Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!
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Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

[school bell ring] it’s time to wake up people.
this one goes out to teachers. teachers and students. It’s time to get our learn on. And
we got a lot to learn too. I don’t know it all but I know a few things.
Science! You’re here. You take up space. You matter. It’s just science man! Don’t be a
bully. Don’t even be a bully to the bullies. It just makes more bullies! We can all be
awful sometimes. But we can all also be awesome. It’s time to be more awesome. And that’s what
it’s time for. History! We’ve got to study it so we don’t repeat it. But if history does
repeat itself then I’m going to name my pet dinosaur Reginald. I just hope he doesn’t
eat me. [bite] We can’t just study history. We gotta make history! And history is made
by ordinary people. Ordinary people like you and me and that guy. The world’s greatest
thinkers Confucius! Albert Einstein! Justin Timberlake! They put their pants on one leg
at a time just like me. When I put my pants on one leg at a time I’m dancing. [dancing
noises]. You can go by. Yeah. You’re gonna be in the video though! Life is school and
you gotta show up. You can’t just sleep in! You can’t be late! And you can’t just hang
out in the bathroom that’s gross. It’s like Walt Whitman said “Yolo!” except he didn’t
say that but you would know that if you would read a book people! Seriously read a book
any book except the vampire ones. You want to change the world? You gotta know about
it. What if Shakespeare didn’t go to school? His plays would be even more confusing! To
be or not to be… Is that the question? I don’t know what a question is, I didn’t to school.
Anybody? Help me out here? I got a question for you what are you teaching the world? How
to be boring? How to make the world sad? [cry noises] No! No you’re not. You’re teaching
the world what it looks like to be awesome. No matter who you are somebody is learning
from you. Everybody’s a teacher and everybody’s a student. Look for the awesome. Teachers
see things they see when you’re running down the hall they see when you’re passing notes
but they also see the person that we can all become someday. A writer or a speaker or Martin
Luther King. Teachers keep teaching! Students keep student-ing. That’s not a word. Sorry
about that. Here’s to teachers that see the awesome. The homework is this. What are you
going to teach the world? Do it. Lets make some history. Together. Because it’s simple
math. Together, we’re louder. [screaming noises] Those girls are a little too loud. Is there
a teacher that inspires you? Let them know. This is for teachers everywhere. So share
it with them. We gotta make the world awesome! Somebody is learning from you. I’m out! Get your learn on! We’re making history. I’m gone! Awesome. [Laughs]. Keep learning people. SoulPancake

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100 thoughts on “Kid President’s Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

  1. I'm in gr5 but in assembly this morning, I watched "20 things we should say more often"it's amazing.Hopefully the children in my school learn from it

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  3. Its in the middle of the night and my dad walks to grab something in well i guess my phone turn on because all I heard was WAKE UP PEOPLE

  4. I remember when my teacher and second grade show me a video of your videos and she A poster of you on it in the video it was only one it was this one

  5. You know this is school payed so he is teaching us things the school wants us to learn even if for that subject adults don’t understand but think they do and think the kids are acting up

  6. This pep talk helped me be more happy and know that me getting good grades means I’ll have a good job in the future

  7. My principal shares this with her teachers in her online staff newsletters, and Kid President gives me a lot to think about and makes me smile. 🙂

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