Keeping the Faith – Catholic Education Week
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Keeping the Faith – Catholic Education Week

With Education Week pending we thought
we’d catch up this time round with a couple of people from our Catholic
schools. Jon Sorohan has been in the business at
our Catholic schools for close on 33 years. Jon, welcome. Thank you. Now you have only recently stopped being a teacher
at the school but you’re still at the school? I’m at the school, for the last eight years I’ve been
working in community partnerships program at St Paul’s, at Woodridge. Before that I was in the
classroom teaching. Let’s meet another one of our angels,
Annette Campbell from St Patrick’s College at Shorncliffe. Welcome. Thank you. You’ve been doing what you’ve
been doing for over 25 years. That’s correct. There must have been some amazing changes
over the years. I do believe that schools have changed in that students are coming to us with more
complex issues these days. But they’re still the same wonderful, young,
hopeful people that they’ve always been. I’ve never in my whole teaching
career had an issue with respect from kids. And I think that’s because if you
treat young people a certain way and you take what they’re saying seriously,
then they will respect you. Alright, being at a Catholic school,
how are the students with the Catholic religion? I believe that for some of our students the only interface that they have with religion
is actually in our classrooms so for some students, Catholicism
is a bit of a foreign language to them. But I think with the wonderful units of work
that we have in religion classes that we really are sharing the
Catholic message and I also think that the students are getting
that first-hand experience of the faith. So I think that the Catholic schools
really are providing a wonderful Catholic education
still to this day. Our Catholic schools I think have
certain values and certain morals that people still value and I think
that’s part of the religion, and I think that’s why we have young people
at our Catholic schools. I think our Catholic schools do a
marvelous job both in education and then also in raising good
young people with good heads, common sense, good sense of
moral, good sense of what is right and I think our Catholic schools
do an amazing job with that. Why is it, do you think, that over the years
the church and the schools were as one, whereas it doesn’t seem to be
as much that anymore because we have overflowing Catholic schools,
but not full churches? When I was a kid going to a Catholic school, we went there for everything. We went there for social events,
we went there for mass on the weekends , there were dances, there were trivia nights, if you played soccer you usually played
for the local church, if your family was in trouble you could always
knock on the door of the convent and it was all interconnected
that whole community. I think maybe that’s been the
shift. But I think that building of community
is really really important. We work really closely with
the parish at St Paul’s, the school, the parish, the community
we’re all we’re all very interconnected and we work really really
well together. I think the Catholic schools are overflowing
because of the wonderful education that kids receive in Catholic schools. I think we do curriculum very well. Yes. We do faith based learning very well. We model the Jesus message very well. You must have been extremely thrilled
and proud to receive your award last year, at Education Week time,
with the spirit of Catholic Awards. How did that feel? Even though I was the one who
received the award, I think that the whole school even
all the staff, and people who work with me in the
partnerships program, principals, everybody. Even the parish, some of the members of
the parish, I think they were all- it was kind of recognition for all of us
of what we’ve been doing there. I was surprised, a little bit embarrassed,
very chuffed the overwhelming emotion is
is honored and I also feel a bit of a fraud
because I feel unworthy and I wish that this honor
could have been bestowed upon the amazing staff
that I work with. Alright, thank you for talking to us. And thank you for all that hard work you
do in the community. Thank you. Annette Campbell, thank you for all the great
work you do, thank you very much. Thanks Donna, thank you.

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