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Kars 4 Kids – Educating The Complete Child

Ayela: My name is Ayela, I’m 11 years old,
and I’m from Brooklyn. Avi: I’m Avi, I’m 9 years old, and I’m from
Long Island. Sarah: My name is Sarah, I’m 12 years old,
I’m from Boca Raton, Florida. Jordan: My name is Jordan, I’m from North
Carolina, and I’ve been studying with my tutor for exactly one month. Sarah: She’s taught me thing that I’ve never
known before. She’s helped me with life, she’s helped me with
problem. Boy: Having a right role model really helps
you succeed in school. Jordan: There’s some subjects that I’m not
that good at, but this year my tutor is going to really help me on them. Sarah: One day in school, I was having a little
trouble. Right away she helped me, and she was there for me. Ayela: She helped me with like this study
at night, and the next day I took the test, and then when I got it back,
I got a good grade. Jordan: Having a tutor is going to make homework
way much funner. Sarah: Education is really important to be
successful in life. Jordan: Getting a good education is really,
really important. Avi: It’s better to study well, because then
you’ll be a more educated person. Ayela: Educations is a really serious thing,
because you need education to get in a good college. Boy: I’m in junior high, and it’s really hard
for a kid like me to succeed these days in school because there’s so much
peer pressure. Sarah: One day in school, one of my friends
asked me to cut class, and I honestly didn’t know how to react to that. Jordan: Having a tutor to look up to is really
important for a kid my age. Sarah: She’s taught me what’s right and what’s
wrong. So I said no. Boy: Having a role model will help me so much
more to succeed in school and not fall into peer pressure, like all
the other kids do. Avi: When you have to switch schools, it’s
pretty hard to find the right school to go to. Boy: I really like my school, but I kind of
don’t like the homework. Avi: When I get older, I want to tutor like
my tutor and help kids my age. Jordan: I would want to be a tutor, because
I think it’s important to teach children. Boy: Ignorance is not bliss. Ayela: Ignorance is not bliss. Jordan: Ignorance is not bliss. Sarah: Ignorance is not bliss. Avi: Ignorance is not bliss. Group: Ignorance is not bliss. Announcer: Kars 4 Kids, building the complete

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