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Hey, welcome to Keble. I’m Annie Weldon, I am
studying environmental governance. Keble is one of the largest mixed colleges with about 400 graduate students
as well as undergrads. So this is the HB Allen Centre,
it was opened just recently and this is where most of our graduate community lives. We have 230 bedrooms for about the 400 graduate students we have at Keble, and it’s really nice because not only do we have
housing here, accommodation, all with ensuite bathrooms and kitchens,
but we also have social spaces. There is also a cafe on site, and many bookable seminar rooms, lecture theatres, that you can use for any academic or Oxford society events. Alright so welcome to the noisy MCR of
the HB Allen Centre. Part of being a student at Keble and a graduate student living in the HB Allen centre is that you have access to this social space. And not only are there academic events going on, but there are also planned social
events going on throughout the year by the MCR committee. OK so here we are in the quiet common room at the HB Allen Centre where you can see students studying about 24 hours a day. Academics are a really core part of being
a student at Keble obviously, and because of that we have an academic director who is specifically employed to
foster an academic community here at Keble and at the HB Allen centre. And he plans seminar evenings,
graduate discussion evenings, lecture series etc, so that the students here are really in touch with the Oxford academic community. We have different interdisciplinary opportunities here with the Oxford Robotics Institute and Oxford Science and Innovation
actually housed in the same building. So here you are in one of
the HB Allen centre’s shared kitchens that is shared amongst the people in your corridor, between five to eight people generally. And what’s particularly nice about these kitchens is that they’re actually fully furnished, so if you’re like me, coming from oversea, you don’t have to worry about bringing pots, pans,
and all the stuff that you would need. Keble aims to offer accommodation to
all first and second-year students who want it, and third and fourth years
also, um, have an option to apply to live in the HB Allen centre, it’s just subject to availability. So the graduate accommodation here also offers a gym for students to work out,
and this is not only available to the students that are
living in the HB Allen Centre, but also all Keble graduate students. So I’m the MCR president of Keble
College an elected student leader that actually gets to lead throughout the
year, and this space here is the main site MCR. And so an MCR is not only a
physical space, where there is a room on Keble main site and at the HB Allen
centre for you to use, but it’s also definitive of the graduate student community at Keble, so the MCR is the graduate student community. We have planned social events, academic events, etc that take place in this space and
over at HB Allen centre. So here we are in the dining hall,
it’s one of the largest in Oxford. And graduate students and undergraduate students are welcome to eat here for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have formal meals three times a week at which you actually have to wear your gowns to meal – its traditional, the choir sings,
it’s a really really nice dinner. And we also have all sorts of meals throughout the year different formals, themed formals,
ones for your particular societies. Graduate students are actually able to eat at high table, throughout the term, um, once per week. So here we are at Keble library, it’s a
study space that’s open 24/7 for graduates and undergraduates to study here. There’s silent study spaces upstairs and downstairs, with tables and individual desks combined so it’s a really nice space to study, get to work at Keble. So Keble actually has a theatre
on-site, so this is the O’Reilly Theatre, that has a host of student productions
throughout the year. And theatre’s not the only thing
that you can get involved in as a Keble graduate student. There are loads of other societies, not only ones like Poetry Society but also there are college specific sports in which you can
compete against all the other colleges across Oxford. My favourite thing about Keble is
actually the community of graduate students that are here. I came to Oxford not really thinking that I’d have much of a social life, I thought
it would be all about the academics which, in part, it really is, but you also, with the college system and with Keble College specifically I really found a group of people that I not only got to study with and engage in intellectual activities and conversations with, but also that I get
to have fun with, relax with, and build community with, so you kind of come here, the MCR becomes your family and that’s really really nice to have in a graduate community.

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