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98 thoughts on “Khan Academy Live: SAT Math Class

  1. You would expect a lot of views but of course not a lot to people aren't interested in their education or just don't know about this channel….

  2. The methods for avoiding careless mistakes are useful. But I would be careful when using them as I'm under time pressure.

  3. I really wish you used harder questions. there are probably the easiest math questions you could have picked and I wish all of the SAT math was this easy but that's not the reality of things

  4. Thank you for the explanation, it is very helpful. I am very grateful and thankful to Khan academy and the rest of your team. You are the best! May Almighty God be with you, bless you, protect you, help you, be generous with you, grant you more the wisdom and knowledge.

  5. In that poster and wall question, the only option that had difference of 91cm (poster length) was C.
    Would an answer argued like that be accepted? Or actually no explanation is needed, just circle the right one?

  6. at 9:19 here's how to answer:
    1. Evaluate the amount of triangles in all. 1+3+4=8.
    2. Look to find out how many blue triangles are there. There are 3 blue triangles.
    3. The probability of selecting a blue triangle is the amount of blue triangles over all the triangles, or 3/8.
    am i right?

  7. this is great but I'm scared of running out of time and that ruins everything for me bc I get bad anxiety

  8. Educators complicate things to much. Go out into the real world, become a cashier, learn to cook, get mad at paying taxes, earn and learn to manage money. That's how you understand math.

  9. I picked up from our local library the SAT prep guide and practice booklet for
    My 8th grader. Is it too premature to expect her to get familiar with the math without having worked with such formulas? Don't want to scare her.

  10. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Chrestomathic.SATMATHAD

    An app that can really help people practice for the math SAT.

  11. I'm from China and in fact sat math is very easy, but hard to get a very good score. Many questions are a little tricky and you must be very fast

  12. The triangle part would've gotten me. It didn't say triangle specifically, in fact it seemed more like it was directed at the entirety of the study.

    That means taking the other shapes into account, counting them, then taking 3 over 24 for a grand total 1/8. Reading back over the question now definitely helps

  13. For question 2 of 5, 14 x 4 = 56. So 742 x 4 is the approximate number of words he can type in 60 min. Since 7 x 4 = 28, the most reasonable answer is 3180.

  14. It will be so nice if SAT offers two version, one emphasize STEM more. I completed Multivariable and Linear Alge&Diff Eq, and it has no use at all in SAT Math. We should have a version with simplified English and have Math that includes Diff Eq and Multi/Singl Vari CALC

  15. hello Eric I'm going to take my sat test in 2019 but I start practicing before the year and I know I'm going to pass in the name of Jesus

  16. In my country, Iran, SAT Math problems are basics. Average students in iran on 10th grade can hit the most score and probably solve at least 18/20 questions. In 12th grade in here, students learn Limits, Integral etc. The SAT Questions are piece of cake for them. But for Reading and Writing, all of them sucks!!! :p

  17. that was the long way around causing you to almost get the wrong answer of 53. siply divide 60/14 =4.2857, then multiply by 742= 3180 and your done.

  18. I never did functions before and after the the first function question i got all right i think i am a visual learner 🙂

  19. For those complaining about the blatant simplicity of the problems in this video, I would suggest you see this video more as a conceptual review and not a comprehensive review. This should be used as a prerequisite to your SAT math studying; not the entire extent of it.

  20. I looked at this channels subscribers.. all my teachers channels are in there.

  21. for a quicker way on the first problem,just divide 60 by 14 and multiply that answer by the number of words

  22. What a lengthy method. It is good to explain basics at the start but something faster method should be applied after that which is expected by the students. Very specific to comment for question 2, you should have tried to go for option approach it would have been solved in just 5 seconds. No offence it was just a genuine reply as a fan of KHAN academy

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