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13 thoughts on “Katie Gimbar’s Flipped Classroom – why it has to be me!

  1. @elgozador You may want to consider a different profession if you think that the only work teachers do is within their contracted school day. If you aren't willing to try new things especially for the sake of student learning then you ought not to be teaching. Textbooks are only tools for delivering a prescribed curriculum but there is always supplementing to do and what makes a great teacher is the instruction you deliver that engages the students.

  2. Great for the teacher but what you should be doing is getting your kids to make the videos and content, this would demonstrate they understand the learning. Students should be presenting this material not you. You should be facilitating the understanding and development of knowledge an how it might be interpreted & manipulated. All you are doing is presenting video or what you would do in your class. Please tell me how you are challenging your students thinking not changing the way you deliver.

  3. ITMADESIMPLE might find an article by Richard Clark, Paul Kirschner and John Sweller interesting. Their article appeared in American Educator 2012 and explains how "fully guided instruction" (not just lectures) are the basis of creating long-term new information in brains. The stage of students doing the presentations can certainly come later (and might be the steps laid out for the next year's group of students). Clark is worth the time to listen to…

  4. Hi Katie,
    Love your videos. Have you ever thought of using Glogster EDU as a platform to compile your units and videos?

  5. About 20 students on my team of 110 do not have internet access at home. How do you deliver the lectures to these types of students?
    Also, I have several students who will not do any type of classwork at home, including watching a lecture. Their parents cannot be counted on to enforce this at home. We only get from these kids what we can get completed while they are at school.
    How do you handle these types of situations?

  6. Tony, I realize your post is old, but let me answer anyway. Having students make videos would be a good assessment tool. However, the concept of flipping is built around teachers providing content for consumption at home that would ordinarily be presented in a lecture format in the classroom. The classroom time is spent with students working on what used to be homework but with the teacher available to guide and coach. That allows for on-going assessment and re-direction.

  7. She is smart, practical, and and has good skills to explain things. Certainly she must be an excellent teacher!

  8. No Logic behind your claim, Mam…If you students can not learn from you in class, they can not learn from your videos… It is just wasting their time and overloading their agenda …that's why they prefer back to Khan Academy or so….
    YOU NEED TO TRAIN TEACHERS!!!! period…..
    Majority of teachers do not know how to teach or they suffer from their own lack of knowledge….but they may very good in lecturing what is filliped classroom …what is formative/ summative assessment …for hours and lobloblob

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