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Khan Academy on the Gates Notes

name is Sal Khan. I’m the founder and faculty
of the Khan Academy, and we’re trying to
educate the world. Welcome to the presentation
on basic addition. In August of 1789,
they’ve already done their version of the
Declaration of Independence. The process is called
photosynthesis. I was tutoring my
cousins, literally, and I had to figure out
a way to scale myself up. So I started recording
YouTube videos, and I started making little
software modules for them. But I made it so
anyone could use them and started getting
a lot of traction. BILL GATES: What Sal
Khan has done is amazing. He’s taken all this material,
and broken them down into little 12-minute lectures. I use it myself to
remind myself of things. I have children who like it. So I was super happy
he came up, and we got to talk about
where does he go now? How can my foundation
help him pursue this dream and connect it up with the
other great things going on in the internet? SALMAN KHAN: I want it to be a
standalone virtual school where anyone in the world who
wants to learn anything can go there, start
from the basics, progress as far as
they need to go, get feedback, get
assessment, get practice. And eventually I want it to
actually become the operating system for what goes on
in the classroom, where every student’s allowed
to work at their own pace, and the teacher actually becomes
more of a mentor or a coach. BILL GATES: So I see
Sal Khan as a pioneer in an overall movement
to use technology to let more and more
people learn things, know where they stand. It’s the start of a revolution. SALMAN KHAN: All of the
videos, they’re all free. Openly accessible. BILL GATES: I think it’s
a huge contribution. Everybody should check it out.

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100 thoughts on “Khan Academy on the Gates Notes

  1. My calculus teacher uses this to give more insight into the hard material, and his videos are really successful in having the math make sense.

    The very fact that his videos are free for everyone really is a great thing, rather than those other stingy subscription based math websites.

  2. KA = new world order and CIA front….
    Take a look at the Ted Talk
    Notice the MASSIVE data mining potential which can be used on OUR children.
    Also "one world classroom", seriously, fuck off.

  3. i love khan academy! im trying to get my ged and math is soooo hard for me and this site is the only thing that has helped, i tried books and other sites but nothing was this interactive and I have yet to find other videos as helpful as these. sal is the greatest teacher, better than any of the teachers that I had in school.

  4. Khan Academy is amazing. Sadly, I have no money to donate, but I've been adding subtitles to a lot of videos from Khan Academy (I'm a Spanish speaker), so at least I can feel like I'm retributing a tiny bit. Thanks for such an amazing website, Sal!

  5. u r doing an amazzZing job !! 🙌 keep up 👍 it is indeed a gift to give someone hope at smthing that they thought was impossible 🎀

  6. Well done Sal. Kahn academy is a great resource. Thank you for sharing it with the world. You are unstoppable.

  7. Uma carga de conhecimento muito relevante de altíssimo nível

  8. This is the first time I saw your face..I used to only hear your voice when watching your videos..But what I really want to say is good job man..Thanks for this awesome channel which helped a lot through my grade 8…Keep up the good work..😊

  9. lol "that means they dont need your donations"
    i owe mr khan a lot i wish to pay him in future and work with him. im 18 still in high school

  10. "Free Education Everywhere for Everyone Forever" what an amazing idea and a wonderful ideology! Thanks so much for caring for poor and rich across the globe.#KhanAcademy#SalmanKhan#

  11. Hi Khan my name is Fidelina I'm trying to get my GED so that way I can have my career and get a better job but is difficult for me I to go to school. what do you suggest me.

  12. Sal is cut from a rare cloth. I've never seen a website like Khan Academy before. Free education, with no strings attached! It's nice to know that there are people out there who genuinely care about our future.

  13. I've asked you before, and I'm asking it again, "May you please tell me which software do you use for making videos?"

  14. Thank you so mych sir n all khan team. Your videos saves much time n money especially of poor students thnks once again god bless you

  15. Sir I have an request that is a global channel plz give transcript below….sometimes words are hard to understand in your tone….

  16. The most simplyfied version of anything in world is available in khans academy
    It helped me a lot in physics, economics and other subjects in detail
    Thank you for your great videos

  17. Khan Academy is amazing. Sadly, I have no money to donate, but I've been adding subtitles to a lot of videos from Khan Academy . Thanks for such an amazing website, Sal!

  18. I love khan academy,but the thing is every time when I feel I want to donate,I can't cuz I don't have money,I feel always sad for it,but one day when I was just checking out,I saw that we could help khan academy by translating,so I speak hindi,I'm from India,and I feel grateful for khan academy who has changed my life,new way of learning

  19. شكرا لك استاذ سلمان خان
    بارك الله فيك
    Thank you
    Your are the best teacher in the world

  20. Khan academy is one of the best learning channels no doubt, it's free with good explanation and quality, the thing is this that for basics Khan academy is great for getting idea Khan academy can help you a lot but for learning professionally I think Khan academy can not offer education,
    With all respect.
    Thank you Mr. Khan for dedicating your live for education.

  21. You have to get the noble prize 🏆

    You are awesome
    I was spending a lot of time on playing games and now I focus on studying only thanks to you I got the first rank on my class grade 8

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