to skip out below the rope Okay She is blind folded..Now will have fun Okay Shanaya go Where are you? Dear Keep this Rs 10 Chocolate….I am coming Pleases give me Will share and eat If you know sharing then you only eat Will have to teach her Yummy Give it to me too Oh Shit! First take an egg and then chocolate And then didi the coating and added bit chocolate So enjoyed the video? You might have enjoyed a lot doing these pranks And you tricked these pranks with your friends Then do share

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